In October 2017, Onno Crasborn and research assistant Merel van Zuilen visited Fudan University in Shanghai. Merel was filmed in interaction with two deaf Chinese research assistants/teachers in turn, for 30 resp. 40 minutes, two days after having arrived in China for the first time.
In April-May 2019, signers from four different language backgrounds visited Radboud University for three days. On the first and the third day, dyadic interactions were filmed between NGT signers (12) and signers from China (5), Wallonia (5), and Flanders (2). The same dyads were filmed on day one and day three. In the intervening time, signers had ample opportunity to interact freely (including during two group dinners with all signers and researchers). (On day 2, signers participated in studies on sign language interpreting and did various other tests.)


Aurélia Nana Gassa Gonga, Carl Börstell, Lori Whynot, Maya de Wit, Merel van Zuilen, Onno Crasborn, and Tashi Bradford (2019). Item "Cross-Signing" in collection "VICI Crasborn: international sign and cross-signing". The Language Archive. (Accessed 2024-05-21)

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