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\ref Cak-19940913-24.01 \recid 379500214009261001 \start 00:00:01 \sp Caken \ph kita pi jakarta kita bawa ŋana \tx piuh, kita pi Jakarta kita bawa ngana. \mb piuh kita pi Jakarta kita bawa ngana \ge EXCL 1 go Jakarta 1 under EXCL \ft phew, if I go to Jakarta I'll bring that.

\ref Cak-19940913-24.02 \recid 572587214009261001 \start 00:00:03 \sp Caken \ph naeʔ \tx "nae!" \mb nae \ge go.up \ft "step in!"

\ref Cak-19940913-24.03 \recid 765969145930210402 \start 00:00:04 \sp Caken \ph nae \tx nae. \mb nae \ge go.up \ft he steps in.

\ref Cak-19940913-24.04 \recid 379775214009261001 \start 00:00:06 \sp Caken \ph baraŋkat \tx "barangkat!" \mb bar- angkat \ge BAR- lift \ft "leave!"

\ref Cak-19940913-24.05 \recid 665650150103210402 \start 00:00:06 \sp Caken \ph ʔey \tx hei! \mb hei \ge EXCL \ft wow!

\ref Cak-19940913-24.06 \recid 698220214009261001 \start 00:00:07 \sp Caken \ph mas mas jalan kartini mas \tx "Mas, Mas, Jalan Kartini, Mas." \mb Mas Mas Jalan Kartini Mas \ge EPIT EPIT street Kartini EPIT \ft "Mister, Mister, Jalan Kartini, Mister." \nt pretending to speak to a driver in Jakarta.

\ref Cak-19940913-24.07 \recid 495470214009261001 \start 00:00:10 \sp Caken \ph xxx jalan kartini to \tx xxx Jalan Kartini, to? \mb xxx Jalan Kartini to \ge xxx street Kartini TO \ft xxx Jalan Kartini, right?

\ref Cak-19940913-24.08 \recid 294058150801210402 \start 00:00:12 \sp Caken \ph ʔada ʔɔraŋ di sini \tx ada orang di sini. \mb ada orang di sini \ge exist person LOC here \ft there was someone here.

\ref Cak-19940913-24.09 \recid 271887214009261001 \start 00:00:14 \sp Caken \ph de pi ka sala jakarta \tx de pi ka sana Jakarta. \mb de pi ka sana Jakarta \ge 3SG go to there Jakarta \ft he went to Jakarta.

\ref Cak-19940913-24.10 \recid 951393151652210402 \start 00:00:15 \sp Caken \ph de pe nama ʔutu \tx de pe nama Utu. \mb de pe nama Utu \ge 3SG POSS name Utu \ft his name is Utu.

\ref Cak-19940913-24.11 \recid 908510214009261001 \start 00:00:17 \sp Caken \ph jadi sana kan kaloʷ stɔp musi bilaŋ jalaŋ pe nama to \tx jadi, sana kan kalo stop musi bilang jalang pe nama to? \mb jadi sana kan kalo stop musi bilang jalang pe nama to \ge thus there PART when stop must say street POSS name TO \ft so, there, if you want to stop you must say the name of the street, right?

\ref Cak-19940913-24.12 \recid 551195214009261001 \start 00:00:22 \sp Caken \ph de pe namaʔ ʔe muhama muhama \tx de pe nama eh Muhama, Muhama. \mb de pe nama eh Muhama Muhama \ge 3SG POSS name EXCL Muhama Muhama \ft his name was, oh no, Muhama, Muhama.

\ref Cak-19940913-24.13 \recid 850532214009261001 \start 00:00:26 \sp Caken \ph sampe di sana kɔŋ kartini trus de stop \tx sampe sana kong "Kartini", trus de stop. \mb sampe sana kong Kartini trus de stop \ge arrive there CONJ Kartini continue 3SG stop \ft when he arrived there there was "Kartini", and he stopped.

\ref Cak-19940913-24.14 \recid 815396214009261001 \start 00:00:32 \sp Caken \ph ʔoto stɔp kartini \tx oto stop Kartini. \mb oto stop Kartini \ge car stop Kartini \ft the car stopped in Kartini.

\ref Cak-19940913-24.15 \recid 686099214009261001 \start 00:00:33 \sp Caken \ph yaŋ turuŋ jalaŋ kartini turuŋ \tx yang turung Jalang Kartini turung. \mb yang turung Jalang Kartini turung \ge REL go.down street Kartini go.down \ft the one's who wanted to step out in the Jalan Kartini stepped out.

\ref Cak-19940913-24.16 \recid 192872214010261001 \start 00:00:34 \sp Caken \ph baru maytuʊa yaŋ turuŋ jalaŋ kartini parampuwaŋ \tx baru maitua..., yang turung Jalang Kartini parampuang. \mb baru maitua yang turung Jalang Kartini parampuang \ge moreover 3SF REL go.down street Kartini woman \ft moreover, a woman..., the one who got off in the Jalang Kartini was a woman.

\ref Cak-19940913-24.17 \recid 410835214010261001 \start 00:00:37 \sp Caken \ph jadi parampuʊaŋ pe nama kartini ʔada tɔ \tx jadi parampuang pe nama Kartini ada to? \mb jadi parampuang pe nama Kartini ada to \ge thus woman POSS name Kartini exist TO \ft so, there is a female name Kartini, right?

\ref Cak-19940913-24.18 \recid 716034214010261001 \start 00:00:40 \sp Caken \ph ʔoh maytuʊa sana pas de pe nama kartini suda \tx "oh, maitua sana pas de pe nama Kartini suda." \mb oh maitua sana pas de pe nama Kartini suda \ge EXCL 3SF there exactly 3SG POSS name Kartini PFCT \ft "o, that woman's name is surely Kartini."

