Videobox is blue


when I open a file with mpg video, the videobox stays blue, sound of the video works however. All the files have been working in the past in ELAN and I don’t know what changed so that now they don’t. I tried changing the videobox size, detaching and reattaching, re-installing ELAN, trying older versions, etc.
Any ideas? Thanks!

Now it worked for a few minutes (without changing anything) but it’s back to blue box again

Okay, I found a “solution”. When I open the video that is linked to the ELAN-file in VLC player and keep it open (I can pause the video in VLC but the player has to be running), then the video also works in ELAN. If I just open and close the video in VLC, it’s not working in ELAN.
In fact, I just saw that all the videos in ELAN are working regardless of which video I open in VLC player as long as there is a video in VLC. Opening the VLC player without any video doesn’t make ELAN videos work.
And opening .mpg or .mp4 in VLC works. If I open an .mp3 file, ELAN still shows a blue screen instead of a video

Edit: VLC has to be opened on external screen


That is a remarkable solution/workaround! I’m familiar with the “blue box” issue which occurs on some pc’s, but never discovered why it occurs, what causes the problem.
Just out of curiosity: once you have the video working in ELAN, which player is playing it (Player Info in the right mouse context menu of the video)?

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I will check tomorrow when I’m back at the office. Can’t get it to work without external screen. At the moment it’s “JDS” (did you mean that?)

Yes, it should be one of the players listed in the “Platform/OS” preferences panel (Edit->Preferences->Edit Preferences). The DirectShow based player (JDS) is the default but there is also a VLC based player and I was wondering if there’s any connection between the VLC player running and having a video loaded and the player that is created in ELAN. There shouldn’t be, or at least I wouldn’t expect any relation between those facts, but I was just wondering.