Change keyboard shortcut in ELAN

Hello! Does anyone know how to change keyboard shortcuts in ELAN? I work with Hindi and the shortcuts that I use to transcribe Devanagari are also shortcuts in ELAN for certain functions. Currently, I copy paste the letters that I need (such as ḍ and ṃ) but it would be extremely helpful if I could just type them out without deleting my entire annotation, for example.

the manual describes how to change or delete keyboard shortcuts, in this chapter. Hopefully it works!

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Thank you @hasloe, this was very helpful! I’m not sure how it works on PC, but on MacBook there is the general preference pane for each software where I had tried to find the change shortcut option. Good that you guided me to find there was another preference pane!

Hi, good that it was helpful.
On any platform ELAN’s keyboard shortcuts can only be edited inside ELAN. I was wondering which general preference pane on macOS you are referring to. Not the Shortcuts tab of the Keyboard System Preferences, I assume? I believe that only allows to change shortcuts for some system application and services, not for any installed application, or does it?


Hi Han,

This is the preference pane I was referring to:

It doesn’t allow to change any settings for keyboard shortcuts, but somehow I didn’t manage to find the other preferences menu before posting my question - which has probably more to do with me overlooking the option than anything else. :slight_smile:

Ah ok, I now understand. That’s just another way to get to the Edit->Preferences->Edit Preferences panel. But it might be good to have a link or button in that main preferences pane to the Edit Shortcuts window.

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That’s indeed what I was hoping to find there, initially. :slight_smile: