\_sh v3.0 400 Text \id JBI-210807_a

\ref JBI-210807_a.001 \recid 436996160035250807 \start 0:00:05 \sp XXX \tx yo, tes suara xxx. \mb yo tes suara xxx \ge yes test sound xxx \ft test, voice test.

\ref JBI-210807_a.002 \recid 313341160035250807 \start 0:00:06 \sp AWIJBI \tx halo tes, tes, tes \mb halo tes tes tes \ge hallo test test test \ft hallo, test, test, test.

\ref JBI-210807_a.003 \recid 129567160035250807 \start 0:00:07 \sp XXX \tx xx. \mb xx \ge xx \ft xx.

\ref JBI-210807_a.004 \recid 245642160035250807 \start 0:00:09 \sp AWIJBI \tx da 0masʊʔ? \mb da 0- masʊʔ \ge finish 0- go.in \ft is it there? \nt meant to say ‘is it ready?’

\ref JBI-210807_a.005 \recid 809107160036250807 \start 0:00:16 \sp AWIJBI \tx rambʊt aku daʔ.do acaʔacakan daʔ yo? \mb rambʊt aku daʔ.do acaʔ- acak -an daʔ yo \ge hair 1SG NEG.exist random- random -AN NEG yes \ft my hair isn't tousled, is it?

\ref JBI-210807_a.006 \recid 278435160036250807 \start 0:00:18 \sp XXX \tx xxx. \mb xxx \ge xxx \ft xxx.

\ref JBI-210807_a.007 \recid 269463160036250807 \start 0:00:19 \sp AWIJBI \tx tapi rambʊt ni daʔ.do 0main sɪsɪr. \mb tapi rambʊt ni daʔ.do 0- main sɪsɪr \ge but hair TRU.this NEG.exist 0- play comb \ft but I don't comb my hair. \nt meant to say ‘I didn't comb my hair.’

\ref JBI-210807_a.008 \recid 672578160036250807 \start 0:00:21 \sp AWIJBI \tx cuman gini aja. \mb cuman gini aja \ge only like.this just \ft just like this.

\ref JBI-210807_a.009 \recid 630651160036250807 \start 0:00:21 \sp AWIJBI \tx 0. \nt laughing.

\ref JBI-210807_a.010 \recid 677204160036250807 \start 0:00:21 \sp XXX \tx 0. \nt laughing.

\ref JBI-210807_a.011 \recid 991660160036250807 \start 0:00:22 \sp AWIJBI \tx rambʊtɲo ŋgaʔ ada. \mb rambʊt -ɲo ŋgaʔ ada \ge hair -NYO NEG exist \ft no hair. \nt kidding.

\ref JBI-210807_a.012 \recid 352273160036250807 \start 0:00:24 \sp AWIJBI \tx 0. \nt laughing.

\ref JBI-210807_a.013 \recid 161569160036250807 \start 0:00:27 \sp XXX \tx dari[?] mano? \mb dari mano \ge from which \ft from where?

\ref JBI-210807_a.014 \recid 802858160036250807 \start 0:00:28 \sp EXPYAN \tx xxx. \mb xxx \ge xxx \ft xxx.

\ref JBI-210807_a.015 \recid 562415160036250807 \start 0:00:29 \sp AWIJBI \tx xxx. \mb xxx \ge xxx \ft xxx.

\ref JBI-210807_a.016 \recid 427081160037250807 \start 0:00:29 \sp EXPYAN \tx deweʔan. \mb deweʔ -an \ge alone -AN \ft alone.

\ref JBI-210807_a.017 \recid 172383160037250807 \start 0:00:31 \sp XXX \tx xxx. \mb xxx \ge xxx \ft xxx.

\ref JBI-210807_a.018 \recid 754432160037250807 \start 0:00:33 \sp AWIJBI \tx ni mnantu. \mb ni mnantu \ge TRU.this child.in.law \ft this is a child-in-law. \nt 1. reference is not clear 2. meant to say ‘here’s my child-in-law.’

