Nze, Tata, and Ntemba give an official speech, introducing themselves and stating that they speak for the village and their family and that they would like their language and culture to be recorded. This should include a variety of activities such as hunting, building traps, and collecting honey.
The Bagyeli of Ngolo give an official statement in which they declare that they want to share their language and culture with the documentation team.
The villagers thank the documentation team for the joint work, express their joy and happiness and use the farewell ceremony to voice again their wishes for their village in the future, including electricity and modern houses. Some speakers also state that they feel tricked by the white people who come and don't build them houses, all the while other Bagyeli villages have already electricity that some (white) NGOs have brought them.
This is the official farewell after the main part of the documentation is over the Nadine and Christopher say goodbye to the Bagyeli of Ngolo (although Nadine will return the next year.)
Even after having worked a long time together, it turned out to still be important to regularly talk about what the documentation project is about as the Bagyeli often voice wishes about the team bringing electricity to the village and building modern houses. Djiedjhie says in this recordings that we are not an NGO and we are not here to build houses but that we help them to retain their wisdom for their children. We capture their traditions that would otherwise get lost and the by-sitting Bagyeli are nodding in agreement and saying that this is good.
Djiedjhie explains (again) what the purpose of the documentation project and our work is.


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