\_sh v3.0 400 Text \id GUL-140702

\ref GUL-140702.01 \recid 382465152058181105 \start 00:00:23 \sp CHIGUL \tx hmm. \ft uh-uh. \nt turning his face towards the TV.

\ref GUL-140702.02 \recid 895906152855181105 \start 00:00:32 \sp CHIGUL \tx ah aw. \nt plauing with a tube and his water bottle and succeding into putting the tube on the bottle straw.

\ref GUL-140702.03 \recid 209346153058181105 \start 00:01:02 \sp CHIGUL \tx hmm. \nt smiling while dropping the tube.

\ref GUL-140702.04 \recid 996797153425181105 \start 00:01:12 \sp CHIGUL \tx xx.

\ref GUL-140702.05 \recid 286715153458181105 \start 00:01:41 \sp CHIGUL \tx blek. \nt sound of disgust while looking at a frog on TV, probably in response to a former utterance done by MOT who said: "disgusting" when he put the tube in his mouth.

\ref GUL-140702.06 \recid 838039153750181105 \start 00:01:47 \sp CHIGUL \tx eh jato. \ft hey, it fell down. \lg Jakarta Indonesian (MIJ) \nt dropping the last flute on the table.

\ref GUL-140702.07 \recid 549871154357181105 \start 00:01:51 \sp CHIGUL \tx he he \nt looking at animals on TV.

\ref GUL-140702.08 \recid 201538154501181105 \start 00:01:56 \sp CHIGUL \tx hmm hmm.

\ref GUL-140702.09 \recid 255434154522181105 \start 00:02:18 \sp CHIGUL \tx ah blek blek

\ref GUL-140702.10 \recid 688272161904181105 \start 0:02:26 \sp CHIGUL \tx oh ha, Mamma? \nt taking a collar and putting through his head.

\ref GUL-140702.11 \recid 715046162010181105 \start 0:02:34 \sp CHIGUL \tx 0. \nt putting the other collar on his head, without responding to MOT.

\ref GUL-140702.12 \recid 702245162050181105 \start 0:02:42 \sp CHIGUL \tx 0. \nt taking off the collar without paying attention to MOT.

\ref GUL-140702.13 \recid 654745162124181105 \start 00:02:51 \sp CHIGUL \tx 0. \nt putting the collares again on his neck.

\ref GUL-140702.14 \recid 611895162202181105 \start 00:02:59 \sp CHIGUL \tx 0. \nt taking off the collars and dropping one of them.

\ref GUL-140702.15 \recid 443099162235181105 \start 00:03:00 \sp MOTGUL \tx piano piano Gul, piano piano Guglielmo! \nt reprimanding CHI.

\ref GUL-140702.16 \recid 287679162305181105 \start 00:03:06 \sp CHIGUL \tx 0. \nt putting the collar on again.

\ref GUL-140702.17 \recid 828650162502181105 \start 00:03:10 \sp CHIGUL \tx hmm, Mamma. \nt roaring sound while looking at a lion on TV and pointing at it.

\ref GUL-140702.18 \recid 239571170308181105 \start 00:03:12 \sp CHIGUL \tx Mamma, Mamma liat [?], hmm. \lg Italian (I) \lg Jakarta Indonesian (MIJ) \nt trying to get MOT's attention on the lion.

\ref GUL-140702.19 \recid 475059170406181105 \start 0:03:16 \sp CHIGUL \tx hmm. \lg Jakarta Indonesian (MIJ) \nt pointing at the lion.

\ref GUL-140702.20 \recid 124787170444181105 \start 00:03:20 \sp CHIGUL \tx mmau. \lg Jakarta Indonesian (MIJ) \nt roaring sound imitating MOT.

\ref GUL-140702.21 \recid 911148170517181105 \start 0:03:24 \sp CHIGUL \tx hmm hmm maau \lg Jakarta Indonesian (MIJ) \nt roaring sound

\ref GUL-140702.22 \recid 789158170555181105 \start 00:03:28 \sp CHIGUL \ph kak mm \tx xx mm. \lg Jakarta Indonesian (MIJ) \nt roaring sound.

