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\ref JBI-150807_b.001 \recid 348546101106230807 \start 0:00:01 \sp AWIJBI \tx ado kambɪŋ buto. \mb ado kambɪŋ buto \ge exist goat blind \ft there's a blind goat.

\ref JBI-150807_b.002 \recid 531321101106230807 \start 0:00:05 \sp AWIJBI \tx jadi kambɪŋ tu jumlaɲo ado limo. \mb jadi kambɪŋ tu jumla -ɲo ado limo \ge become goat that total -NYO exist five \ft the goats were five.

\ref JBI-150807_b.003 \recid 730758101106230807 \start 0:00:09 \sp AWIJBI \tx sekoʔ buto. \mb sekoʔ buto \ge one blind \ft one was blind.

\ref JBI-150807_b.004 \recid 166615101106230807 \start 0:00:10 \sp AWIJBI \tx samola dŋan crito tadi. \mb samo -la dŋan crito tadi \ge same -LA with story earlier \ft just the same as the previous story. \nt meant to say ‘the condition in this story is the same as the previous one.’

\ref JBI-150807_b.005 \recid 107389101106230807 \start 0:00:13 \sp AWIJBI \tx mʊsɪm panas, kmarau. \mb mʊsɪm panas kmarau \ge season hot dry \ft it's in dry season.

\ref JBI-150807_b.006 \recid 995291101106230807 \start 0:00:14 \sp AWIJBI \tx mncari rʊmpʊt k’sano kmari daʔ ktmu-ktmu. \mb mn- cari rʊmpʊt k'sano kmari daʔ k- tmu ~ k- tmu \ge MAN- seek grass to.there come.here NEG KA- meet ~ KA- meet \ft they're looking for food anywhere but they didn't find it.

\ref JBI-150807_b.007 \recid 185622101106230807 \start 0:00:18 \sp AWIJBI \tx daʔ ktmu-ktmu rʊmpʊt. \mb daʔ k- tmu ~ k- tmu rʊmpʊt \ge NEG KA- meet ~ KA- meet grass \ft they didn't find any grass.

\ref JBI-150807_b.008 \recid 958146101107230807 \start 0:00:19 \sp AWIJBI \tx prʊt la lapar nian. \mb prʊt la lapar nian \ge stomach PFCT hungry very \ft they're very hungry.

\ref JBI-150807_b.009 \recid 484234101107230807 \start 0:00:21 \sp AWIJBI \tx bjalan, bjalan, bjalan. \mb b- jalan b- jalan b- jalan \ge BA- walk BA- walk BA- walk \ft they walked, walked and walked.

\ref JBI-150807_b.010 \recid 351314124633290807 \start 0:00:22 \sp XXX \tx ari panas. \mb ari panas \ge day hot \ft it's a hot day.

\ref JBI-150807_b.011 \recid 442270101107230807 \start 0:00:24 \sp AWIJBI \tx ahɪrɲo 0dʊdʊʔ di bawah pohon. \mb ahɪr -ɲo 0- dʊdʊʔ di bawah pohon \ge final -NYO 0- sit LOC under tree \ft finally they sat under a tree. \nt meant to say 'finally they stopped over under a tree and had a rest there.

\ref JBI-150807_b.012 \recid 750837101107230807 \start 0:00:28 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘wai lapar ɲan prʊt kito.’ \mb wai lapar ɲan prʊt kito \ge EXCL hungry very stomach 1PL \ft 'ouch, how hungry we are!'

\ref JBI-150807_b.013 \recid 133648101107230807 \start 0:00:29 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘apola yaŋ nᵈaʔ kito 0makan.’ \mb apo -la yaŋ nᵈaʔ kito 0- makan \ge what -LA REL want 1PL 0- eat \ft ‘what should we eat!’

\ref JBI-150807_b.014 \recid 437408101107230807 \start 0:00:31 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘daʔ.do nian makanan ni.’ \mb daʔ.do nian makan -an ni \ge NEG.exist very eat -AN TRU.this \ft 'no food.'

\ref JBI-150807_b.015 \recid 934575101107230807 \start 0:00:33 \sp AWIJBI \tx lamo-lamo macam itu 0lewat rimau. \mb lamo ~ lamo macam itu 0- lewat rimau \ge long.time ~ long.time sort that 0- pass tiger \ft they’re like that for such a long time, then a tiger appeared.

\ref JBI-150807_b.016 \recid 322590101107230807 \start 0:00:37 \sp AWIJBI \tx rimau pas 0lewat, macam itu, tau-tau xx ... dioʔ yaŋ... yaŋ mpat tadi 0lari. \mb rimau pas 0- lewat macam itu tau ~ tau xx dioʔ yaŋ yaŋ mpat tadi 0- lari \ge tiger exact 0- pass sort that know ~ know xx 3 REL REL four earlier 0- run \ft when the tiger was coming, like that, suddenly… the four ran away. \nt meant to say 'when seeing the tiger come, the four goats ran away.’

\ref JBI-150807_b.017 \recid 776674101107230807 \start 0:00:47 \sp AWIJBI \tx rupoɲo rimau ni lagi ŋjar[?]... ŋjar kancɪl. \mb rupo -ɲo rimau ni lagi ŋ- kjar ŋ- kjar kancɪl \ge appearance -NYO tiger TRU.this PROG N- chase N- chase mouse.deer \ft apparently, this tiger was chasing a mouse deer. \nt meant to say 'the tiger was chasing a mouse deer.'

\ref JBI-150807_b.018 \recid 581838101107230807 \start 0:00:49 \sp AWIJBI \tx ado kancɪl. \mb ado kancɪl \ge exist mouse.deer \ft there’s a mouse deer.

\ref JBI-150807_b.019 \recid 172583101107230807 \start 0:00:51 \sp AWIJBI \tx kancɪl blari-lari, 0lari, 0lari dkat samo kambɪŋ tadi[?]. \mb kancɪl b- lari ~ lari 0- lari 0- lari dkat samo kambɪŋ tadi \ge mouse.deer BA- run ~ run 0- run 0- run near with goat earlier \ft the mouse deer was running toward the goat.

\ref JBI-150807_b.020 \recid 509869101108230807 \start 0:00:53 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘mᵇɪŋ, mᵇɪŋ, ‘ katoɲo ‘... ado rimau ɲʲɪŋ, mᵇɪŋ.’ \mb mᵇɪŋ mᵇɪŋ kato -ɲo ado rimau ɲʲɪŋ mᵇɪŋ \ge TRU.goat TRU.goat word -NYO exist tiger TRU.dog TRU.goat \ft ‘hey, dog, goat, there's a tiger.' \nt meant to say 'hey, goat, a tiger is coming.'

\ref JBI-150807_b.021 \recid 189543101108230807 \start 0:00:56 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘aku dikjarɲo mᵇɪŋ,’ xx. \mb aku di- kjar -ɲo mᵇɪŋ xx \ge 1SG DI- chase -NYO TRU.goat xx \ft 'he’s chasing me, goat.'

\ref JBI-150807_b.022 \recid 253171101108230807 \start 0:00:58 \sp AWIJBI \tx 0dŋar macam itu tadi kambɪŋ yaŋ mpat tu 0lari. \mb 0- dŋar macam itu tadi kambɪŋ yaŋ mpat tu 0- lari \ge 0- listen sort that earlier goat REL four that 0- run \ft when they knew that, the four goats ran away.

\ref JBI-150807_b.023 \recid 463043101108230807 \start 0:01:01 \sp AWIJBI \tx tiŋᵍalla kamᵇɪŋ buto. \mb tiŋᵍal -la kamᵇɪŋ buto \ge stay -LA goat blind \ft the blind goat left.

\ref JBI-150807_b.024 \recid 678269101108230807 \start 0:01:02 \sp AWIJBI \tx dioʔ daʔ nampaʔ ado rimau. \mb dioʔ daʔ n- tampaʔ ado rimau \ge 3 NEG N- look exist tiger \ft he couldn't see the tiger.

\ref JBI-150807_b.025 \recid 885846101108230807 \start 0:01:04 \sp AWIJBI \tx jadi rimau 0dataŋ. \mb jadi rimau 0- dataŋ \ge become tiger 0- come \ft so the tiger came. \nt meant to say 'then the tiger appeared in front of him.’

\ref JBI-150807_b.026 \recid 343316101108230807 \start 0:01:05 \sp AWIJBI \tx dalam smaʔtu kakie mlaŋka tgaʔ. \mb dalam smaʔ -tu kaki -e m- laŋka tgaʔ \ge inside bushes -TU leg -E N- step stand.up \ft he strode steadily in the bush. \nt referring to the tiger.

\ref JBI-150807_b.027 \recid 827859101108230807 \start 0:01:08 \sp AWIJBI \tx disaŋko kambɪŋ tadi kawan dioʔ. \mb di- saŋko kambɪŋ tadi kawan dioʔ \ge DI- think goat earlier friend 3 \ft the goat thought he was his friend. \nt referring to the tiger.

\ref JBI-150807_b.028 \recid 442673101108230807 \start 0:01:11 \sp AWIJBI \tx xx dilawanɲo rimau tu. \mb xx di- lawan -ɲo rimau tu \ge xx DI- opponent -NYO tiger that \ft he fought against the tiger.

\ref JBI-150807_b.029 \recid 322456101108230807 \start 0:01:14 \sp AWIJBI \tx diajaʔɲo bklai . \mb di- ajaʔ -ɲo b- klai \ge DI- invite -NYO BA- fight \ft he challenged him.

\ref JBI-150807_b.030 \recid 331929101109230807 \start 0:01:15 \sp AWIJBI \tx jadi 0kato rimau ‘ai , hebat jugo kamᵇɪŋ ko.’ \mb jadi 0- kato rimau ai hebat jugo kamᵇɪŋ ko \ge become 0- word tiger EXCL great also goat this \ft 'wow, you're great, goat,' said the tiger.

\ref JBI-150807_b.031 \recid 237058101109230807 \start 0:01:17 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘masaʔ mlawan,’ 0kato rimau. \mb masaʔ m- lawan 0- kato rimau \ge MASAQ N- opponent 0- word tiger \ft ‘he fights me,’ said the tiger. \nt meant to say 'how could you fight against me!' said the tiger.

\ref JBI-150807_b.032 \recid 538600101109230807 \start 0:01:20 \sp AWIJBI \tx a sudah. \mb a sudah \ge EXCL finish \ft then...

\ref JBI-150807_b.033 \recid 658736101109230807 \start 0:01:22 \sp AWIJBI \tx masaʔ mlawan tadi, neŋoʔ model itu, rimau tadi mʊnᵈʊr rimau tu. \mb masaʔ m- lawan tadi n- teŋoʔ model itu rimau tadi mʊnᵈʊr rimau tu \ge MASAQ N- opponent earlier N- look style that tiger earlier move.back tiger that \ft how could he fight, seeing that one, the tiger retreated. \nt meant to say 'the tiger was so surprised knowing the goat could fight against him that he deciced to flee.’

\ref JBI-150807_b.034 \recid 196212101109230807 \start 0:01:25 \sp AWIJBI \tx takʊt dioʔ neŋoʔ xx. \mb takʊt dioʔ n- teŋoʔ xx \ge afraid 3 N- look xx \ft he was afraid seeing xx.

