Tundra Yukaghir

conversation between VNT and AIS about different topics
a short conversation between NNK and DNK about different topics
a story about an evil man and the fire
a narrative about the rituals the people used to observe concerning feeding of the fire
SAA tells about her childhood, about the languages she spoke, about some customs, etc., often interrupted by our questions; she usually gives explanations of what she had just said in Russian.
SAA is telling her friend on the phone about our intention to go to the uchastok and asking her if we could take the vnuchka of the lady we're visiting with us.
AET and MNK sitting next to each other on AET's bed in her yurt and having a chat, while AET's sons and AIM are dealing with a radio connection in the yurt
SAA and MNK are having a surprising conversation (part 1)
SAA and MNK are having a surprising conversation (part 2)
VIK and AIM are explaining to AET what to sing, and then she sings
AET, her sons IIK and VIK, MNK, and AIM sit around the table in AET's yurt and talk about everything
AET is showing the presents she got to AIM, MNK, and her sons
IIK & VIK are putting on the antenna for the radio connection and exchanging some words on it
Cecilia is showing objects in the yurt, AET, MNK, AIM, IIK and VIK are naming them
AET is explaining that she can't sing, because she forgot the song she was asked to sing
AET is singing a song
AET is saying her name and very short biography in 5 languages she knows - TY, Even, Chukchi, Yakut and Russian
AIS reads out her conversation with Gavril Nikolaevič about reviving Yuk. Festivities, and then she sings a song she wrote to revive the "Yuk" hedje.
AIS sings one of the songs she wrote, a kind of hedje-like thing
AIS tells about a dream she had after moving from Tuulaax-Seen


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