\ref JBI-210807_a.019 \recid 262251160037250807 \start 0:00:36 \sp AWIJBI \tx di baŋ... baŋ syariʔah.mandiritu. \mb di baŋ baŋ syari'ah.mandiri -tu \ge LOC bank bank Syari'ah.Mandiri -TU \ft at Syari'ah Mandiri bank. \nt meant to say ‘my child-in-law works at Syari'ah Mandiri bank.’

\ref JBI-210807_a.020 \recid 956480160037250807 \start 0:00:39 \sp XXX \tx ʊ baŋ xxx. \mb ʊ baŋ xxx \ge EXCL bank xxx \ft I see, xxx.

\ref JBI-210807_a.021 \recid 390463160037250807 \start 0:00:44 \sp XXX \tx xxx. \mb xxx \ge xxx \ft xxx. \nt some people were speaking in AWIJBI’s house. the topic was not clear.

\ref JBI-210807_a.022 \recid 323291160037250807 \start 0:01:27 \sp AWIJBI \ph yoʰ \tx yo. \mb yo \ge yes \ft yeah.

\ref JBI-210807_a.023 \recid 862888160037250807 \start 0:01:28 \sp AWIJBI \tx baɪʔla ti yo skaraŋ ak(u) kini aku naʔ mɲaɲi e naʔ mɲaɲi naʔ... naʔ... bdoŋeŋ. \mb baɪʔ -la ti yo skaraŋ aku kini aku naʔ m- ɲaɲi e naʔ m- ɲaɲi naʔ naʔ b- doŋeŋ \ge good -LA TRU.Yanti yes now 1SG now 1SG want N- sing E want N- sing want want BA- legend \ft okay, Yanti, now I'll sing eh not sing but tell a tale.

\ref JBI-210807_a.024 \recid 579192160037250807 \start 0:01:32 \sp AWIJBI \tx 0. \nt laughing.

\ref JBI-210807_a.025 \recid 699245160037250807 \start 0:01:33 \sp AWIJBI \tx kalu dulu suda brapo doŋeŋ? \mb kalu dulu suda brapo doŋeŋ \ge TOP before finish how.much legend \ft in the past, how many tales? \nt 1. asking himself. 2. meant to say 'how many tales have I told you?’

\ref JBI-210807_a.026 \recid 633976160038250807 \start 0:01:35 \sp AWIJBI \tx kalu daʔ salah ado tigo doŋeŋ, edaʔ yo? \mb kalu daʔ salah ado tigo doŋeŋ edaʔ yo \ge TOP NEG wrong exist three legend NEG yes \ft if I'm not mistaken, there're three tales, right?

\ref JBI-210807_a.027 \recid 750653160038250807 \start 0:01:37 \sp AWIJBI \tx doŋeŋ apo itu e... ck oraŋ buto maɲʲat klapo suda. \mb doŋeŋ apo itu e ck oraŋ buto m- paɲʲat klapo suda \ge legend what that E tsk person blind N- climb coconut finish \ft err…I've told you a tale of a blind man who climbed a coconut tree.

\ref JBI-210807_a.028 \recid 645436160038250807 \start 0:01:43 \sp AWIJBI \tx suda tu doŋeŋ kambɪŋ buto kmaren kan. \mb suda tu doŋeŋ kambɪŋ buto kmaren kan \ge finish that legend goat blind yesterday KAN \ft then a tale entitled a blind goat, it was yesterday. \nt meant to say 'I told you a blind goat tale yesterday.'

\ref JBI-210807_a.029 \recid 762662160038250807 \start 0:01:45 \sp EXPYAN \tx iyo. \mb iyo \ge yes \ft yeah.

\ref JBI-210807_a.030 \recid 877127160038250807 \start 0:01:47 \sp AWIJBI \tx ha skaraŋ aku nᵈaʔ bdoŋeŋ crito ck itu... apo namoɲo? batu bla batu btaŋkʊp. \mb ha skaraŋ aku nᵈaʔ b- doŋeŋ crito ck itu apo namo -ɲo batu bla batu b- taŋkʊp \ge EXCL now 1SG want BA- legend story tsk that what name -NYO stone half stone BA- fold \ft now I'll tell a tale of err… what's that? opened and closed rock.