\ref JBI-150807_b.035 \recid 751579101109230807 \start 0:01:26 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘aku baru skali kola mliat kamᵇɪŋ mlawan,’ to dioʔ. \mb aku baru s- kali ko -la m- liat kamᵇɪŋ m- lawan to dioʔ \ge 1SG new SA- time this -LA N- look goat N- opponent TRU.word 3 \ft 'it's new for me to see a goat can fight,' said the tiger.

\ref JBI-150807_b.036 \recid 906196101109230807 \start 0:01:29 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘biasoɲo kamᵇɪŋ asaʔ neŋoʔ aku pas 0lari.’ \mb biaso -ɲo kamᵇɪŋ asaʔ n- teŋoʔ aku pas 0- lari \ge usual -NYO goat when N- look 1SG exact 0- run \ft 'usually goats will run away if they see me.'

\ref JBI-150807_b.037 \recid 354247101109230807 \start 0:01:31 \sp AWIJBI \tx a rupoɲo kamᵇɪŋ tu kan buto. \mb a rupo -ɲo kamᵇɪŋ tu kan buto \ge EXCL appearance -NYO goat that KAN blind \ft apparently, the goat was blind. \nt meant to say 'the tiger didn't know the goat was blind.’

\ref JBI-150807_b.038 \recid 945528101109230807 \start 0:01:33 \sp AWIJBI \tx daʔ 0tau do. \mb daʔ 0- tau do \ge NEG 0- know TRU.young \ft he didn’t know that.

\ref JBI-150807_b.039 \recid 815880101109230807 \start 0:01:35 \sp AWIJBI \tx jadi mlawan tadi, rimau tadi 0lari. \mb jadi m- lawan tadi rimau tadi 0- lari \ge become N- opponent earlier tiger earlier 0- run \ft because of fighting against him, the tiger fleed.

\ref JBI-150807_b.040 \recid 713947101109230807 \start 0:01:38 \sp AWIJBI \tx dikjar di kamᵇɪŋ tadi. \mb di- kjar di kamᵇɪŋ tadi \ge DI- chase by goat earlier \ft the goat chased him.

\ref JBI-150807_b.041 \recid 221845101110230807 \start 0:01:39 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘ʊy, kamu, 0tuŋᵍu aku.’ \mb ʊy kamu 0- tuŋᵍu aku \ge EXCL 2 0- wait 1SG \ft 'hey, wait for me.'

\ref JBI-150807_b.042 \recid 454525101110230807 \start 0:01:41 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘masaʔ aku kamu tiŋᵍalkan.’ \mb masaʔ aku kamu tiŋᵍal -kan \ge MASAQ 1SG 2 stay -KAN \ft 'how could you leave me alone.'

\ref JBI-150807_b.043 \recid 617959101110230807 \start 0:01:42 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘kamu nᵈaʔ mncari makan deweʔ bae,’ 0kato si xx yaŋ xx kamᵇɪŋ yaŋ buto tadi. \mb kamu nᵈaʔ mn- cari makan deweʔ bae 0- kato si xx yaŋ xx kamᵇɪŋ yaŋ buto tadi \ge 2 want MAN- seek eat alone just 0- word PERS xx REL xx goat REL blind earlier \ft 'you just want to find food by yourselves,' said the blind goat.

\ref JBI-150807_b.044 \recid 661778101110230807 \start 0:01:47 \sp AWIJBI \tx la blari, blari, blari, siŋᵍo rimau tu blari, blari jaʊ. \mb la b- lari b- lari b- lari siŋᵍo rimau tu b- lari b- lari jaʊ \ge PFCT BA- run BA- run BA- run so.that tiger that BA- run BA- run far \ft he ran, ran, and ran, the tiger ran far away.

\ref JBI-150807_b.045 \recid 929637101110230807 \start 0:01:51 \sp AWIJBI \tx tiŋᵍallah kancɪl. \mb tiŋᵍal -lah kancɪl \ge stay -LAH mouse.deer \ft the mouse deer left.

\ref JBI-150807_b.046 \recid 133350101110230807 \start 0:01:53 \sp AWIJBI \tx kancɪl dŋan kamᵇɪŋ tadi. \mb kancɪl dŋan kamᵇɪŋ tadi \ge mouse.deer with goat earlier \ft the mouse deer was with the goat.

\ref JBI-150807_b.047 \recid 815530101110230807 \start 0:01:55 \sp AWIJBI \tx lamo-lamo rimau tu la jaʊ baru kancɪl dkat. \mb lamo ~ lamo rimau tu la jaʊ baru kancɪl dkat \ge long.time ~ long.time tiger that PFCT far new mouse.deer near \ft after the tiger had been far away, the mouse deer approached. \nt meant to say 'after the tiger had been far away, the mouse deer approached the blind goat.’

\ref JBI-150807_b.048 \recid 226437101110230807 \start 0:01:58 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘mᵇɪŋ, yaŋ kau 0kjar tadi rimau mᵇɪŋ, bukanɲo kawan kau.’ \mb mᵇɪŋ yaŋ kau 0- kjar tadi rimau mᵇɪŋ bukan -ɲo kawan kau \ge TRU.goat REL 2SG 0- chase earlier tiger TRU.goat NEG -NYO friend 2SG \ft ‘goat, the one you chased was a tiger, not your friends’.

\ref JBI-150807_b.049 \recid 229263101110230807 \start 0:02:02 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘kawan xx kau 0lari ke sano.’ \mb kawan xx kau 0- lari ke sano \ge friend xx 2SG 0- run to there \ft ‘your friends are running there.'

\ref JBI-150807_b.050 \recid 936779101110230807 \start 0:02:03 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘na rimau tu 0lari ke sano.’ \mb na rimau tu 0- lari ke sano \ge EXCL tiger that 0- run to there \ft ‘well, the tiger is running there.'

\ref JBI-150807_b.051 \recid 463683101111230807 \start 0:02:04 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘kau 0kjar trʊs.’ \mb kau 0- kjar trʊs \ge 2SG 0- chase continue \ft ‘you chased him.'

\ref JBI-150807_b.052 \recid 636436101111230807 \start 0:02:06 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘kami 0heran jugo, mᵇɪŋ.’ \mb kami 0- heran jugo mᵇɪŋ \ge 1 0- wonder also TRU.goat \ft ‘we're amazed, goat.’

\ref JBI-150807_b.053 \recid 700271101111230807 \start 0:02:07 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘aku 0heran neŋoʔ rimau tu takʊt dio dŋan kau mᵇɪŋ,’ 0kato dioʔ. \mb aku 0- heran n- teŋoʔ rimau tu takʊt dio dŋan kau mᵇɪŋ 0- kato dioʔ \ge 1SG 0- wonder N- look tiger that afraid 3 with 2SG TRU.goat 0- word 3 \ft 'I'm amazed looking at the tiger afraid of you.

\ref JBI-150807_b.054 \recid 772792101111230807 \start 0:02:11 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘ai, macam mano?’ \mb ai macam mano \ge EXCL sort which \ft ‘hey, how?'

\ref JBI-150807_b.055 \recid 138317101111230807 \start 0:02:13 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘macam mano kito?’ \mb macam mano kito \ge sort which 1PL \ft ‘what about us?’

\ref JBI-150807_b.056 \recid 604333101111230807 \start 0:02:14 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘aku lapar jugo, mᵇɪŋ.’ \mb aku lapar jugo mᵇɪŋ \ge 1SG hungry also TRU.goat \ft ‘I'm hungry, too, goat.’

\ref JBI-150807_b.057 \recid 236675101111230807 \start 0:02:15 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘macam manola kito nᵈaʔ 0makan?’ 0kato dioʔ. \mb macam mano -la kito nᵈaʔ 0- makan 0- kato dioʔ \ge sort which -LA 1PL want 0- eat 0- word 3 \ft ‘how can we eat?' he asked.

\ref JBI-150807_b.058 \recid 401305101111230807 \start 0:02:17 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘ado akal, mᵇɪŋ,’ 0kato dioʔ. \mb ado akal mᵇɪŋ 0- kato dioʔ \ge exist mind TRU.goat 0- word 3 \ft ‘I’ve an idea,’ he said. \nt referring to mouse deer.

\ref JBI-150807_b.059 \recid 739074101111230807 \start 0:02:19 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘kini kito bduo bjalan,’ 0kato dioʔ. \mb kini kito b- duo b- jalan 0- kato dioʔ \ge now 1PL BA- two BA- walk 0- word 3 \ft ‘now, let's walk,' he said. \nt referring to mouse deer.

\ref JBI-150807_b.060 \recid 442474101111230807 \start 0:02:22 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘aku 0tau ado tmpat yaŋ rʊmpʊt sʊbʊr tapi dŋan sarat kau 0dʊkʊŋ aku,’ 0kato dio ŋato kamᵇɪŋ. \mb aku 0- tau ado tmpat yaŋ rʊmpʊt sʊbʊr tapi dŋan sarat kau 0- dʊkʊŋ aku 0- kato dio ŋ- kato kamᵇɪŋ \ge 1SG 0- know exist place REL grass fertile but with requirement 2SG 0- carry.on.back 1SG 0- word 3 N- word goat \ft I know there's a place where grass grows well, but with one agreement, you have to carry me on your back,' he said this to the goat.

\ref JBI-150807_b.061 \recid 580430101111230807 \start 0:02:29 \sp AWIJBI \tx jadi 0kato kamᵇɪŋ ‘kalu macam itu yola.’ \mb jadi 0- kato kamᵇɪŋ kalu macam itu yo -la \ge become 0- word goat TOP sort that yes -LA \ft then the goat said 'okay then.'

\ref JBI-150807_b.062 \recid 807790101112230807 \start 0:02:31 \sp AWIJBI \tx naeʔla kancɪl tu ke blakaŋ kamᵇɪŋ tadi. \mb naeʔ -la kancɪl tu ke blakaŋ kamᵇɪŋ tadi \ge go.up -LA mouse.deer that to back goat earlier \ft the mouse deer then sat on the goat's back.

\ref JBI-150807_b.063 \recid 645647101112230807 \start 0:02:35 \sp AWIJBI \tx bjalan, bjalan, bjalan, bjalan. \mb b- jalan b- jalan b- jalan b- jalan \ge BA- walk BA- walk BA- walk BA- walk \ft they walked, walked, and walked.

\ref JBI-150807_b.064 \recid 241572130731290807 \start 0:02:38 \sp XXX \tx ‘kalu aku katokan 0beloʔ kiri, kiri mᵇɪŋ yo?’ \mb kalu aku kato -kan 0- beloʔ kiri kiri mᵇɪŋ yo \ge TOP 1SG word -KAN 0- turn left left TRU.goat yes \ft 'if I say turn left, turn left, okay goat?'

\ref JBI-150807_b.065 \recid 708885101112230807 \start 0:02:40 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘yola.’ \mb yo -la \ge yes -LA \ft ‘okay.'

\ref JBI-150807_b.066 \recid 653696101112230807 \start 0:02:41 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘kiri,’ 0kato kamᵇɪŋ tu, 0kato kancɪl. \mb kiri 0- kato kamᵇɪŋ tu 0- kato kancɪl \ge left 0- word goat that 0- word mouse.deer \ft 'left,'said the goat, said the mouse deer. \nt meant to say 'turn left,' said the mouse deer.’