\ref GUL-140702.23 \recid 704150170711181105 \start 00:03:41 \sp CHIGUL \tx 'woau'. \nt repeating the roaring sound after MOT.

\ref GUL-140702.24 \recid 273467170759181105 \start 00:03:43 \sp CHIGUL \tx he, woau. \ft here, roar. \lg Jakarta Indonesian (MIJ) \nt pointinga t the lion and roaring

\ref GUL-140702.25 \recid 476638170859181105 \start 0:04:05 \sp CHIGUL \tx oaw. \lg Jakarta Indonesian (MIJ) \nt roaring

\ref GUL-140702.26 \recid 565070170916181105 \start 00:04:28 \sp CHIGUL \tx mmuaw \lg Jakarta Indonesian (MIJ) \nt roaring in response to MOT's question "what is the lion doing?", ** he should have replied with "drinking or eating.

\ref GUL-140702.27 \recid 953034171136181105 \start 00:04:37 \sp CHIGUL \tx 0. \nt clicking sound like of a horase, looking at the lion walking.

\ref GUL-140702.28 \recid 974606171222181105 \start 00:04:37 \sp CHIGUL \tx Ma, cek cek. \lg Jakarta Indonesian (MIJ) \nt pointing at the lion walking and producing clicking sounds.

\ref GUL-140702.29 \recid 823786171358181105 \start 00:04:51 \sp CHIGUL \tx wo wo. \lg Jakarta Indonesian (MIJ) \nt playing again with the collars

\ref GUL-140702.30 \recid 385153171622181105 \start 00:05:03 \sp CHIGUL \tx Mamma, Mamma, Ma. \nt pointing at the lion approaching another lion.

\ref GUL-140702.31 \recid 177822171704181105 \start 0:05:08 \sp CHIGUL \tx cek cek. \lg Jakarta Indonesian (MIJ) \nt clicking sound referring to the walking lion.

\ref GUL-140702.32 \recid 101424171850181105 \start 00:05:14 \sp CHIGUL \tx cek cek cek.... \lg Jakarta Indonesian (MIJ) \nt keeping on producing clicking sounds while trying to get down from the TV table.

\ref GUL-140702.33 \recid 639039171943181105 \start 0:05:24 \sp CHIGUL \tx 0. \nt whining as he is being unable to get down the table by himself.

\ref GUL-140702.34 \recid 345625172025181105 \start 00:05:35 \sp CHIGUL \tx cek cek. \lg Jakarta Indonesian (MIJ) \nt still producing clicking sound and whining.

\ref GUL-140702.35 \recid 924553173148181105 \start 00:05:35 \sp CHIGUL \tx cek cek. \lg Jakarta Indonesian (MIJ) \nt clickiing sound of a horse.

\ref GUL-140702.36 \recid 188072173229181105 \start 00:05:53 \sp CHIGUL \tx 'cicak' Pak. \lg Jakarta Indonesian (MIJ) \nt looking around.

\ref GUL-140702.37 \recid 744476173412181105 \start 00:05:56 \sp CHIGUL \tx sakit gnam gnam. \lg Jakarta Indonesian (MIJ) \nt looking at the lion on TV.

\ref GUL-140702.38 \recid 333486173503181105 \start 0:05:58 \sp CHIGUL \tx he-eh. \lg Jakarta Indonesian (MIJ)

\ref GUL-140702.39 \recid 319604173520181105 \start 00:06:00 \sp CHIGUL \tx he, gnam gnam.

\ref GUL-140702.40 \recid 993420173542181105 \start 00:06:06 \sp CHIGUL \tx ndak ada gnam, mimik. \lg Jakarta Indonesian (MIJ)

\ref GUL-140702.41 \recid 385237173655181105 \start 00:06:11 \sp CHIGUL \tx mimik. \lg Jakarta Indonesian (MIJ)

\ref GUL-140702.42 \recid 699056173717181105 \start 00:06:12 \sp CHIGUL \tx mimik, Mamma, mimik, mimik. \lg Jakarta Indonesian (MIJ)

\ref GUL-140702.43 \recid 158141173738181105 \start 00:07:16 \sp CHIGUL \tx ih, Mamma... \lg Jakarta Indonesian (MIJ) \nt whining because he is being unable to get down the table.

