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;longitudinal corpus of bi-weekly recording sessions of a boy learning Dutch - Corpus: Gillis;
;longitudinal study of the spontaneous speech of seven Dutch children in an unstruc-tured home setting - Corpus: Groningen;
;longitudinal study of the spontaneous dialogues of two sets of triplets - Corpus: Schaerlaekens;
;child language development - Corpus: SouthwoodWhite;
;longitudinal study of two Afrikaans children, L2 data also available - Corpus: Stellenbosch;
;longitudinal corpus of mother–child interactions with monthly taperecorded sessions in an unstructured home setting - Corpus: VanKampen;
;longitudinal study of unstructured child– father interactions in a child who was a slow starter in both grammar and phonology - Corpus: Wijnen;
;four Dutch children in the stage of late babbling and early words - Corpus: Zink;


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