Time zoom slider of 6.4 on Mac

Hello. Since version 6.4 of Macintosh, the time zoom slider at the bottom right of the window has disappeared, and the time zoom using the trackpad gestures is no longer available. Is this due to a change in the interface, or is it a phenomenon specific to my machine? I’m using a Mac OS Ventura MacBook Pro M1.

Hello, this is not specific to your machine. In 6.4 the custom horizontal and vertical scrollbars that we used to maintain for the timeline viewer, have been replaced by a standard scrollpane component, for several reasons. The zoom slider was sacrificed for this change, in the assumption that the available alternatives (the zoom items in the context popup menu, the scrollwheel in combination with the CTRL key) were sufficient. In the mean time several users indicated differently, so we intend to reintroduce the zoom slider in the next release (but then just inside the scrollpane).

Some trackpad gestures depended on macOS specific adaptations to the Java environment (on which ELAN is based) and some of these adaptations stopped working when we upgraded to newer, more recent versions of the Java environment. Zooming with the trackpad is still possible in combination with holding down the CTRL key. It is slightly different from the usual trackpad gestures, but that’s the way it currently is.