\ref GUL-140702.44 \recid 778831174022181105 \start 00:07:44 \sp CHIGUL \tx cek cek. \lg Jakarta Indonesian (MIJ) \nt clicking sound while riding a rocking horse.

\ref GUL-140702.45 \recid 830800174137181105 \start 00:08:05 \sp CHIGUL \tx tidak ada cicak. \lg Jakarta Indonesian (MIJ)

\ref GUL-140702.46 \recid 385039174211181105 \start 00:08:08 \sp CHIGUL \tx cicak apa? \lg Jakarta Indonesian (MIJ) \nt trying to see through the camcorder screen.

\ref GUL-140702.47 \recid 971266174429181105 \start 0:08:27 \sp CHIGUL \tx cek cek. \lg Jakarta Indonesian (MIJ) \nt clicking sound from behind the camcorder looking at the horse.

\ref GUL-140702.48 \recid 488085174537181105 \start 00:08:46 \sp CHIGUL \tx mm. \lg Jakarta Indonesian (MIJ) \nt roaring sound in response to MOT request to say how a lion sounds.

\ref GUL-140702.49 \recid 357942174611181105 \start 0:09:30 \sp CHIGUL \tx mam. \lg Jakarta Indonesian (MIJ) \nt roaring sound.

\ref GUL-140702.50 \recid 939811174633181105 \start 0:10:14 \sp CHIGUL \tx cr cr. \lg Jakarta Indonesian (MIJ) \nt pig sound, in response to MOT's request.

\ref GUL-140702.51 \recid 130327175809181105 \start 00:10:58 \sp CHIGUL \tx he. \lg Jakarta Indonesian (MIJ) \nt whining sound because CHI would like to get into the play pen.

\ref GUL-140702.52 \recid 421634175839181105 \start 00:11:05 \sp CHIGUL \tx 0. \nt whining to ask MOT to be put into the play pen.

\ref GUL-140702.53 \recid 409068175933181105 \start 00:11:14 \sp CHIGUL \tx ini, ini. \lg Jakarta Indonesian (MIJ) \nt taking a toy from the play pen MOT turned around.

\ref GUL-140702.54 \recid 718940180001181105 \start 00:11:50 \sp CHIGUL \tx hmm. \lg Jakarta Indonesian (MIJ) \nt whining and pointing at the ball hoping MOT would open it.

\ref GUL-140702.55 \recid 445668183951181105 \start 00:12:09 \sp CHIGUL \tx he-eh. \lg Jakarta Indonesian (MIJ) \nt nodding to MOT's question 'la vogliamo aprire?'

\ref GUL-140702.56 \recid 261180184205181105 \start 00:13:29 \sp CHIGUL \tx no Mamma. \nt trying to put a shape into a wrong slot.

\ref GUL-140702.57 \recid 956229184254181105 \start 00:13:40 \sp CHIGUL \tx is, Ma, Ma... \lg Jakarta Indonesian (MIJ) \nt trying to push a shape in a wrong slot.

\ref GUL-140702.58 \recid 673007184438181105 \start 00:14:01 \sp CHIGUL \tx he, ada. \lg Jakarta Indonesian (MIJ) \nt trying to push a shape in the wrong slot.

\ref GUL-140702.59 \recid 642553184523181105 \start 00:14:05 \sp CHIGUL \tx xx.

\ref GUL-140702.60 \recid 904756184546181105 \start 00:14:13 \sp CHIGUL \tx questa. \nt pointing at one of the slots.

\ref GUL-140702.61 \recid 450997184617181105 \start 00:14:21 \sp CHIGUL \tx no. \nt failing to put the shape in one of the slots.

\ref GUL-140702.62 \recid 715713185112181105 \start 00:17:17 \sp CHIGUL \tx eh-he. \nt responding to MOT question who asked, shall we close it?

\ref GUL-140702.63 \recid 211254185138181105 \start 00:17:39 \sp CHIGUL \tx he. \nt laughing becasue MOT just said 'good boy'.

