Flores and Solor Archipelago

This collection of recordings contains materials of the language Central Lembata which is part of the Central Lamaholot subgroup of Flores-Lembata. The materials were collected by Hanna Fricke for her dissertation. Most names of bundles start with codes, such as S1 for example, that are abbreviated from the final part of the file names, such as LHHF_2015_07_31_Surrey1. The same codes are used in the dissertation of Hanna Fricke or in other publications that use data from this corpus. In the dissertation or other publications, the code is followed by a line number, such as 55 in S1:55 for example. This means that the cited phrase can be found in the recording S1 (=Surrey Stimuli 1) in line...


Hanna Fricke, Alexander Elias, Marian Klamer, and Yunus Sulistyono (2013 - 2019). Item "Flores and Solor Archipelago" in collection "Eastern Indonesia and Timor Leste". The Language Archive. https://hdl.handle.net/1839/51425424-52a2-45de-b046-47e63a79e1b3. (Accessed 2024-07-21)

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