Tanjung Raden

talking about Jambi Malay kings, rice and its enemies, inherited land, etc.
talking about TUMJTR's past life.
talking about TUMTJR's past life.
talking about rayfish, a kind of fish (tapa fish), suicide, butchering, life in Japanese and Dutch time, motorbike accident, and AATTJR.
talking about chickens, catching birds, and photos.
MARTJR, CIKTJR, and EXPYAN are talking in MAR's house, while BIMTJR is playing.
talking about NJNTJR's job.
talking about AZATJR's family, MARJTR's family, MARTJR'S experience in fishing, etc.
talking about a fable titled 'the shrewdness of a mouse deer.'
talking about old prohibitions, proverbs, snakes, MARTJR's and IZATJR's friends, IZATJR's children, and traditional cake, etc.
talking about 'lebung kwali (/Frying Pan Hole)'.
Talking about motorcycle accident and Eko's friend.
talking about Eko.
1. talking at MAR's living room. 2. First, they're talking about farming. 3. Then, they're talking about fishing. 3. After that they're talking about poultry breeding. 4. Moreover, they're also talking about other things such as humors, the "basò alus" or the "basò kulò nggé" used by children talking to adults, "pantun", a kind of traditional poetry and Mariana's family.
talking about paddy, the ways to plant rice, tomatoes and chilli, walkie-talkie, raising ducks, growing chilli, breeding goats, banana blossom, romove tomato seeds, MARTJR's disease.
talking about going to paddy field, riding EKOTJR's sister to school, and buffalo stealing.
talking about rowing.
Beginning of Tanjung Raden.


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