International Sign Interpreting

Interview and event data for the PhD thesis of Maya de Wit on international sign interpreting, collected in 2019 at different occasions.
Two lectures in English were organised on 1 May 2019 at Radboud University, interpreted simultaneously to Sign Language of the Netherlands (NGT) and international sign (IS). 10 Dutch signers watched the NGT interpreters, and a mixed audience of signers from the Netherlands (5), Wallonia (5), Flanders (2), and China (5) watched the IS interpreters. Hearing colleagues from Radboud University were seated in the middle, listening to the spoken English. The two speakers were colleagues from Radboud University, and were asked to prepare a presentation about their field for a general audience. One biologist talked about mass extinctions, one religion researcher talked about death in various...


Maya de Wit, Aurélia Nana Gassa Gonga, Lori Whynot, Onno Crasborn, Carl Börstell, and Tashi Bradford (2018 - 2019). Item "International Sign Interpreting" in collection "VICI Crasborn: international sign and cross-signing". The Language Archive. (Accessed 2024-05-21)

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