\ref JBI-210807_a.031 \recid 491844160038250807 \start 0:01:53 \sp AWIJBI \tx jadi critoɲotu macam iko. \mb jadi crito -ɲo -tu macam i- ko \ge become story -NYO -TU sort I- this \ft here's the story.

\ref JBI-210807_a.032 \recid 532804160038250807 \start 0:01:55 \sp AWIJBI \tx oraŋ tu di sawah. \mb oraŋ tu di sawah \ge person that LOC paddy \ft they’re at paddy.

\ref JBI-210807_a.033 \recid 445130160038250807 \start 0:01:58 \sp AWIJBI \tx dioʔ... yaŋ adotu cuman ibuʔɲo. \mb dioʔ yaŋ ado -tu cuman ibuʔ -ɲo \ge 3 REL exist -TU only madam -NYO \ft err… it's only a mother. \nt meant to say 'once, lived a mother and her children in a paddy, her husband was death.'

\ref JBI-210807_a.034 \recid 209244160038250807 \start 0:02:00 \sp AWIJBI \tx maʔɲo kalu 0kato oraŋ jambiko kan. \mb maʔ -ɲo kalu 0- kato oraŋ jambi -ko kan \ge mother -NYO TOP 0- word person Jambinese -KO KAN \ft we, Jambi people, call it 'maq.'

\ref JBI-210807_a.035 \recid 173922160038250807 \start 0:02:03 \sp AWIJBI \tx maʔɲo suda tu anaʔɲo soraŋ, e baru-baru nᵈaʔ 0naeʔ gadɪsla. \mb maʔ -ɲo suda tu anaʔ -ɲo s- oraŋ e baru ~ baru nᵈaʔ 0- naeʔ gadɪs -la \ge mother -NYO finish that child -NYO SA- person FILL new ~ new want 0- go.up unmarried.woman -LA \ft a mother and a daughter, she was growing up.

\ref JBI-210807_a.036 \recid 122547160039250807 \start 0:02:08 \sp AWIJBI \tx suda tu ado anaʔ lagi yaŋ masɪ umur duo taʊnan. \mb suda tu ado anaʔ lagi yaŋ masɪ umur duo taʊn -an \ge finish that exist child more REL still age two year -AN \ft then… another was a baby about two years old. \nt 1. from her previous utterance 2. meant to say 'the mother had a girl and a baby.’

\ref JBI-210807_a.037 \recid 148185160039250807 \start 0:02:11 \sp AWIJBI \tx bapaʔɲo daʔ.do lagi. \mb bapaʔ -ɲo daʔ.do lagi \ge father -NYO NEG.exist more \ft their father was no more.

\ref JBI-210807_a.038 \recid 860365160039250807 \start 0:02:13 \sp AWIJBI \tx diotu 0tiŋᵍal di sawah. \mb dio -tu 0- tiŋᵍal di sawah \ge 3 -TU 0- stay LOC paddy \ft they lived in paddy.

\ref JBI-210807_a.039 \recid 471345160039250807 \start 0:02:16 \sp AWIJBI \tx jadi... kakaʔɲo tadi di atas ponᵈoʔ. \mb jadi kakaʔ -ɲo tadi di atas ponᵈoʔ \ge become older.sibling -NYO earlier LOC up hut \ft So… his sister was at hut. \nt 1. referring to sister of the baby 2. meant to say ‘her daughter stayed at hut.’

\ref JBI-210807_a.040 \recid 713479160039250807 \start 0:02:19 \sp AWIJBI \tx itu dioʔ sdaŋ buwai-buwai si adɪʔɲo. \mb itu dioʔ sdaŋ buwai ~ buwai si adɪʔ -ɲo \ge that 3 while swing ~ swing PERS younger.sibling -NYO \ft err... she was taking care of her brother.

