basic phrases; initial wordlist (own)
partial Swadesh list - words: 7-15, 17-21, 27-90, 91-114
finished Swadesh list - words: 115-207 a few little phrases (bye "stay well" etc.)
Dagny describes some pictures
Dagny describes reindeer milking
Dagny talks about making butter and butter dishes and other dishes
Dagny describes a Saami chest
Dagny describes some traditional Saami tools: a weaving reed (a sort of mini-loom), a lasso ring and an unfinished sheath, all hand-made out of reindeer antler.
Dagny describes Saami kids’ shoes, two hats, reindeer-fur gloves
Dagny describes animal traps
verb paradigms - past: be/NEG/come/go/live/hear/say/speak
Some adjective paradigms
Elsy introduces her family and describes life in her childhood home Álesgiehtje/Västerfjäll. Elsy sings two hymns.
Film of reindeer roundup (renslakten), including footage of reindeer being selected, caught, slaughtered, and commentary on butchering a reindeer
some question words; some noun paradigms: sábme (Saami), várre (mountain), jávvre (lake), náhppe (milking bowl)
some noun paradigms: vágge (valley}, luakkta (bay), vuasta (cheese), båtsoj (reindeer); some of question word paradigms (“what” and “who”)
Elsy and Henning converse about old times in Ákkapakkte etc.
word list from Pite-saami lessons from 25/26 september 2008
random words collected during a previous Pite Saami lesson. includes, among others: be.PST paradigm, do.PRS/PST paradigm, tomorrow, yesterday, existential (imperative, interrogative), week, moose, reindeer buck, travel, table, to know, satan, meet, call, stop, several pronouns