the conversation was about gutter and happened in front of the experimenter's house
file talk about story of Banten-Javanese language in Cilegon. Ukhron is native speaker in this file.he is from Cilegon.this recording happened in Ciledug, Tangerang.
file talk about Visa and about Ukron's wife.this recording happened in Ciledug, Tangerang.
rekaman diambil dirumah Ibu Noviyati, disebuah rumah petak yang sempit.diambil pada pagi hari dan diikuti oleh 4 orang. disamping itu juga terdapat 2 orang anak dari Ibu Noviyati.
a conversation in the living room, in Anyer, Banten, West Java.
this video taken in Limbasari.the video is about how make red sugar/javanese sugar.location in kitchen.there are many people as speaker. Speaker talk about process make a red sugar, begin until ready to sell.
this video taken in the living room.the speaker talk about them experience as long as be 'tukang nderes' in west java. They are compare situation and result when 'nderes' in Central Java (Limbasari) and West Java (Ciamis).speaker still same with long as recorde, speaker play the javanese song in the tape.
record happen in the mountain.they talk about the good soil for 'Albasia tree'.
this is taken in Plana Mountain, in Limbasari, Purbalingga, Central Java.conversation hapen when we will go to the hill of the mountain.conversation talk about Pakis Galar.we have a plan to sell the Pakis Galar to Jakarta. we go to Plana Mountain to looking for the Pakis Galar.the speaker are Nur Arifin, Samsi, and Singgih as field worker.
over all, this recording talk about prepare to sale the pakis galar.speaker will try to sell 'media tanam' from the root of the pakis galar.any two varian made from this root.powder and piece.from this recording we can learn how to make 'media tanam' from the root of pakis galar.
this record still same with others before.the content about 'paki'.but in others side, speaker talk about his family.
conversation happen in gas station in Dadap. Ciagel, Serang. The speakers is native in Banten Javanese. They are Ahsan(JWBSASN) and Udin(JWBSUDN). Udin is seller and Ahsan is security staff in gas station.
rekaman dilakukan di sebuah stasiun pengisian bahan bakar dikampung Dadap, desa Ciagel, Kibin, Serang, Banten.rekaman disini melibatkan beberapa orang, diantaranya Singgih (EXP), Bangun, Ahsan, Udin, dan orang yang tidak dikenal.percakapan yang dibicarakan adalah mengenai daerah tersebut. baik mengenai penduduknya maupun mengenai situasi jalan dan juga mengenai pabrik-pabrik yang bayak terdapat didaerah tersebut.


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