\ref JBI-150807_b.067 \recid 981715101112230807 \start 0:02:43 \sp AWIJBI \tx 0beloʔ kamᵇɪŋ ke kiri. \mb 0- beloʔ kamᵇɪŋ ke kiri \ge 0- turn goat to left \ft the goat turned left.

\ref JBI-150807_b.068 \recid 603110101112230807 \start 0:02:46 \sp AWIJBI \tx bjalan, bjalan, bjalan lagi. \mb b- jalan b- jalan b- jalan lagi \ge BA- walk BA- walk BA- walk more \ft they walked, walked, and walked again.

\ref JBI-150807_b.069 \recid 380161101112230807 \start 0:02:48 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘kanan.’ \mb kanan \ge right \ft ‘right.’

\ref JBI-150807_b.070 \recid 887871101112230807 \start 0:02:49 \sp AWIJBI \tx 0beloʔ pulaʔ ke kanan. \mb 0- beloʔ pulaʔ ke kanan \ge 0- turn also to right \ft then he turned right. \nt referring to the blind goat.

\ref JBI-150807_b.071 \recid 163473101112230807 \start 0:02:51 \sp AWIJBI \tx pokoʔɲo jaʊ bjalan. \mb pokoʔ -ɲo jaʊ b- jalan \ge main -NYO far BA- walk \ft they walked far.

\ref JBI-150807_b.072 \recid 398548101112230807 \start 0:02:53 \sp AWIJBI \tx xx kancɪl tadi ttap didʊkʊŋ ole kamᵇɪŋ tu. \mb xx kancɪl tadi ttap di- dʊkʊŋ ole kamᵇɪŋ tu \ge xx mouse.deer earlier constant DI- carry.on.back by goat that \ft the mouse deer was still on the goat's back.

\ref JBI-150807_b.073 \recid 311447101113230807 \start 0:02:56 \sp AWIJBI \tx lamo-lamo krno prʊt kamᵇɪŋ tu la suda lapar bbuɲi ‘krek,’ katoɲo. \mb lamo ~ lamo krno prʊt kamᵇɪŋ tu la suda lapar b- buɲi krek kato -ɲo \ge long.time ~ long.time because stomach goat that PFCT finish hungry BA- sound IMIT word -NYO \ft after such a long time, because the goat was hungry, his stomach sounded 'krek.'

\ref JBI-150807_b.074 \recid 702589101113230807 \start 0:03:03 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘wai, apo dalam prʊt kautu mᵇɪŋ?’ \mb wai apo dalam prʊt kau -tu mᵇɪŋ \ge EXCL what inside stomach 2SG -TU TRU.goat \ft ‘what’s it in your stomach, goat?’

\ref JBI-150807_b.075 \recid 130401101113230807 \start 0:03:07 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘akutu ado raso-raso nᵈaʔ branaʔ,’ 0kato kamᵇɪŋ. \mb aku -tu ado raso ~ raso nᵈaʔ br- anaʔ 0- kato kamᵇɪŋ \ge 1SG -TU exist feel ~ feel want BER- child 0- word goat \ft 'well, I feel I want to give birth,' the goat said.

\ref JBI-150807_b.076 \recid 766409101113230807 \start 0:03:10 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘wai mᵇɪŋ, gawat ko mᵇɪŋ.’ \mb wai mᵇɪŋ gawat ko mᵇɪŋ \ge EXCL TRU.goat dangerous this TRU.goat \ft 'hey, it's terrible, goat.'

\ref JBI-150807_b.077 \recid 849580101113230807 \start 0:03:14 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘anaʔ kautu biasoɲo apo mᵇɪŋ?’ \mb anaʔ kau -tu biaso -ɲo apo mᵇɪŋ \ge child 2SG -TU usual -NYO what TRU.goat \ft ‘what are your children used to be?'

\ref JBI-150807_b.078 \recid 114270101113230807 \start 0:03:17 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘anaʔ aku aɲʲɪŋ.’ \mb anaʔ aku aɲʲɪŋ \ge child 1SG dog \ft 'my children are dogs.'

\ref JBI-150807_b.079 \recid 544635101113230807 \start 0:03:18 \sp AWIJBI \tx rupoɲo kamᵇɪŋ ni la bosan mɪkʊl xx... kancɪl tu. \mb rupo -ɲo kamᵇɪŋ ni la bosan m- pɪkʊl xx kancɪl tu \ge appearance -NYO goat TRU.this PFCT bored N- shoulder xx mouse.deer that \ft It's plain that the goat got bored carrying the mouse deer.

\ref JBI-150807_b.080 \recid 404246101113230807 \start 0:03:21 \sp AWIJBI \tx a dikatokanɲo anaʔɲo aɲʲɪŋ. \mb a di- kato -kan -ɲo anaʔ -ɲo aɲʲɪŋ \ge EXCL DI- word -KAN -NYO child -NYO dog \ft so that he said his children were dogs.

\ref JBI-150807_b.081 \recid 673960104539230807 \start 0:03:23 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘aɲʲɪŋ,’ katoɲo. \mb aɲʲɪŋ kato -ɲo \ge dog word -NYO \ft 'dogs,' he said.

\ref JBI-150807_b.082 \recid 467467110256230807 \start 0:03:24 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘wai mᵇɪŋ, aku takʊt dŋan aɲʲɪŋ,’ 0kato si kancɪl. \mb wai mᵇɪŋ aku takʊt dŋan aɲʲɪŋ 0- kato si kancɪl \ge EXCL TRU.goat 1SG afraid with dog 0- word PERS mouse.deer \ft 'hey, I'm afraid of dogs, goat,' said the mouse deer.

\ref JBI-150807_b.083 \recid 329020110256230807 \start 0:03:28 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘ai daʔ, daʔ apo-apola,’ to dio. \mb ai daʔ daʔ apo ~ apo -la to dio \ge EXCL NEG NEG what ~ what -LA TRU.word 3 \ft 'well, it's no problem,' he said.

\ref JBI-150807_b.084 \recid 850878110256230807 \start 0:03:31 \sp AWIJBI \tx bjalan, bjalan lagi. \mb b- jalan b- jalan lagi \ge BA- walk BA- walk more \ft they walked, walked, and walked.

\ref JBI-150807_b.085 \recid 812853131506290807 \start 0:03:32 \sp XXX \tx babuɲi pulaʔ prʊt kamᵇɪŋ xx. \mb ba- buɲi pulaʔ prʊt kamᵇɪŋ xx \ge BA- sound also stomach goat xx \ft the goat's stomach sounded again.

\ref JBI-150807_b.086 \recid 327934110257230807 \start 0:03:35 \sp AWIJBI \tx kamᵇɪŋ tu klaparan. \mb kamᵇɪŋ tu k- lapar -an \ge goat that KA- hungry -AN \ft the goat was starving.

\ref JBI-150807_b.087 \recid 599286110257230807 \start 0:03:37 \sp AWIJBI \tx cacɪŋ bbuɲi. \mb cacɪŋ b- buɲi \ge worm BA- sound \ft worms sounded. \nt referring to worms in the goat's stomach.

\ref JBI-150807_b.088 \recid 913873110257230807 \start 0:03:37 \sp AWIJBI \tx naɲo lagi kancɪl ‘mᵇɪŋ, ai mᵇɪŋ, nᵈaʔ k’luar baraŋkali mᵇɪŋ.’ \mb n- taɲo lagi kancɪl mᵇɪŋ ai mᵇɪŋ nᵈaʔ k'luar baraŋkali mᵇɪŋ \ge N- ask more mouse.deer TRU.goat EXCL TRU.goat want to.out perhaps TRU.goat \ft the mouse deer asked again 'hey, goat, may be it wants to get out.' \nt referring to goat's baby.

\ref JBI-150807_b.089 \recid 680307110257230807 \start 0:03:42 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘a sbntar lagila tu,’ to dioʔ. \mb a s- bntar lagi -la tu to dioʔ \ge EXCL SA- moment more -LA that TRU.word 3 \ft 'in a few minutes,' he said. \nt referring to the goat.

\ref JBI-150807_b.090 \recid 944349110257230807 \start 0:03:44 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘brapo ekoʔ anaʔ kautu skali k’luar?’ \mb brapo ekoʔ anaʔ kau -tu s- kali k'luar \ge how.much CLASS child 2SG -TU SA- time to.out \ft ‘once you give birth, how many babies will be out?’

\ref JBI-150807_b.091 \recid 792112110257230807 \start 0:03:46 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘limo tu.’ \mb limo tu \ge five that \ft 'five.'

\ref JBI-150807_b.092 \recid 852236110257230807 \start 0:03:47 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘wai mᵇɪŋ, takʊt aku mᵇɪŋ.’ \mb wai mᵇɪŋ takʊt aku mᵇɪŋ \ge EXCL TRU.goat afraid 1SG TRU.goat \ft ‘wow, I’m scared, goat.’

\ref JBI-150807_b.093 \recid 645654110257230807 \start 0:03:50 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘aku takʊt nian dŋan aɲʲɪŋ mᵇɪŋ,’ 0kato dioʔ kan. \mb aku takʊt nian dŋan aɲʲɪŋ mᵇɪŋ 0- kato dioʔ kan \ge 1SG afraid very with dog TRU.goat 0- word 3 KAN \ft ‘I’m very afraid of dogs,’ he said.

\ref JBI-150807_b.094 \recid 820930110257230807 \start 0:03:52 \sp AWIJBI \tx limo. \mb limo \ge five \ft five.

\ref JBI-150807_b.095 \recid 988132110257230807 \start 0:03:53 \sp AWIJBI \tx bjalan, bjalan lagi, bjalan, bjalan, bjalan, bjalan, lamo-lamo babuɲi lagi xx. \mb b- jalan b- jalan lagi b- jalan b- jalan b- jalan b- jalan lamo ~ lamo ba- buɲi lagi xx \ge BA- walk BA- walk more BA- walk BA- walk BA- walk BA- walk long.time ~ long.time BA- sound again xx \ft they walked, walked, and walked, after such a long time, it sounded again xx.

\ref JBI-150807_b.096 \recid 454189110257230807 \start 0:03:59 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘e, kalu macam itu mᵇɪŋ, lamo lagi branaʔko mᵇɪŋ?’ \mb e kalu macam itu mᵇɪŋ lamo lagi br- anaʔ -ko mᵇɪŋ \ge EXCL TOP sort that TRU.goat long.time more BER- child -KO TRU.goat \ft 'well, if it's like this… when will you give birth? Is it still long?

\ref JBI-150807_b.097 \recid 375993110258230807 \start 0:04:04 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘ai ko daʔ, dikit lagi, sbntar lagiko,’ 0kato dioʔ. \mb ai ko daʔ dikit lagi s- bntar lagi -ko 0- kato dioʔ \ge EXCL this NEG a.little more SA- moment more -KO 0- word 3 \ft 'no, it'll be in a few minutes,' he said

\ref JBI-150807_b.098 \recid 135763110258230807 \start 0:04:06 \sp AWIJBI \tx bjalan, 0jalan, dikit lagi xx. \mb b- jalan 0- jalan dikit lagi xx \ge BA- walk 0- walk a.little more xx \ft they walked, walked, and wallked, a bit left

\ref JBI-150807_b.099 \recid 873270110258230807 \start 0:04:07 \sp AWIJBI \tx ŋaniŋ bdroʔ taditu kancɪl tadi mloncat. \mb ŋ- aniŋ bdroʔ tadi -tu kancɪl tadi m- loncat \ge N- listen IMIT earlier -TU mouse.deer earlier N- jump \ft listening the sound, the mouse deer jumped down.

