Clarin (CMDI) support in Arbil

Discussion on Clarin (CMDI) support in Arbil

The Clarin version of Arbil can be found at the following location:

In Arbil when adding a Elements I would like to see a way of adding multiple Elements at a time easily, for example by having a “Add multiple” which opens a popup with check-boxes and a form where I can specify the number of fields.

I have been testing Arbil. After loading a profile and creating metadata, I saved the XML instance. Later I reopened the CMDI-File in Arbil. I was able to add the schema (the profile), no problem and after renaming the xml-instance to the extension cmdi it was no problem opening the file (only problem: error message “no schema found”). When editing the file, however, I cannot save it, the error in the log says:

Error Date: Wed Jun 02 10:15:00 CEST 2010
Compile Date: Thu May 27 15:11:07 CEST 2010
Current Revision: 2-0-18732
Exception Message: null$

Well, I only changed a value (into some other legal value). How do I reopen an existing CMDI-File or/and associate this CMDI File with a Profile that is also loaded in Arbil, so I can modify the Metadata? I mean, viewing is nice, but editing would be nicer :slight_smile: Any ideas would be appreciated.

First I would try the latest version of Arbil and see if that makes any difference.
Next I would check for that the file is valid via the “check xml conformance” from the context menu of the tree node for your file.