(the first record) YANPEM and HEPPEM are talking with an old man RAKPEM Rakiman about 74 years in a paddy field.
in a small restaurant HERPEM and YANPEM were talking with four other male visitors with a male and female owners of the restaurant.
1. (record no. 1-126) HERPEM talking to TARPEM about an animal-liked supernatural creature. 2. (record no. 127-309) HERPEM talking to WARPEM about his paddy field and his family. 3. (record no. 400-649) HERPEM and YANPEM talking to HERPEM's neighbor NEIPEM and her maid MAIPEM. 4. (record no 650-740) NEIPEM talking to 3FEPEM a visitor in her shop. 5. (record no. 741-950) HERPEM talking to TARPEM and 1FEPEM.
1. 1FEPEM and GUSPEM are asking 2FEPEM whether her daughter KUSPEM wants to work in 1FEPEM's house as a maid (record 3- 708). 2. an about 70 years old woman 4FEPEM and her daughter MUGPEM about 50 years old are telling HERPEM and YANPEM about their experience in the era of colonization and revolution (record 709-1973).


[author(s)]. (2002 - 2005). Item "Pemalang" in collection "MPI EVA corpora". The Language Archive. (Accessed 2023-10-01)

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