Tangsa, Tai, Singpho in North East India

A toolbox file containing the Champang dictionary
Articles written about various aspects of the Tai, Tangsa and Singpho languages
Nocte is a group of varieties spoken in Assam and Arunachal Pradesh states of India. Its Ethnologue ID is ISO 639-3: njb In this data base we have data for one variety, Hakhun, which is spoken in Malou Pahar village, Assam. This Hakhun village is included under Tangsa for political purposes.
Recordings in Singpho Singpho is a language of the Boro-Konyak-Jingphaw subgroup within Tibeto Burman. There are four varieties in Indiia, according to the area (Hkawng) where people live, namely: Numphuk Hkawng, Tieng Hkawng, Diyun Hkawng and Turung Hkawng, Singpho recordings in this archive have the codes as follows Numhpuk (listed as SDM08- this archive) Diyun (listed as SDM09- in this archive) Tieng (listed as SDM10- in this ardhive) and Turung (listed as SDM07- in this archive) Recordings made after 16th February 2012 will have the following codes as the first part of the file name Numhpuk - sgp-num Diyun - sgp-diy Tieng - sgp-tie Turung -sgp-tur The ISO code try was assigned to Turung...