\ref JBI-150807_b.100 \recid 468312110258230807 \start 0:04:10 \sp AWIJBI \tx blari ktakʊtan. \mb b- lari k- takʊt -an \ge BA- run KA- afraid -AN \ft he ran in fear. \nt referring to the mouse deer.

\ref JBI-150807_b.101 \recid 129494110258230807 \start 0:04:12 \sp AWIJBI \tx ha kamᵇɪŋ ktawo. \mb ha kamᵇɪŋ k- tawo \ge EXCL goat KA- laugh \ft the goat laughed.

\ref JBI-150807_b.102 \recid 822581110258230807 \start 0:04:13 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘ha mati kau kutipu cɪl.’ \mb ha mati kau ku- tipu cɪl \ge EXCL dead 2SG KU- deceit TRU.mouse.deer \ft ‘hm, mouse deer, serve you right, I tricked you.'

\ref JBI-150807_b.103 \recid 846495110258230807 \start 0:04:14 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘biaso kau nipu aku,’ 0kato dioʔ kan. \mb biaso kau n- tipu aku 0- kato dioʔ kan \ge usual 2SG N- deceit 1SG 0- word 3 KAN \ft 'you used to trick me,’ he said.

\ref JBI-150807_b.104 \recid 461193110258230807 \start 0:04:16 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘aku la brat xx apo 0dʊkʊŋ kau.’ \mb aku la brat xx apo 0- dʊkʊŋ kau \ge 1SG PFCT heavy xx what 0- carry.on.back 2SG \ft 'I've felt heavy carrying you.'

\ref JBI-150807_b.105 \recid 187017110258230807 \start 0:04:19 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘ha itutu[?] ubat kautu.’ \mb ha itu -tu ubat kau -tu \ge EXCL that -TU medicine 2SG -TU \ft 'that serves you right.'

\ref JBI-150807_b.106 \recid 998764110258230807 \start 0:04:20 \sp AWIJBI \tx kancɪl tadi blari, blari, blari, blari, blari blari tmasʊʔ ke dalam lubaŋ. \mb kancɪl tadi b- lari b- lari b- lari b- lari b- lari b- lari t- masʊʔ ke dalam lubaŋ \ge mouse.deer earlier BA- run BA- run BA- run BA- run BA- run BA- run TA- enter to inside hole \ft the mouse deer ran, ran, and ran, then he fell into a hole.

\ref JBI-150807_b.107 \recid 958975110259230807 \start 0:04:25 \sp AWIJBI \tx rupoɲo lubaŋ tu praŋkap. \mb rupo -ɲo lubaŋ tu praŋkap \ge appearance -NYO hole that trap \ft obviously, the hole was a trap.

\ref JBI-150807_b.108 \recid 917441110259230807 \start 0:04:27 \sp AWIJBI \tx praŋkap yaŋ dibuat ole rajo. \mb praŋkap yaŋ di- buat ole rajo \ge trap REL DI- make by king \ft it's a trap made by a king. \nt meant to say ‘that’s a king’s trap.’

\ref JBI-150807_b.109 \recid 351124110259230807 \start 0:04:29 \sp AWIJBI \tx sgalo binataŋ 0masʊʔ k’situ a itu kagi rajo ŋamᵇɪʔɲo. \mb s- galo binataŋ 0- masʊʔ k'situ a itu kagi rajo ŋ- amᵇɪʔ -ɲo \ge SA- all animal 0- go.in to.there EXCL that later king N- take -NYO \ft all animals would enter it and the king would take them.

\ref JBI-150807_b.110 \recid 649887110259230807 \start 0:04:33 \sp AWIJBI \tx a kancɪl la tmasʊʔ dalam itu. \mb a kancɪl la t- masʊʔ dalam itu \ge EXCL mouse.deer PFCT TA- enter inside that \ft well, the mouse deer had been trapped there.

\ref JBI-150807_b.111 \recid 877010110259230807 \start 0:04:36 \sp AWIJBI \tx 0teŋoʔ kancɪl 0kato ‘wai mati aku,’ 0kato dioʔ. \mb 0- teŋoʔ kancɪl 0- kato wai mati aku 0- kato dioʔ \ge 0- look mouse.deer 0- word EXCL dead 1SG 0- word 3 \ft see the mouse deer ‘oh, I’m going to die,’ he said. \nt meant to say ‘considering his condition, the mouse deer said ‘oh, I’m going to die.’

\ref JBI-150807_b.112 \recid 322501110259230807 \start 0:04:39 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘tmasʊʔ dalam lubaŋ rajo macam ini,’ 0kato dioʔ. \mb t- masʊʔ dalam lubaŋ rajo macam ini 0- kato dioʔ \ge TA- enter inside hole king sort this 0- word 3 \ft I'm trapped in a king's hole like this,' he said.

\ref JBI-150807_b.113 \recid 184404110259230807 \start 0:04:43 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘ado akal.’ \mb ado akal \ge exist mind \ft 'I've an idea.'

\ref JBI-150807_b.114 \recid 282390110259230807 \start 0:04:44 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘aku nᵈaʔ maɲaɲi be siko.’ \mb aku nᵈaʔ ma- ɲaɲi be siko \ge 1SG want N- sing just here \ft 'I'll sing here.'

\ref JBI-150807_b.115 \recid 143468110259230807 \start 0:04:45 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘kalu ado binataŋ 0lewat kagi dŋan ɲaɲi aku dio 0dataŋ,’ to dioʔ. \mb kalu ado binataŋ 0- lewat kagi dŋan ɲaɲi aku dio 0- dataŋ to dioʔ \ge TOP exist animal 0- pass later with sing 1SG 3 0- come TRU.word 3 \ft if animals pass, by my song, they will come,' he said.

\ref JBI-150807_b.116 \recid 780185110259230807 \start 0:04:48 \sp AWIJBI \tx ado daʊn trap. \mb ado daʊn trap \ge exist leaf k.o.leaf \ft there're 'trap' leaves.

\ref JBI-150807_b.117 \recid 188297110259230807 \start 0:04:49 \sp AWIJBI \tx ado daʊn trap tu... ado namo pohon trap. \mb ado daʊn trap tu ado namo pohon trap \ge exist leaf k.o.leaf that exist name tree k.o.leaf \ft the 'trap' leaves… there's a tree named 'trap.'

\ref JBI-150807_b.118 \recid 923403110300230807 \start 0:04:51 \sp AWIJBI \tx a itu ado daʊnɲotu 0campaʔ ke lubaŋ tu. \mb a itu ado daʊn -ɲo -tu 0- campaʔ ke lubaŋ tu \ge EXCL that exist leaf -NYO -TU 0- fall.down to hole that \ft the leaves fell into the hole.

\ref JBI-150807_b.119 \recid 662571110300230807 \start 0:04:53 \sp AWIJBI \tx dibacola daʊn trap tadi kancɪl tadi. \mb di- baco -la daʊn trap tadi kancɪl tadi \ge DI- read -LA leaf k.o.leaf earlier mouse.deer earlier \ft then the mouse deer red the trap leaves.

\ref JBI-150807_b.120 \recid 749201110300230807 \start 0:04:56 \sp AWIJBI \tx apo buɲi pantʊn diotu ‘daʊn trap... daʊn trap daʊn kmuro.’ \mb apo buɲi pantʊn dio -tu daʊn trap daʊn trap daʊn kmuro \ge what sound pantun 3 -TU leaf k.o.leaf leaf k.o.leaf leaf k.o.leaf \ft you know pantun he recited 'trap leaves, 'kemuro' leaves.'

\ref JBI-150807_b.121 \recid 545694110300230807 \start 0:05:02 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘tkʊrʊŋla tmpʊrʊŋ bmato satu.’ \mb t- kʊrʊŋ -la tmpʊrʊŋ b- mato satu \ge TA- cage -LA coconut.shell BA- eye one \ft 'imprisoned a coconut shell with an eye.' \nt from his previous utterance.

\ref JBI-150807_b.122 \recid 192523110300230807 \start 0:05:06 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘mnrap ati ariko... ‘e mcam mano yo?. \mb mnrap ati ari -ko e mcam mano yo \ge crowded liver day -KO E sort which yes \ft 'how sad my heart today is… ‘, eh, how? \nt 1. forget the pantun 2. asking himself.

\ref JBI-150807_b.123 \recid 843039110300230807 \start 0:05:07 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘daʊn trap daʊn sre.’ \mb daʊn trap daʊn sre \ge leaf k.o.leaf leaf citronella \ft 'trap' leaves, citronella leaves.' \nt repeating.

\ref JBI-150807_b.124 \recid 880294110300230807 \start 0:05:09 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘tkʊrʊŋla aku di siko,’ 0kato dioʔ[?]. \mb t- kʊrʊŋ -la aku di siko 0- kato dioʔ \ge TA- cage -LA 1SG LOC here 0- word 3 \ft 'I was caged here' he said.

\ref JBI-150807_b.125 \recid 631789110300230807 \start 0:05:12 \sp AWIJBI \tx bjalan, bjalan, bjalan, lamo-lamo di atas ado ruso. \mb b- jalan b- jalan b- jalan lamo ~ lamo di atas ado ruso \ge BA- walk BA- walk BA- walk long.time ~ long.time LOC up exist deer \ft walked, walked, and walked, after such a long time, a deer was above. \nt meant to say ‘after such a long time, a deer passed near the hole.’

\ref JBI-150807_b.126 \recid 891555110300230807 \start 0:05:18 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘hai cɪl, apo kau 0buat cɪl di dalam tu cɪl?’ \mb hai cɪl apo kau 0- buat cɪl di dalam tu cɪl \ge EXCL TRU.mouse.deer what 2SG 0- make TRU.mouse.deer LOC inside that TRU.mouse.deer \ft ‘hey mouse deer, what are you doing there?’ \nt referring to a trapping hole.

\ref JBI-150807_b.127 \recid 889487110300230807 \start 0:05:20 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘ck, akutu nuŋᵍu ikoha, nuŋᵍu lubaŋ ko.’ \mb ck aku -tu n- tuŋᵍu iko -ha n- tuŋᵍu lubaŋ ko \ge tsk 1SG -TU N- wait this -HA N- wait hole this \ft 'well, I'm keeping this, keeping this hole.'

\ref JBI-150807_b.128 \recid 337396110301230807 \start 0:05:23 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘ko lubaŋ rajo ko,’ to dioʔ. \mb ko lubaŋ rajo ko to dioʔ \ge this hole king this TRU.word 3 \ft 'this king's hole,' he said.

\ref JBI-150807_b.129 \recid 329146110301230807 \start 0:05:25 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘aku disuru tuŋᵍuɲo,’ 0kato dioʔ. \mb aku di- suru tuŋᵍu -ɲo 0- kato dioʔ \ge 1SG DI- ask wait -NYO 0- word 3 \ft 'he asked me to keep it,' he said.