\ref JBI-210807_a.041 \recid 469210160039250807 \start 0:02:23 \sp AWIJBI \tx a maʔɲo taditu mrʊmpʊt. \mb a maʔ -ɲo tadi -tu m- rʊmpʊt \ge EXCL mother -NYO earlier -TU N- grass \ft her mother was clearing away grass.

\ref JBI-210807_a.042 \recid 825564160039250807 \start 0:02:26 \sp AWIJBI \tx mrʊmpʊt-rʊmpʊt, tanam-tanaman, yaŋ ado-ado di pɪŋᵍɪpɪŋᵍɪr kbon itu, kbon sawahɲotu. \mb m- rʊmpʊt ~ rʊmpʊt tanam ~ tanam -an yaŋ ado ~ ado di pɪŋᵍɪ ~ pɪŋᵍɪr kbon itu kbon sawah -ɲo -tu \ge N- grass ~ grass plant ~ plant -AN REL exist ~ exist LOC side ~ side garden that garden paddy -NYO -TU \ft she cleared away grass and plants at the side of her garden, her paddy. \nt meant to say ‘she cleared away grass at the side of her paddy.’

\ref JBI-210807_a.043 \recid 584303160039250807 \start 0:02:31 \sp AWIJBI \tx jadi mrʊmpʊt, mrʊmpʊt, mrʊmpʊt, btmu tloʔ sekoʔ. \mb jadi m- rʊmpʊt m- rʊmpʊt m- rʊmpʊt b- tmu tloʔ sekoʔ \ge become N- grass N- grass N- grass BA- meet egg one \ft when she was clearing away the grass, she found an egg.

\ref JBI-210807_a.044 \recid 200013160039250807 \start 0:02:36 \sp AWIJBI \tx tloʔ. \mb tloʔ \ge egg \ft an egg.

\ref JBI-210807_a.045 \recid 725376160039250807 \start 0:02:37 \sp AWIJBI \tx kbtʊlan tloʔ tu tloʔ bʊrʊŋ kan. \mb k- btʊl -an tloʔ tu tloʔ bʊrʊŋ kan \ge KA- right -AN egg that egg bird KAN \ft it was a bird egg.

\ref JBI-210807_a.046 \recid 619992160040250807 \start 0:02:40 \sp AWIJBI \tx trʊs dio 0naeʔ ke ponᵈoʔ. \mb trʊs dio 0- naeʔ ke ponᵈoʔ \ge continue 3 0- go.up to hut \ft then she returned to her hut.

\ref JBI-210807_a.047 \recid 617583160040250807 \start 0:02:43 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘pɪʔ, pɪʔ,’ 0kato dio ŋato anaʔ yaŋ tuo tu. \mb pɪʔ pɪʔ 0- kato dio ŋ- kato anaʔ yaŋ tuo tu \ge TRU.Supik TRU.Supik 0- word 3 N- word child REL old that \ft 'Pik, Pik,' she called her oldest child.

\ref JBI-210807_a.048 \recid 639578160040250807 \start 0:02:46 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘tloʔ ni kau 0rbʊs.’ \mb tloʔ ni kau 0- rbʊs \ge egg TRU.this 2SG 0- boil \ft 'boil this egg!'

\ref JBI-210807_a.049 \recid 404688160040250807 \start 0:02:49 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘klagi kalo suda masaʔ, kau 0potoŋ.’ \mb klagi kalo suda masaʔ kau 0- potoŋ \ge later TOP finish cook 2SG 0- cut \ft 'when it's done, cut it.'

\ref JBI-210807_a.050 \recid 911479160040250807 \start 0:02:53 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘kau 0bla edaʔ.’ \mb kau 0- bla edaʔ \ge 2SG 0- half NEG \ft 'cut it, okay.'

\ref JBI-210807_a.051 \recid 953221160040250807 \start 0:02:54 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘suda diblatu, sbla tu amᵇɪʔla kau.’ \mb suda di- bla -tu s- bla tu amᵇɪʔ -la kau \ge finish DI- half -TU SA- half that take -LA 2SG \ft 'after you cut it, take half for you.'