\ref GUL-140702.64 \recid 656070185353181105 \start 00:18:24 \sp CHIGUL \tx no. \nt saying no to MOT who asked whether he would want to sleep.

\ref GUL-140702.65 \recid 388199190346181105 \start 00:18:28 \sp CHIGUL \tx wo wo Papà, wo wo Papà.

\ref GUL-140702.66 \recid 977866190455181105 \start 00:18:51 \sp CHIGUL \tx ini ini. \lg Jakarta Indonesian (MIJ) \nt talking to FAT.

\ref GUL-140702.67 \recid 719156190542181105 \start 00:19:01 \sp CHIGUL \tx ni ni ni. \lg Jakarta Indonesian (MIJ) \nt executing MOT request to put a piece of underwear in the dirty clothes basket.

\ref GUL-140702.68 \recid 474381190759181105 \start 00:20:03 \sp CHIGUL \tx ah, ni. \lg Jakarta Indonesian (MIJ) \nt taking a shoe.

\ref GUL-140702.69 \recid 432881190820181105 \start 00:20:06 \sp CHIGUL \tx tidak ada cicak. \lg Jakarta Indonesian (MIJ) \nt answering MOT who asked where's the lizard.

\ref GUL-140702.70 \recid 450637190919181105 \start 0:20:09 \sp CHIGUL \tx cicak cicak. \lg Jakarta Indonesian (MIJ)

\ref GUL-140702.71 \recid 969838190942181105 \start 00:20:13 \sp CHIGUL \tx ini. \lg Jakarta Indonesian (MIJ) \nt holding the shoe.

\ref GUL-140702.72 \recid 790990191025181105 \start 00:20:20 \sp CHIGUL \tx 'cicak'. \lg Jakarta Indonesian (MIJ) \nt repeating part of MOT question.

\ref GUL-140702.73 \recid 891311191043181105 \start 00:20:24 \sp MOTGUL \tx tidak ada. \lg Jakarta Indonesian (MIJ)

\ref GUL-140702.74 \recid 386098191122181105 \start 00:20:55 \sp CHIGUL \tx xx Papà

\ref GUL-140702.75 \recid 767305191208181105 \start 00:20:57 \sp CHIGUL \tx xx Papà

\ref GUL-140702.76 \recid 616342191256181105 \start 00:21:02 \sp CHIGUL \tx xx Papà, Papà, Papà, Papà,

\ref GUL-140702.77 \recid 480128191347181105 \start 00:21:11 \sp CHIGUL \tx Papà xx.

\ref GUL-140702.78 \recid 731781191408181105 \start 00:21:11 \sp CHIGUL \tx xx Pa xx Pa

\ref GUL-140702.79 \recid 269551191507181105 \start 00:21:43 \sp CHIGUL \tx 'Nonna'. \nt repeating MOT.

\ref GUL-140702.80 \recid 346909191529181105 \start 0:21:45 \sp CHIGUL \tx Nonna.

\ref GUL-140702.81 \recid 906028191535181105 \start 00:21:48 \sp CHIGUL \tx Nonna, Nonna, Nonna! \nt pretending to talk on the phone, responding to MOT's request.

\ref GUL-140702.82 \recid 232239191635181105 \start 00:22:04 \sp CHIGUL \tx xxx. \nt singing in response to MOT who asked.

\ref GUL-140702.83 \recid 557647191745181105 \start 00:22:12 \sp CHIGUL \tx ni. \lg Jakarta Indonesian (MIJ)

\ref GUL-140702.84 \recid 391180191800181105 \start 00:22:16 \sp CHIGUL \tx ni. \mb ni \ge this \ft this. \lg Jakarta Indonesian (MIJ)

\ref GUL-140702.85 \recid 671193191835181105 \start 00:22:30 \sp CHIGUL \tx ah. \lg Jakarta Indonesian (MIJ) \nt hitting the table becasue he bumped against it, executing what asked by MOT.

\ref GUL-140702.86 \recid 524433110755201205 \start 00:22:56 \sp CHIGUL \tx Mamma mimi \ft babbling \lg Italian (I) \lg Jakarta Indonesian (MIJ) \nt babbling while playing with some coins.