Language Diversity

The DOBES archive contains language documentation collections from 68 projects that were funded as part of the Volkswagen Foundation DOBES (DOkumentation BEdrohter Sprachen) programme. They include audiovisual, textual and other related resources from over 100 endangered languages from around the world. For additional information about the programme and the various projects, visit the DOBES website:

Various language corpora such as the Dutch Bilingualism Database, the ESF second language acquisition corpus, the Film Archive of Human Ethology, the CGN spoken Dutch corpus, the Nijmegen Corpora of Casual Speech, the Corpus NGT (Dutch Sign Language) and many others.

The Language and Cognition Department was headed by Stephen C. Levinson from 1994 until 2017. The Department investigated the relationship between language, culture and general cognition, making use of the "natural laboratory" of language variation. Its corpora contain spontaneous, elicited and experimental language data.