;early phonology - Corpus: Caroline;
;phonological study of four German children - Corpus: Grimm;
;longitudinal study of a German boy - Corpus: Leo;
;video study of 6 German children interacting with their mothers - Corpus: Manuela;
;longitudinal study of three German girls - Corpus: Miller;
;longitudinal study of 21 German chilldren - Corpus: Rigol;
;child language development - Corpus: Stuttgart;
;longitudinal study of normally-hearing children and children with cochlear implants - Corpus: Szagun;
;child language development - Corpus: TAKI;
;set of 13 mini-corpora in German in which participants wore a transmitter microphone in situations based on individual daily routine - Corpus: Wagner;
;cross sectional study using a laboratory route description task with pairs of participants in German at three ages - Corpus: Weissenborn;


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