This story is about a rat and a rail who want to steal breadfruit from a Lisepsep. The Lisepsep then chases the rat. The rail helps the rat by building a Rom Mask and scaring the Lisepsep
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This story is about a man called Kakere who has been hunted. After a shooting, Kakere volunteered to speak for them in Australia. He won the argument
This is a Story about a very rich man called Lingimal.
This story is set in 1929 and tells how one man, who was a sorcerer was killed by his own black magic (suu stone). His father (Lingimal) then made the vulcano errupt and it destroyed many villages
This story is about an older woman who had a child. She fed him with a dumo root and left him in the bush. The boy grew big because of the dumo root and as he came back he does not forgive his mother and she dies
This story is about a woman who was working in the bush and gave birth there to a child. She fed him the root of the dumo tree and the boy grew up rapidly. He then wanders off. As he came back singing, the mother recognized him, but he fell in the sea and drowned, the mother cries. See: Lipwi Dumo
This story is about a group of men from Malver, who wanted to clear some bushes. But a Lisepsep made that the bushes grew back over night. They tried to catch him, but three men were too frightened and flew. The forth man was crippled and couldn't flee. He stayed and trapped the Lisepsep by knotting its hair to some branches. As the other men arrived, they took the Lisepsep and threw him in the sea at a specific place, while he is trying to convice them of letting him go by singing. This explains, why the sea is pitch black at this place
This story is about a group of men from Malver who wanted to clear a garden. But a Lisepsep made that the bushes grew back over night. They left one man there over night to catch him. The man catched the Lisepsep and bound him with a rope. Then the other men came and they take the Lisepsep and bring him to a hole at the sea while singing. There they drown him. See: Lisepsep ta Malver 1
This story is about a group of men from Malver who wanted to clear a garden. But a Lisepsep made that the bushes grew back over night. They left one man and he catched the Lisepsep. They brought the Lisepsep to sea while he was singing and convincing them to let him go. At the sea they put him in a basket with stones and threw him in the sea. See Lisepsep Malver 1 + 2
This story explains how the island Lolipulo got its name
This story explains that owls can announce pregnancies, further, how owls live, what they eat where they lay eggs
This story is about a tree from which several birds used to drink. Then the waterhole was blocked and a dove was trapped inside. Her mother tried to feed her with Laplap and told her not to reach out when the Lisepsep comes. As the Lisepsep comes he asked two times and at the second time the dove reached for the Laplap and got eaten by the Lisepsep. See: 'Der Wolf und die sieben Geisslein'
This is about some birds that wanted to drink from a tree, as it was full with water. When they drank from it the water swelled up and covered them. Except for the dove the birds escaped. Then a Lisepsep came and took the dove out of the tree and ate her. He was so full that he layed on the side. Then a man came and wondered about the big belly of the Lisepsep. As he cut him open, he took the dove out. See: 'Der Wolf und die sieben Geisslein' and 'Red Riding Hood'
The story starts with an orphan who sees his mother because she resurrected as an eel. The eel wanted to be fed with pigs but as the orphaned boy ran out of pigs, his uncles kill the eel with the directions on how to kill it from the boy. As they baked the eel and started to eat it, a young girl wanted to leave and then moves in with a young boy who was holding her back
This story is about a Lisepsep who ate a girl, while her mother was getting food for the Lisepsep. As the mother returns and sees that her child is gone, she sings a song. The father hears this song on another island and returns. They kill the Lisepsep by tricking him to open his mouth wide to get some coconut milk, but instead of pouring milk, the father throws a stone. See: Pun_ne_Madun and 2010-7-29_Lisepsep
This Story tells how one young man got trapped inside a hole while competing in a traditional competition, because he tried to catch a bird that had eggs. He frees himself with a comb, his family first doubts that it is him. It's a story to resemble the resurrection of Jesus
This story explains how the chicken and the namalao got their red respectively black heads and why one lives in the bush and one in the village
This Story is about a Woman that had no Children to taste her cooking, when one girl wanted to stay with her. But the woman left the girl at the street as she always wanted to be carried. Then a Lisepsep picks up the girls. As the girl is grown up she tricks the Lisepsep, kills him, and escapes back to the woman
This Story explains why the vulcano in Lonwolwol errupted and burned down the village


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