;child learning French and Portuguese - Corpus: Almeida;
;child learning French and Dutch - Corpus: Amsterdam;
;picture descriptions from Russian-Dutch bilinguals and monolinguals and SLI - Corpus: BiSLI;
;conversations of children of various ages learning English, cannot be used for publications - Corpus: CUHK;
;Longitudinal study of an English-Dutch bilingual child over an 8-month period - Corpus: DeHouwer;
;Longitudinal study of a Spanish-English bilingual child in England - Corpus: Deuchar;
;boy learming English and Japanese - Corpus: FallsChurch;
;study of twins in Spain learning Spanish and English - Corpus: FerFuLice;
;French-English bilingual children in Montreal - Corpus: GNP;
;classroom interactions of Chinese-English bilingual students - Corpus: Guthrie;
;longitudinal study of Elya - Corpus: Hacohen;
;study of a Japanese-Danish bilingual child in Denmark - Corpus: Hayashi;
;Russian immigrant children learning English - Corpus: Ionin;
;German-Italian bilingual child - Corpus: Klammler;
;German-Italian bilingual child - Corpus: Koroschetz;
;study of a Polish boy learning English as a second language - Corpus: Krupa;
;mostly Portuguese, Swedish in k000588 and k880500 - Corpus: MCF;
;Persian, English, Hungarian trilingual children - Corpus: Navracsics;
;early bilingual German-Spanish phonology - Corpus: PAIDUS;
;sequential bilingual children - Corpus: Paradis;


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