talking about 'Sayang Terbuang' (a folktale from Sarolangun).
Daily conversation and MAKSAR telling stories about his life.
folktale from Sarolangun.
folktale from Sarolangun.
(o.who sleeps a great deal) folk tale from Sarolangun.
Hasan Big Ring Finger, (folk Tale from sarolangun).
(prying Tekelu fruit) folk tale from Jernih Srolangun.
(manusia beristri ular) folk tale from Jernih Sarolangun.
Talking about ugly men (folk tale from Sarolangun).
'Daily activities telling'.
Talking about earthquakes and daily coversation.
1. Talking about 'Tantan Snake', 'Six Persons', and 'The Deep swamp' (folktales from Sarolangun). 2. 'The folk tale plot is not so clear.' 3. 'SITSAR is an old woman, so her uttrences are not so clear.'
talking about "Si Pabu" and The King and Kemang Seed" (two folktales from Sarolangun) and daily conversation
'Marriage with His womb sister', 'MASSAR family story' and 'Trip to Rantau Limau Manis'.
'Gold Mining' and 'Trip to Jambi story'. (ASSAR experience).
Stories about ASSAR's life experience
Smart Heron, Mouse deer and other animals and taking rattan in the forest story.


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