\ref JBI-150807_b.130 \recid 266111110301230807 \start 0:05:27 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘kagi dio ŋantar makanan ke siko,’ 0kato dioʔ. \mb kagi dio ŋ- antar makan -an ke siko 0- kato dioʔ \ge later 3 N- deliver eat -AN to here 0- word 3 \ft 'he'll bring food here,' he said.

\ref JBI-150807_b.131 \recid 145936110301230807 \start 0:05:30 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘ai bnar-bnar cɪl.’ \mb ai bnar ~ bnar cɪl \ge EXCL right ~ right TRU.mouse.deer \ft 'kidding!'

\ref JBI-150807_b.132 \recid 849715110301230807 \start 0:05:31 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘0ɪkʊt aku cɪl.’ \mb 0- ɪkʊt aku cɪl \ge 0- follow 1SG TRU.mouse.deer \ft 'may I join you, mouse deer?'

\ref JBI-150807_b.133 \recid 585028110301230807 \start 0:05:34 \sp AWIJBI \tx ha ‘ai daʔ biso, klagi aku dimarai rajo.’ \mb ha ai daʔ biso klagi aku di- mara -i rajo \ge EXCL EXCL NEG can later 1SG DI- angry -I king \ft 'no, sorry, the king will scold me.' \nt meant to say 'no, sorry, if I invite you, the king will scold me.'

\ref JBI-150807_b.134 \recid 681563110301230807 \start 0:05:36 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘ai daʔ cɪl, ɪkʊtla cɪl.’ \mb ai daʔ cɪl ɪkʊt -la cɪl \ge EXCL NEG TRU.mouse.deer follow -LA TRU.mouse.deer \ft 'no, please let me join you, mouse deer.'

\ref JBI-150807_b.135 \recid 443638110301230807 \start 0:05:38 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘ha kalu kau nᵈaʔ, trjʊnla,’ 0kato dioʔ. \mb ha kalu kau nᵈaʔ trjʊn -la 0- kato dioʔ \ge EXCL TOP 2SG want jump.down -LA 0- word 3 \ft 'okay then, if you like, you may jump down,' he said.

\ref JBI-150807_b.136 \recid 340537110301230807 \start 0:05:39 \sp AWIJBI \tx 0trjʊn pulaʔ ruso ke dalam tu. \mb 0- trjʊn pulaʔ ruso ke dalam tu \ge 0- jump.down also deer to inside that \ft the deer jumped down.

\ref JBI-150807_b.137 \recid 919263110301230807 \start 0:05:41 \sp AWIJBI \tx ruso 0tarʊʔ di bawa, kancɪl di atas ruso. \mb ruso 0- tarʊʔ di bawa kancɪl di atas ruso \ge deer 0- put LOC under mouse.deer LOC up deer \ft the deer was placed downstairs, the mouse deer was on the deer. \nt meant to say 'the deer was under the mouse deer.'

\ref JBI-150807_b.138 \recid 385259110302230807 \start 0:05:44 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘ha kini kito mɲaɲi,’ 0kato dioʔ ‘...supayo klagi 0dataŋ anaʔ rajo ŋantarkan nasiʔ, ŋantarkan makanan ke siko,’ xx dioʔ. \mb ha kini kito m- ɲaɲi 0- kato dioʔ supayo klagi 0- dataŋ 0- anaʔ rajo ŋ- antar -kan nasiʔ ŋ- antar -kan makan -an ke siko xx dioʔ \ge EXCL now 1PL N- sing 0- word 3 so.that later 0- come 0- come king N- deliver -KAN cooked.rice N- deliver -KAN eat -AN to here xx 3 \ft 'well, let's sing, he said '… in order that the king's child bring us rice, bring us food here,' he said. \nt meant to say 'the deer was under the mouse deer.'

\ref JBI-150807_b.139 \recid 169916110302230807 \start 0:05:51 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘daʊn trap, daʊn tlntaŋ.’ \mb daʊn trap daʊn t- lntaŋ \ge leaf k.o.leaf leaf TA- stretch.out \ft 'trap' leaves, stretched leaves.’ \nt pantun.

\ref JBI-150807_b.140 \recid 694615110302230807 \start 0:05:52 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘tpʊrʊŋ bmato duo.’ \mb tpʊrʊŋ b- mato duo \ge coconut.shell BA- eye two \ft ‘coconut shell has two eyes.' \nt from his previous utterance.

\ref JBI-150807_b.141 \recid 217068110302230807 \start 0:05:54 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘mnrapla ari ke ptaŋ, tkʊrʊŋla kito baduo,’ 0kato dioʔ, ha. \mb mn- trap -la ari ke ptaŋ t- kʊrʊŋ -la kito ba- duo 0- kato dioʔ ha \ge MEN- crowded -LA day to evening TA- cage -LA 1PL BA- two 0- word 3 EXCL \ft 'heart was sad toward evening, we two are caged.'

\ref JBI-150807_b.142 \recid 280087114923230807 \start 0:05:58 \sp AWIJBI \tx lamo-lamo mcam itu bbuɲi di atas, 0lewat pulaʔ lagi kijaŋ. \mb lamo ~ lamo mcam itu b- buɲi di atas 0- lewat pulaʔ lagi kijaŋ \ge long.time ~ long.time sort that BA- sound LOC up 0- pass also more antelope \ft after such a long time they sounded like that, there's a sound above, an antelope was passing.

\ref JBI-150807_b.143 \recid 140075114955230807 \start 0:06:02 \sp AWIJBI \tx nole k’bawa. \mb n- ole k'bawa \ge N- by to.down \ft he looked at down.

\ref JBI-150807_b.144 \recid 449374114955230807 \start 0:06:03 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘ai apo kamu 0buat bduo dalam lubaŋ tu?’ \mb ai apo kamu 0- buat b- duo dalam lubaŋ tu \ge EXCL what 2 0- make BA- two inside hole that \ft ‘hey, what are you two doing in the hole?’

\ref JBI-150807_b.145 \recid 439564114955230807 \start 0:06:05 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘ck, kauko baɲaʔ ɲan 0taɲo.’ \mb ck kau -ko baɲaʔ ɲan 0- taɲo \ge tsk 2SG -KO a.lot very 0- ask \ft ‘hey, you asked many questions.'

\ref JBI-150807_b.146 \recid 273529114955230807 \start 0:06:07 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘kamiko nuŋᵍu lubaŋ rajo.’ \mb kami -ko n- tuŋᵍu lubaŋ rajo \ge 1 -KO N- wait hole king \ft ‘we're keeping a king's hole.'

\ref JBI-150807_b.147 \recid 611369114955230807 \start 0:06:09 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘a kalu 0tunaʔ di sikoko kagi sore anaʔ rajo 0dataŋ ŋantarkan makanan.’ \mb a kalu 0- tunaʔ di siko -ko kagi sore anaʔ rajo 0- dataŋ ŋ- antar -kan makan -an \ge EXCL TOP 0- stay LOC here -KO later afternoon child king 0- come N- deliver -KAN eat -AN \ft 'if we stay here, the king's child will bring us food.'

\ref JBI-150807_b.148 \recid 594425114955230807 \start 0:06:15 \sp AWIJBI \tx a ‘ai daʔ.do mcam itu kamu, 0ajaʔ aku.’ \mb a ai daʔ.do mcam itu kamu 0- ajaʔ aku \ge EXCL EXCL NEG.exist sort that 2 0- invite 1SG \ft ‘hey, don't be like that, please invite me.' \nt meant to say 'hey, you may not do it yourselves, please let me join you.'

\ref JBI-150807_b.149 \recid 212727114955230807 \start 0:06:18 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘ck ai daʔ biso, paya, kagi aku dimarai di rajo.’ \mb ck ai daʔ biso paya kagi aku di- mara -i di rajo \ge tsk EXCL NEG can difficult later 1SG DI- angry -I by king \ft 'no, it's not easy, the king will scold me.' \nt meant to say 'no, sorry, the king will sold me if I let you join us.'

\ref JBI-150807_b.150 \recid 221333114956230807 \start 0:06:21 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘daʔ bole baɲaʔ-baɲaʔ.’ \mb daʔ bole baɲaʔ ~ baɲaʔ \ge NEG may a.lot ~ a.lot \ft 'may not many.' \nt meant to say ‘the king didn’t let many animals keep this hole.’

\ref JBI-150807_b.151 \recid 859734114956230807 \start 0:06:22 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘bduola.’ \mb b- duo -la \ge BA- two -LA \ft ‘just two.’

\ref JBI-150807_b.152 \recid 676240114956230807 \start 0:06:22 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘jaŋan cmtu, aku deweʔ be, tʊlʊŋla.’ \mb jaŋan cmtu aku deweʔ be tʊlʊŋ -la \ge do.not like.that 1SG alone just help -LA \ft ‘please, don’t say that, just me, please!’

\ref JBI-150807_b.153 \recid 988871114956230807 \start 0:06:24 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘ha kalu kau nᵈaʔ, 0trjʊn.’ \mb ha kalu kau nᵈaʔ 0- trjʊn \ge EXCL TOP 2SG want 0- jump.down \ft ‘okay then, if you like, you may jump down.’

\ref JBI-150807_b.154 \recid 276622114956230807 \start 0:06:26 \sp AWIJBI \tx 0trjʊn pulaʔ kijaŋ. \mb 0- trjʊn pulaʔ kijaŋ \ge 0- jump.down also antelope \ft the antelope jumped down.

\ref JBI-150807_b.155 \recid 390606114956230807 \start 0:06:28 \sp AWIJBI \tx shiŋᵍo kijaŋ tadi di bawa. \mb shiŋᵍo kijaŋ tadi di bawa \ge so.that antelope earlier LOC under \ft the antelope was at the bottom. \nt referring to bottom of the hole.

\ref JBI-150807_b.156 \recid 928035114956230807 \start 0:06:30 \sp AWIJBI \tx kancɪl 0naeʔ lagi k’atas. \mb kancɪl 0- naeʔ lagi k'atas \ge mouse.deer 0- go.up more to.up \ft the mouse deer went upside.

\ref JBI-150807_b.157 \recid 200442114956230807 \start 0:06:32 \sp AWIJBI \tx ahɪrɲo baɲaʔ binataŋ-binataŋ 0masʊʔ dalam itu 0dŋar[?] saɪr si kancɪl tadi. \mb ahɪr -ɲo baɲaʔ binataŋ ~ binataŋ 0- masʊʔ dalam itu 0- dŋar saɪr si kancɪl tadi \ge final -NYO a.lot animal ~ animal 0- go.in inside that 0- listen poem PERS mouse.deer earlier \ft after listening to the mouse deer’s song, finally many animals jumped down into it. \nt referring to hole.

\ref JBI-150807_b.158 \recid 730579114956230807 \start 0:06:37 \sp AWIJBI \tx trahɪr rimau. \mb tr- ahɪr rimau \ge TAR- final tiger \ft the last was a tiger.

\ref JBI-150807_b.159 \recid 764350114956230807 \start 0:06:39 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘ai apo kamu 0buat ko?’ 0kato rimau. \mb ai apo kamu 0- buat ko 0- kato rimau \ge EXCL what 2 0- make this 0- word tiger \ft ‘hey, what are you doing here?’