\ref Cak-19940913-24.19 \recid 204168214010261001 \start 00:00:45 \sp Caken \ph su sampe sana jalan subrɔtɔ \tx su sampe sana Jalan Subroto. \mb su sampe sana Jalan Subroto \ge PFCT arrive there street Subroto \ft he was there in the Jalan Subroto.

\ref Cak-19940913-24.20 \recid 389850153241210402 \start 00:00:46 \sp Caken \ph subrɔtɔ \tx "Subroto!" \mb Subroto \ge Subroto \ft "Subroto!"

\ref Cak-19940913-24.21 \recid 827460153343210402 \start 00:00:48 \sp Caken \ph stɔp lakilaki turuŋ \tx stop, laki-laki turung. \mb stop laki ~ laki turung \ge stop man ~ man go.down \ft it stopped and a man got off.

\ref Cak-19940913-24.22 \recid 360285214010261001 \start 00:00:50 \sp Caken \ph ʔʌh kita su bilaŋ \tx ah, kita su bilang? \mb ah kita su bilang \ge EXCL 1 PFCT say \ft "you see, what did I say?"

\ref Cak-19940913-24.23 \recid 938068153821210402 \start 00:00:52 \sp Caken \ph paytuʊa sana nama pasti nama subrɔtɔ \tx "paitua sana nama pasti nama Subroto." \mb paitua sana nama pasti nama Subroto \ge 3SM there name definitely name Subroto \ft "that man's name there is definitely Subroto."

\ref Cak-19940913-24.24 \recid 720882214010261001 \start 00:00:55 \sp Caken \ph penumpaŋ su ʔabis sisa deya sandiri \tx penumpang su abis, sisa dia sandiri. \mb pen- tumpang su abis sisa dia sandiri \ge PEN- catch.a.ride PFCT finished remain 3SG self \ft there were no passengers, he was all by himself.

\ref Cak-19940913-24.25 \recid 686676214010261001 \start 00:01:00 \sp Caken \ph muhama \tx "Muhama!" \mb Muhama \ge Muhama \ft "Muhama!"

\ref Cak-19940913-24.26 \recid 529640154740210402 \start 00:01:01 \sp Caken \ph di sana tara jalan muhama tɔh ʔoto tara stɔp ʔoto bajalaŋ tru...s \tx di sana tara Jalan Muhama toh, oto tara stop, oto bajalang trus. \mb di sana tara Jalan Muhama toh oto tara stop oto ba- jalang trus \ge LOC there NEG street Muhama EXCL car NEG stop car BA- walk continue \ft there is no Jalan Muhama, right, so the car didn't stop, the car continued driving.

\ref Cak-19940913-24.27 \recid 879609214010261001 \start 00:01:06 \sp Caken \ph muhama \tx "Muhama!" \mb Muhama \ge Muhama \ft "Muhama!"

\ref Cak-19940913-24.28 \recid 378411155327210402 \start 00:01:08 \sp Caken \ph mana ʔoto mau stɔp mo \tx mana oto mau stop mo... \mb mana oto mau stop mo \ge where car want stop PART \ft why would the car stop...

\ref Cak-19940913-24.29 \recid 270653155607210402 \start 00:01:09 \sp Caken \ph sopir tau tarada jalaŋ \tx ...sopir tau tarada jalang. \mb sopir tau tarada jalang \ge driver know NEG street \ft the driver knows that there's no street.

\ref Cak-19940913-24.30 \recid 815216214010261001 \start 00:01:11 \sp Caken \ph tara jalaŋ nama muhama \tx tara jalang nama Muhama. \mb tara jalang nama Muhama \ge NEG street name Muhama \ft there's no street with the name Muhama.

\ref Cak-19940913-24.31 \recid 875199155831210402 \start 00:01:12 \sp Caken \ph kɔŋ deya batereya muhama nekat \tx kong dia bataria, "Muhama nekat!" \mb kong dia bataria Muhama nekat \ge CONJ 3SG scream Muhama determined \ft and he screamed, "I'm determined!"

\ref Cak-19940913-24.32 \recid 499127155905210402 \start 00:01:14 \sp Caken \ph kɔŋ muhama balumpa \tx kong Muhama balumpa. \mb kong Muhama ba- lumpa \ge CONJ Muhama BA- jump \ft and Muhama jumped out.

\ref Cak-19940913-24.33 \recid 352463214010261001 \start 00:01:18 \sp Caken \ph muhama masɔ rumasake \tx Muhama masong ruma.sake. \mb Muhama masong ruma.sake \ge Muhama enter hospital \ft Muhama was hospitalized.

\ref Cak-19940913-24.34 \recid 657430214010261001 \start 00:01:21 \sp Caken \ph pe foya lagi \tx pe foya lagi. \mb pe foya lagi \ge POSS lie again \ft what a joke.

\ref Cak-19940913-24.35 \recid 740419214010261001 \start 00:01:23 \sp Caken \ph mahama nekat deŋ \tx Muhama nekat deng! \mb Muhama nekat deng \ge Muhama determined DENG \ft Muhama determined, huh?

\ref Cak-19940913-24.36 \recid 544388214010261001 \sp EXPBAT \ph carita foya tu \tx carita foya tu. \mb carita foya tu \ge tell lie TU \ft it's a fake story. \nt lacking on CD-mp3 on Cak-19940913-24.wav.

\ref Cak-19940913-24.37 \recid 752796214010261001 \sp Caken \ph ʔentah \tx entah. \mb entah \ge not.know \ft I don't know. \nt lacking on CD-mp3, on Cak-19940913-24.wav


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