Hyperlink to annotations in ANNEX

I can’t find something that I thought was an existing function: how can I create a hyperlink from an annotation that I can use in a web page or email message or wherever? The link should lead to a new browser window with ANNEX opened, the annotation and its duration selected, the cursor at the start time of the annotation.
(The embed function gives me a &lt


Firstly to clarify nomenclature: we usually refer to all the speech, gesture and other data associated with the media as annotations. I think what you are asking about is highlighted (selected) regions.

This is indeed an existing feature, but unfortunately you can only make the address manually. Take the address of the Annex window and then add &time=X&duration=Y, where X is the starting position of the highlighted block and duration is its length, both in milliseconds. So for example:


This is a highlighted section starting 3 seconds into the video and lasting for 2 seconds.

It would of course be possible to add a button to a future version of Annex that would give you the bookmarkable address directly. Would this be a useful feature to you?

Since there is no facility to suggest and discuss new features beyond this forum, it’s hard for users of Annex to give direct feedback of what improvements they would like to see. So, all forum users, please feel free to comment on this and any other features you might like to see.

Lari Lampen
The Language Archive, MPI

I got slightly mixed up in my words. That should have said “X is the starting position of the highlighted block and Y is its duration”.