\ref JBI-150807_b.160 \recid 454324114957230807 \start 0:06:43 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘kamiko nuŋᵍu apo... nuŋᵍu itu lubaŋ rajo koha.’ \mb kami -ko n- tuŋᵍu apo n- tuŋᵍu itu lubaŋ rajo ko -ha \ge 1 -KO N- wait what N- wait that hole king this -HA \ft ‘we’re keeping err... keeping this king’s hole.’

\ref JBI-150807_b.161 \recid 844371114957230807 \start 0:06:47 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘kagi sore dibagi makan,’ 0kato dioʔ. \mb kagi sore di- bagi makan 0- kato dioʔ \ge later afternoon DI- for eat 0- word 3 \ft ‘he will serve us this afternoon,’ he said. \nt referring to mouse deer.

\ref JBI-150807_b.162 \recid 758894114957230807 \start 0:06:50 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘kalu kau nᵈaʔ, masʊʔla siko rimau,’ 0kato dio. \mb kalu kau nᵈaʔ masʊʔ -la siko rimau 0- kato dio \ge TOP 2SG want enter -LA here tiger 0- word 3 \ft ‘if you like, you can join us here, tiger,’ he said.

\ref JBI-150807_b.163 \recid 557523114957230807 \start 0:06:52 \sp AWIJBI \tx 0masʊʔ rimau dalam tu. \mb 0- masʊʔ rimau dalam tu \ge 0- go.in tiger inside that \ft then the tiger jumped down.

\ref JBI-150807_b.164 \recid 113518114957230807 \start 0:06:53 \sp AWIJBI \tx rimau pʊn tltaʔ di bawa. \mb rimau pʊn t- ltaʔ di bawa \ge tiger PUN TA- place LOC under \ft the tiger was placed at the bottom.

\ref JBI-150807_b.165 \recid 513498114957230807 \start 0:06:54 \sp AWIJBI \tx kancɪl di atas. \mb kancɪl di atas \ge mouse.deer LOC up \ft the mouse deer was upside.

\ref JBI-150807_b.166 \recid 871436114957230807 \start 0:06:56 \sp AWIJBI \tx sampe di atas kancɪl mloncat k’luar. \mb sampe di atas kancɪl m- loncat k'luar \ge reach LOC up mouse.deer N- jump to.out \ft when the mouse deer was upside, he jumped out.

\ref JBI-150807_b.167 \recid 254561114957230807 \start 0:06:58 \sp AWIJBI \tx a slamat tiŋᵍal 0kato dioʔ. \mb a slamat tiŋᵍal 0- kato dioʔ \ge EXCL safe stay 0- word 3 \ft he said good bye.

\ref JBI-150807_b.168 \recid 417228114957230807 \start 0:07:00 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘matila kamu dibunue di rajo xx.’ \mb mati -la kamu di- bunu -e di rajo xx \ge dead -LA 2 DI- kill -E by king xx \ft ‘serve you right, the king will kill you.’

\ref JBI-150807_b.169 \recid 162832114957230807 \start 0:07:03 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘ditemᵇaʔ rajola kamu galo.’ \mb di- temᵇaʔ rajo -la kamu galo \ge DI- shoot king -LA 2 all \ft ‘the king will shoot you all.’

\ref JBI-150807_b.170 \recid 431400114958230807 \start 0:07:04 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘aku 0pgi,’ 0kato dioʔ kan. \mb aku 0- pgi 0- kato dioʔ kan \ge 1SG 0- go 0- word 3 KAN \ft ‘I’ll go,’ he said.

\ref JBI-150807_b.171 \recid 757410114958230807 \start 0:07:06 \sp AWIJBI \tx xx, 0pgi kancɪl. \mb xx 0- pgi kancɪl \ge xx 0- go mouse.deer \ft the mouse deer went away.

\ref JBI-150807_b.172 \recid 816005114958230807 \start 0:07:08 \sp AWIJBI \tx lamo-lamo kbtʊlan ari la soretu 0dataŋ nian xx anu xx apo? ck e... oraŋ nᵈaʔ naŋkap binataŋ yaŋ tkʊrʊŋ tadi. \mb lamo ~ lamo k- btʊl -an ari la sore -tu 0- dataŋ nian xx anu xx apo ck e oraŋ nᵈaʔ n- taŋkap binataŋ yaŋ t- kʊrʊŋ tadi \ge long.time ~ long.time KA- right -AN day PFCT afternoon -TU 0- come very xx whachamacallit xx what tsk E person want N- catch animal REL TA- cage earlier \ft after such a long time, it was in the afternoon, a man who would take the trapped animals came.

\ref JBI-150807_b.173 \recid 118917114958230807 \start 0:07:16 \sp AWIJBI \tx k’luarkanla. \mb k'luar -kan -la \ge to.out -KAN -LA \ft he took them out.

\ref JBI-150807_b.174 \recid 354344114958230807 \start 0:07:17 \sp AWIJBI \tx 0dapat kijaŋ tadi wai 0suko nian ati. \mb 0- dapat kijaŋ tadi wai 0- suko nian ati \ge 0- get antelope earlier EXCL 0- like very liver \ft he was so happy to get the antelope.

\ref JBI-150807_b.175 \recid 779695114958230807 \start 0:07:19 \sp AWIJBI \tx di dalam la baɲaʔ binataŋ. \mb di dalam la baɲaʔ binataŋ \ge LOC inside PFCT a.lot animal \ft there’re many animals in it. \nt referring to the hole.

\ref JBI-150807_b.176 \recid 961196114958230807 \start 0:07:20 \sp AWIJBI \tx la[?] 0dapat binataŋ. \mb la 0- dapat binataŋ \ge PFCT 0- get animal \ft he got animals.

\ref JBI-150807_b.177 \recid 445356114958230807 \start 0:07:22 \sp AWIJBI \tx trahɪr nᵈaʔ naŋkap rimau apo 0lpas rimau. \mb tr- ahɪr nᵈaʔ n- taŋkap rimau apo 0- lpas rimau \ge TAR- final want N- catch tiger what 0- free tiger \ft at last, he would take the tiger, but the tiger escaped.

\ref JBI-150807_b.178 \recid 407745114958230807 \start 0:07:25 \sp AWIJBI \tx rimau lpas ha apo 0kato rimau ‘awasla kau cɪl, kalu aku btmu dŋan kau cɪl, sle bulu ɲan daʔ kutiŋᵍalkan[?] lagi.’ \mb rimau lpas ha apo 0- kato rimau awas -la kau cɪl kalu aku b- tmu dŋan kau cɪl s- le bulu ɲan daʔ ku- tiŋᵍal -kan lagi \ge tiger release EXCL what 0- word tiger careful -LA 2SG TRU.mouse.deer TOP 1SG BA- meet with 2SG TRU.mouse.deer SA- piece body.hair very NEG KU- stay -KAN more \ft the tiger was free and he said ‘hey, mouse deer if I meet you, see what happen, I won’t leave even a piece of hair.’ \nt meant to say ‘the tiger was free and he said angrily ‘hey, mouse deer if I meet you, see what happen, I won’t leave even a piece of hair, I’ll kill you.’

\ref JBI-150807_b.179 \recid 992168114958230807 \start 0:07:34 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘kumakan abɪs, kutlan kau cɪl,’ xx. \mb ku- makan abɪs ku- tlan kau cɪl xx \ge KU- eat finish KU- swallow 2SG TRU.mouse.deer xx \ft ‘I’ll eat you, I’ll swallow you,’ xx.

\ref JBI-150807_b.180 \recid 787254114959230807 \start 0:07:37 \sp AWIJBI \tx dalah. \mb da -lah \ge that.is -LAH \ft that’s it.

\ref JBI-150807_b.181 \recid 204665114959230807 \start 0:07:38 \sp AWIJBI \tx lamo-lamo kancɪl tadi bjalan. \mb lamo ~ lamo kancɪl tadi b- jalan \ge long.time ~ long.time mouse.deer earlier BA- walk \ft after such a long time, the mouse deer was walking. \nt meant to say ‘at different place the mouse deer was walking.’

\ref JBI-150807_b.182 \recid 615454114959230807 \start 0:07:39 \sp AWIJBI \tx ʊ rimau di bjalan plaʔ. \mb ʊ rimau di b- jalan plaʔ \ge EXCL tiger earlier BA- walk PLAQ \ft the tiger was walking, too.

\ref JBI-150807_b.183 \recid 856988114959230807 \start 0:07:40 \sp AWIJBI \tx ʊ btmu nian dioʔ dŋan kancɪl di. \mb ʊ b- tmu nian dioʔ dŋan kancɪl di \ge EXCL BA- meet very 3 with mouse.deer earlier \ft then he met the mouse deer.

\ref JBI-150807_b.184 \recid 415873114959230807 \start 0:07:43 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘cɪl, ko dioʔ kau cɪl,’ 0kato dioʔ. \mb cɪl ko dioʔ kau cɪl 0- kato dioʔ \ge TRU.mouse.deer this 3 2SG TRU.mouse.deer 0- word 3 \ft ‘hey, I get you, mouse deer,’ he said.

\ref JBI-150807_b.185 \recid 795671114959230807 \start 0:07:45 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘aku trʊs traŋ be cɪl,’ 0kato dioʔ. \mb aku trʊs traŋ be cɪl 0- kato dioʔ \ge 1SG continue bright just TRU.mouse.deer 0- word 3 \ft ‘I’ll trell you the truth,’ he said.

\ref JBI-150807_b.186 \recid 370175114959230807 \start 0:07:46 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘kau aku hampɪr mati dibunu rajo,’ 0kato dioʔ[?]. \mb kau aku hampɪr mati di- bunu rajo 0- kato dioʔ \ge 2SG 1SG almost dead DI- kill king 0- word 3 \ft ‘you know, the king almost killed me,’ he said. \nt referring to the tiger.

\ref JBI-150807_b.187 \recid 444654114959230807 \start 0:07:49 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘kau nipu.’ \mb kau n- tipu \ge 2SG N- deceit \ft ‘you tricked.’ \nt meant to say ‘you tricked me.’

\ref JBI-150807_b.188 \recid 313706114959230807 \start 0:07:50 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘0kato kau lubaŋ tu tmpat 0bagi makanan.’ \mb 0- kato kau lubaŋ tu tmpat 0- bagi makan -an \ge 0- word 2SG hole that place 0- for eat -AN \ft ‘you said the hole was a place where we could get food.’

\ref JBI-150807_b.189 \recid 870180114959230807 \start 0:07:52 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘...rupoɲo tmpat pmbunuan di situ.’ \mb rupo -ɲo tmpat pm- bunu -an di situ \ge appearance -NYO place PN- kill -AN LOC there \ft ‘...in fact, it’s an execution place.’

\ref JBI-150807_b.190 \recid 730830114959230807 \start 0:07:55 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘ʊ, sabar dulu.’ \mb ʊ sabar dulu \ge EXCL patient before \ft ‘hey, calm down.’

\ref JBI-150807_b.191 \recid 476291115000230807 \start 0:07:56 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘kau tula galaʔ mara-mara,’ 0kato dioʔ kan, 0kato kancɪl. \mb kau tu -la galaʔ mara ~ mara 0- kato dioʔ kan 0- kato kancɪl \ge 2SG that -LA often angry ~ angry 0- word 3 KAN 0- word mouse.deer \ft ‘you’re bad-tempered,’ he said, said the mouse deer.

\ref JBI-150807_b.192 \recid 140383115000230807 \start 0:07:59 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘aku di siko 0tau daʔ kau‘ 0kato dio[?] ‘...aku nuŋᵍu gʊŋ rajo koha.’ \mb aku di siko 0- tau daʔ kau 0- kato dio aku n- tuŋᵍu gʊŋ rajo ko -ha \ge 1SG LOC here 0- know NEG 2SG 0- word 3 1SG N- wait gong king this -HA \ft ‘you know, I’m keeping a king’s gong here,’ he said.

\ref JBI-150807_b.193 \recid 227433115000230807 \start 0:08:03 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘teŋoʔla kau,’ to dioʔ. \mb teŋoʔ -la kau to dioʔ \ge look -LA 2SG TRU.word 3 \ft ‘look!’ he said.

\ref JBI-150807_b.194 \recid 776342115000230807 \start 0:08:04 \sp AWIJBI \tx rupoɲo dkat saraŋ tawon, bsaʔ. \mb rupo -ɲo dkat saraŋ tawon bsaʔ \ge appearance -NYO near nest bee big \ft obviously, he was near a big beehive.

\ref JBI-150807_b.195 \recid 399983115000230807 \start 0:08:07 \sp AWIJBI \tx neŋoʔ rimau ‘wai, iyo.’ \mb n- teŋoʔ rimau wai iyo \ge N- look tiger EXCL yes \ft then the tiger looked at it ‘wow, right.’

\ref JBI-150807_b.196 \recid 135702115000230807 \start 0:08:09 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘ai ʊntʊʔ apo ko?’ \mb ai ʊntʊʔ apo ko \ge EXCL for what this \ft ‘what is this for?’

\ref JBI-150807_b.197 \recid 755739115000230807 \start 0:08:10 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘a ikola magi 0tau ka anaʔ rajo tu, kalu gʊŋ ko aku 0pʊkʊl klagi, baru anaʔ rajo tu 0dataŋ ŋantarkan nasiʔ ke siko,’ 0kato dioʔ kan. \mb a iko -la m- agi 0- tau ka anaʔ rajo tu kalu gʊŋ ko aku 0- pʊkʊl klagi baru anaʔ rajo tu 0- dataŋ ŋ- antar -kan nasiʔ ke siko 0- kato dioʔ kan \ge EXCL this -LA N- for 0- know to child king that TOP gong this 1SG 0- hit later new child king that 0- come N- deliver -KAN cooked.rice to here 0- word 3 KAN \ft ‘well, I’ll use this to tell the king’s child, if I hit this gong, the king’s child will bring me rice here,’ he said.

\ref JBI-150807_b.198 \recid 632708115000230807 \start 0:08:18 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘itu yaŋ kawan-kawan tadi lolotu‘ 0to dioʔ. \mb itu yaŋ kawan ~ kawan tadi lolo -tu 0- to dioʔ \ge that REL friend ~ friend earlier stupid -TU 0- TRU.word 3 \ft ‘our friends were stupid,’ he said. \nt referring to animals trapped in the hole.

\ref JBI-150807_b.199 \recid 139179115000230807 \start 0:08:21 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘wai, kalu mcam tu biaʔ aku mʊkʊle,’ 0kato rimau. \mb wai kalu mcam tu biaʔ aku m- pʊkʊl -e 0- kato rimau \ge EXCL TOP sort that so.that 1SG N- hit -E 0- word tiger \ft ‘well, okay then, let me hit it,’ said the tiger.

\ref JBI-150807_b.200 \recid 697115115000230807 \start 0:08:23 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘aku daʔ tahan, lapar nian kiniko suda,’ 0kato dioʔ. \mb aku daʔ tahan lapar nian kini -ko suda 0- kato dioʔ \ge 1SG NEG stand hungry very now -KO finish 0- word 3 \ft ‘I can’t stand, I’m very hungry,’ he said.

\ref JBI-150807_b.201 \recid 826380115001230807 \start 0:08:26 \sp AWIJBI \tx da. \mb da \ge finish \ft well.

\ref JBI-150807_b.202 \recid 798605115001230807 \start 0:08:28 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘bole,’ 0kato kancɪl ‘kalu kau nᵈaʔ bole.’ \mb bole 0- kato kancɪl kalu kau nᵈaʔ bole \ge may 0- word mouse.deer TOP 2SG want may \ft ‘of course, if you like, you can do it.’

\ref JBI-150807_b.203 \recid 170624115001230807 \start 0:08:30 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘tapi aku 0pgi dulu dari siko.’ \mb tapi aku 0- pgi dulu dari siko \ge but 1SG 0- go before from here \ft ‘but I have to go.’ \nt from his previous utterance.

\ref JBI-150807_b.204 \recid 892444115001230807 \start 0:08:32 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘aku nᵈaʔ magi tau rajo kau yaŋ mʊkʊle.’ \mb aku nᵈaʔ m- bagi tau rajo kau yaŋ m- pʊkʊl -e \ge 1SG want N- give know king 2SG REL N- hit -E \ft ‘I want to tell the king that it’s you who will hit it.’

\ref JBI-150807_b.205 \recid 527434115001230807 \start 0:08:34 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘klagi 0kato aku dari jaʊ pʊkʊlla baru kau 0pʊkʊl.’ \mb klagi 0- kato aku dari jaʊ pʊkʊl -la baru kau 0- pʊkʊl \ge later 0- word 1SG from far hit -LA new 2SG 0- hit \ft ‘when I’ve been far from here I’ll say you can hit it, then you may hit it.’

\ref JBI-150807_b.206 \recid 196492115001230807 \start 0:08:37 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘a yola.’ \mb a yo -la \ge EXCL yes -LA \ft ‘okay.’

\ref JBI-150807_b.207 \recid 957172115001230807 \start 0:08:39 \sp AWIJBI \tx mloncat kancɪl. \mb m- loncat kancɪl \ge N- jump mouse.deer \ft the mouse deer jumped up.

\ref JBI-150807_b.208 \recid 317165115001230807 \start 0:08:39 \sp AWIJBI \tx blari, blari, blari, blari jaʊ. \mb b- lari b- lari b- lari b- lari jaʊ \ge BA- run BA- run BA- run BA- run far \ft he ran, ran, and ran so far.

\ref JBI-150807_b.209 \recid 496369115001230807 \start 0:08:41 \sp AWIJBI \tx jaraʔ kiro-kiro duo ratʊs meter mkɪʔla kancɪl. \mb jaraʔ kiro ~ kiro duo ratʊs meter m- pkɪʔ -la kancɪl \ge distance about ~ about two hundred meter N- cry -LA mouse.deer \ft around two hundred meters, the mouse deer shouted. \nt meant to say ‘after the mouse deer has been far away from the tiger, it’s about two hundred meters far, the mouse deer shouted.’

\ref JBI-150807_b.210 \recid 995237115001230807 \start 0:08:46 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘rimau, rajo bolela mʊkʊl.’ \mb rimau rajo bole -la m- pʊkʊl \ge tiger king may -LA N- hit \ft ‘tiger, the king allows you to hit it.’ \nt meant to say ‘tiger, the king asked you to hit it now.’

\ref JBI-150807_b.211 \recid 171500115002230807 \start 0:08:47 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘pʊkʊlla,’ to[?] dioʔ[?]. \mb pʊkʊl -la to dioʔ \ge hit -LA TRU.word 3 \ft ‘hit it,’ he said.

\ref JBI-150807_b.212 \recid 318184115002230807 \start 0:08:48 \sp AWIJBI \tx xx dipʊkʊlla di rimau saraŋ tawon[?]. \mb xx di- pʊkʊl -la di rimau saraŋ tawon \ge xx DI- hit -LA by tiger nest bee \ft then the tiger hit the beehive.

\ref JBI-150807_b.213 \recid 531481115002230807 \start 0:08:51 \sp AWIJBI \ph jəŋat \tx apo pcatu k’luarla ɲŋat rimau. \mb apo pca -tu k'luar -la ɲ- sŋat rimau \ge what broken -TU to.out -LA N- sting tiger \ft well, when it’s broken, they went out and stung the tiger. \nt referring to bees.

\ref JBI-150807_b.214 \recid 715131115002230807 \start 0:08:53 \sp AWIJBI \tx mampʊs rimau di... disŋat tawon tadi. \mb mampʊs rimau di di- sŋat tawon tadi \ge dead tiger LOC DI- sting bee earlier \ft the tiger hurt, the bees stung him.

\ref JBI-150807_b.215 \recid 330954115002230807 \start 0:08:56 \sp AWIJBI \tx tpkɪʔ-pkɪʔ, tpkɪʔ-pkɪʔ. \mb t- pkɪʔ ~ pkɪʔ t- pkɪʔ ~ pkɪʔ \ge TA- cry ~ cry TA- cry ~ cry \ft he cried.

\ref JBI-150807_b.216 \recid 956893115002230807 \start 0:08:58 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘binataŋ ɲla kau cɪl,’ 0kato dio. \mb binataŋ ɲla kau cɪl 0- kato dio \ge animal indeed 2SG TRU.mouse.deer 0- word 3 \ft ‘you’re a bastard, mouse deer,’ he said.

\ref JBI-150807_b.217 \recid 116826115002230807 \start 0:08:59 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘kau skali ko cɪl kalo btmu dŋan aku cɪl daʔ.do kutaɲo lagi, kau lansʊŋ aku 0makan cɪl,’ 0kato dioʔ. \mb kau s- kali ko cɪl kalo b- tmu dŋan aku cɪl daʔ.do ku- taɲo lagi kau lansʊŋ aku 0- makan cɪl 0- kato dioʔ \ge 2SG SA- time this TRU.mouse.deer TOP B- meet with 1SG TRU.mouse.deer NEG.exist KU- ask more 2SG direct 1SG 0- eat TRU.mouse.deer 0- word 3 \ft ‘hey, if I meet you, without asking you anymore, I’ll eat you right away,’ he said.

\ref JBI-150807_b.218 \recid 299872115002230807 \start 0:09:06 \sp AWIJBI \tx da. \mb da \ge finish \ft okay. \nt meant to say ‘well, after that err...’

\ref JBI-150807_b.219 \recid 566528115002230807 \start 0:09:07 \sp AWIJBI \tx kancɪl la 0lari. \mb kancɪl la 0- lari \ge mouse.deer PFCT 0- run \ft the mouse deer had disappeared.

\ref JBI-150807_b.220 \recid 259490115002230807 \start 0:09:07 \sp AWIJBI \tx rimau 0trjʊn k’aeʔ. \mb rimau 0- trjʊn k'aeʔ \ge tiger 0- jump.down to.water \ft the tiger jumped into water.

\ref JBI-150807_b.221 \recid 462487115002230807 \start 0:09:09 \sp AWIJBI \tx mlpaskan apo saraŋ[?] tawon yaŋ lkat di badan di 0trjʊn ke suŋe. \mb m- lpas -kan apo saraŋ tawon yaŋ lkat di badan di 0- trjʊn ke suŋe \ge N- free -KAN what nest bee REL adhere LOC body LOC 0- jump.down to river \ft he jumped into a river to free himself from the bees.

\ref JBI-150807_b.222 \recid 336442115003230807 \start 0:09:13 \sp AWIJBI \tx shiŋᵍo lpasla. \mb shiŋᵍo lpas -la \ge so.that free -LA \ft then he was free.

\ref JBI-150807_b.223 \recid 491250115003230807 \start 0:09:14 \sp AWIJBI \tx mera -mera, bŋkaʔ-bŋkaʔ badan rimau. \mb mera mera bŋkaʔ ~ bŋkaʔ badan rimau \ge red red swollen ~ swollen body tiger \ft his body was red and swollen.

\ref JBI-150807_b.224 \recid 460118115003230807 \start 0:09:17 \sp AWIJBI \tx da. \mb da \ge finish \ft okay then...

\ref JBI-150807_b.225 \recid 123506115003230807 \start 0:09:17 \sp AWIJBI \tx taahɪr bjalan lagi kancɪl. \mb ta- ahɪr b- jalan lagi kancɪl \ge TA- final BA- walk more mouse.deer \ft at last, the mouse deer was walking again.

\ref JBI-150807_b.226 \recid 974521115003230807 \start 0:09:21 \sp AWIJBI \tx bjalan, bjalan, bjalan. \mb b- jalan b- jalan b- jalan \ge BA- walk BA- walk BA- walk \ft he walked, walked, and walked.

\ref JBI-150807_b.227 \recid 295979115003230807 \start 0:09:22 \sp AWIJBI \tx rimau tadi bjalan[?] ktmu lagi dŋan kancɪl tadi. \mb rimau tadi b- jalan k- tmu lagi dŋan kancɪl tadi \ge tiger earlier BA- walk K- meet more with mouse.deer earlier \ft when the tiger was walking he met the mouse deer again.

\ref JBI-150807_b.228 \recid 836157115003230807 \start 0:09:25 \sp AWIJBI \tx btmu dŋan kancɪl tu yo daʔ.do 0dapat ampʊn lagi. \mb b- tmu dŋan kancɪl tu yo daʔ.do 0- dapat ampʊn lagi \ge BA- meet with mouse.deer that yes NEG.exist 0- get forgive more \ft when he met the mouse deer, he didn’t let him go anymore.

\ref JBI-150807_b.229 \recid 500900150955300807 \start 0:09:27 \sp XXX \tx laŋsʊŋ ditaŋkap, ditlan bulat-bulat kancɪl tadi. \mb laŋsʊŋ di- taŋkap di- tlan bulat ~ bulat kancɪl tadi \ge direct DI- catch DI- swallow round ~ round mouse.deer earlier \ft he caught and swallowed the mouse deer right away.

\ref JBI-150807_b.230 \recid 241149115003230807 \start 0:09:31 \sp AWIJBI \tx rupoɲo ditlan bulattu daʔ.do luko daʔ apo daʔ.do digɪgɪte[?]. \mb rupo -ɲo di- tlan bulat -tu daʔ.do luko daʔ apo daʔ.do di- gɪgɪt -e \ge appearance -NYO DI- swallow round -TU NEG.exist wound NEG what NEG.exist DI- bite -E \ft apparently, because he swallowed it right away, he wasn’t hurt, he didn’t err... he didn’t bite him. \nt meant to say ‘apparently, because the tiger swallowed it right away, the mouse deer wasn’t hurt, the tiger didn’t err... the tiger didn’t bite him.’

\ref JBI-150807_b.231 \recid 657262134401230807 \start 0:09:34 \sp AWIJBI \tx 0masʊʔ prʊtɲo, k’luar di bʊntʊte, di bʊntʊt rimau tadi, kpalaʔ kancɪl tadi. \mb 0- masʊʔ prʊt -ɲo k'luar di bʊntʊt -e di bʊntʊt rimau tadi kpalaʔ kancɪl tadi \ge 0- go.in stomach -NYO to.out LOC tail -E LOC tail tiger earlier head mouse.deer earlier \ft he entered his stomach and was out of his tail, the mouse deer’s head. \nt meant to say ‘the mouse deer entered the tiger’s stomach then his head was out from the tiger’s anus.’

\ref JBI-150807_b.232 \recid 358282134401230807 \start 0:09:37 \sp AWIJBI \tx 0. \nt laughing.

\ref JBI-150807_b.233 \recid 361302134401230807 \start 0:09:39 \sp AWIJBI \tx shiŋᵍo rimau tadi susa. \mb shiŋᵍo rimau tadi susa \ge so.that tiger earlier difficult \ft the tiger wasn’t happy.

\ref JBI-150807_b.234 \recid 711808134401230807 \start 0:09:40 \sp AWIJBI \tx kalu rimau tu bjalan nᵈaʔ naŋkap binataŋ, nᵈaʔ naŋkap apo... apo namo... bʊntʊttu bbuɲi. \mb kalu rimau tu b- jalan nᵈaʔ n- taŋkap binataŋ nᵈaʔ n- taŋkap apo apo namo bʊntʊt -tu b- buɲi \ge TOP tiger that BA- walk want N- catch animal want N- catch what what name tail -TU BA- sound \ft when the tiger would catch an animal, catch err... what? err... his tail would speak.

\ref JBI-150807_b.235 \recid 283680134402230807 \start 0:09:46 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘ʊy, awas ʊy, rimau, kamu nᵈaʔ ditaŋkap[?] rimau,’ 0kato dio. \mb ʊy awas ʊy rimau kamu nᵈaʔ di- taŋkap rimau 0- kato dio \ge EXCL careful EXCL tiger 2 want DI- catch tiger 0- word 3 \ft ‘hey, watch out, tiger will catch you,’ he said. \nt referring to the mouse deer.

\ref JBI-150807_b.236 \recid 218096134402230807 \start 0:09:50 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘nah, ŋapo pulaʔ bʊntʊt aku ni bbuɲi?’ 0kato rimau kan. \mb nah ŋ- apo pulaʔ bʊntʊt aku ni b- buɲi 0- kato rimau kan \ge EXCL N- what also tail 1SG TRU.this BA- sound 0- word tiger KAN \ft ‘hey, why does my tail speak?’ said the tiger. \nt meant to say ‘hey, how could my tail speak?’ the tiger asked.’

\ref JBI-150807_b.237 \recid 452876134402230807 \start 0:09:54 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘ai, ni gawat ni,’ xx. \mb ai ni gawat ni xx \ge EXCL TRU.this dangerous TRU.this xx \ft ‘well, it’s dangerous,’ xx.

\ref JBI-150807_b.238 \recid 793815134402230807 \start 0:09:56 \sp AWIJBI \tx bjalan, bjalan, bjalan, bjalan. \mb b- jalan b- jalan b- jalan b- jalan \ge BA- walk BA- walk BA- walk BA- walk \ft he walked, walked, walked, and walked. \nt referring to the tiger.

\ref JBI-150807_b.239 \recid 644274152237300807 \start 0:09:57 \sp XXX \tx la pulaʔ, ktmu pulaʔ dŋan binataŋ lagi. \mb la pulaʔ k- tmu pulaʔ dŋan binataŋ lagi \ge PFCT also K- meet also with animal more \ft he met animals again. \nt meant to say ‘then he met animals again.’

\ref JBI-150807_b.240 \recid 664292134402230807 \start 0:10:00 \sp AWIJBI \tx awaʔ baru nᵈaʔ dkat ‘jaʊ, jaʊ, jaʊ, rimau,’ 0kato xx. \mb awaʔ baru nᵈaʔ dkat jaʊ jaʊ jaʊ rimau 0- kato xx \ge PRO new want near far far far tiger 0- word xx \ft when he began to approach ‘go, go, go,’ said xx. \nt meant to say ‘when he began to catch his prey, the mouse deer spoke up ‘go, go, go.’

\ref JBI-150807_b.241 \recid 876204134402230807 \start 0:10:03 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘nah, gawat,’ 0kato rimau. \mb nah gawat 0- kato rimau \ge EXCL dangerous 0- word tiger \ft ‘oh, it’s dangerous,’ said the tiger.

\ref JBI-150807_b.242 \recid 280454134402230807 \start 0:10:05 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘ŋapo bʊntʊt aku ni buɲi,’ 0kato dio. \mb ŋ- apo bʊntʊt aku ni buɲi 0- kato dio \ge N- what tail 1SG TRU.this sound 0- word 3 \ft ‘why did my tail speak up?’ he said. \nt meant to say ‘how could my tail speak up?’ asked the tiger.’

\ref JBI-150807_b.243 \recid 894740134402230807 \start 0:10:07 \sp AWIJBI \tx ahɪrɲo sakɪt ati rimau, la panas, ado tʊŋᵍʊl kayutu, potoŋan kayu, dintaʔanɲo xx di... apo? rimau tadi bʊrɪt ka kayu tu. \mb ahɪr -ɲo sakɪt ati rimau la panas ado tʊŋᵍʊl kayu -tu potoŋ -an kayu di- ntaʔ -an -ɲo xx di apo rimau tadi bʊrɪt ka kayu tu \ge final -NYO sick liver tiger PFCT hot exist stump wood -TU shape -AN wood DI- dash -AN -NYO xx earlier what tiger earlier buttock to wood that \ft finally, the tiger was so mean, there’s a tree stump, a piece of wood, he dashed against... what? the tiger... buttocks to the wood. \nt meant to say ‘finally, because of so mean, the tiger dashed his buttocks against a tree stump.’

\ref JBI-150807_b.244 \recid 410661135439230807 \start 0:10:14 \sp AWIJBI \tx 0. \nt laughing.

\ref JBI-150807_b.245 \recid 496104135439230807 \start 0:10:15 \sp AWIJBI \tx matila rimau tadi. \mb mati -la rimau tadi \ge dead -LA tiger earlier \ft the tiger died.

\ref JBI-150807_b.246 \recid 141789135439230807 \start 0:10:17 \sp AWIJBI \tx rimau mati, itu kancɪl pʊn mati. \mb rimau mati itu kancɪl pʊn mati \ge tiger dead that mouse.deer PUN dead \ft the tiger and the mouse deer died.

\ref JBI-150807_b.247 \recid 452914135439230807 \start 0:10:20 \sp AWIJBI \tx abɪ(s)la critoɲo situ. \mb abɪs -la crito -ɲo situ \ge finish -LA story -NYO there \ft finish.

\ref JBI-150807_b.248 \recid 539408135440230807 \start 0:10:22 \sp AWIJBI \tx ha, crito-crito model itu... itu kan crito anaʔ-anaʔ nian itu. \mb ha crito ~ crito model itu itu kan crito anaʔ ~ anaʔ nian itu \ge EXCL story ~ story style that that KAN story child ~ child very that \ft well, the such stories... it’s a story for children indeed.

\ref JBI-150807_b.249 \recid 750667135440230807 \start 0:10:25 \sp AWIJBI \tx 0. \nt laughing.

\ref JBI-150807_b.250 \recid 881429135440230807 \start 0:10:29 \sp AWIJBI \tx duo suda. \mb duo suda \ge two finish \ft there’re two now. \nt referring to stories he told.


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