\ref JBI-210807_a.052 \recid 503024160040250807 \start 0:02:57 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘kalu kau nᵈaʔ 0makan, makanla.’ \mb kalu kau nᵈaʔ 0- makan makan -la \ge TOP 2SG want 0- eat eat -LA \ft 'if you want to eat it, just do.' \nt meant to say ‘you can eat it whenever you like.’

\ref JBI-210807_a.053 \recid 334457160040250807 \start 0:03:00 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘ha suda tu yaŋ sbla tu dipotoŋ lagi.’ \mb ha suda tu yaŋ s- bla tu di- potoŋ lagi \ge EXCL finish that REL SA- half that DI- cut more \ft 'then cut the half one.'

\ref JBI-210807_a.054 \recid 438262160040250807 \start 0:03:02 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘ha jadi saliniŋ ʊntʊʔ adɪʔ kau.’ \mb ha jadi sa- liniŋ ʊntʊʔ adɪʔ kau \ge EXCL become SA- quarter for younger.sibling 2SG \ft 'so a slice is for your brother.'

\ref JBI-210807_a.055 \recid 886025160040250807 \start 0:03:06 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘sliniŋ lagi tiŋᵍali ʊntʊʔ maʔ.’ \mb s- liniŋ lagi tiŋᵍal -i ʊntʊʔ maʔ \ge SA- quarter more stay -I for mother \ft 'the other slice is for me.'

\ref JBI-210807_a.056 \recid 637149160040250807 \start 0:03:08 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘a kagi kalu maʔ la lapar, 0naeʔ ka ponᵈoʔ ko maʔ nᵈaʔ 0makan a ado yaŋ 0puɲo maʔ sliniŋ.’ \mb a kagi kalu maʔ la lapar 0- naeʔ ka ponᵈoʔ ko maʔ nᵈaʔ 0- makan a ado yaŋ 0- puɲo maʔ s- liniŋ \ge EXCL later TOP mother PFCT hungry 0- go.up to hut this mother want 0- eat EXCL exist REL 0- possess mother SA- quarter \ft ‘so if I'm hungry, I'll return to this hut, so when I want to eat, I have my share.'

\ref JBI-210807_a.057 \recid 975264160041250807 \start 0:03:14 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘iyola maʔ,’ 0kato anaʔɲo. \mb iyo -la maʔ 0- kato anaʔ -ɲo \ge yes -LA mother 0- word child -NYO \ft 'okay, mom,' said her daughter.

\ref JBI-210807_a.058 \recid 179981160041250807 \start 0:03:16 \sp AWIJBI \tx maʔɲo di tadi 0tʊrʊn lagi ke bawa. \mb maʔ -ɲo di tadi 0- tʊrʊn lagi ke bawa \ge mother -NYO LOC earlier 0- go.down more to under \ft then her mother went down.

\ref JBI-210807_a.059 \recid 645396160041250807 \start 0:03:19 \sp AWIJBI \tx mrʊmpʊʔrʊmpʊt lagi. \mb m- rʊmpʊʔ ~ rʊmput lagi \ge N- MUT.grass ~ grass more \ft she cleared away grass again.

\ref JBI-210807_a.060 \recid 982406160041250807 \start 0:03:21 \sp AWIJBI \tx jadi tau-tau adɪʔɲo nᵈaʔ 0makan. \mb jadi tau ~ tau adɪʔ -ɲo nᵈaʔ 0- makan \ge become know ~ know younger.sibling -NYO want 0- eat \ft so, suddenly her brother wanted to eat.

\ref JBI-210807_a.061 \recid 523042160041250807 \start 0:03:24 \sp AWIJBI \tx jadi ‘ha dɪʔ, iko 0puɲo kau sliniŋ, makanla.’ \mb jadi ha dɪʔ i- ko 0- puɲo kau s- liniŋ makan -la \ge become EXCL TRU.younger.sibling I- this 0- possess 2SG SA- quarter eat -LA \ft so 'well, brother, here is yours, a slice, just eat it.'

\ref JBI-210807_a.062 \recid 186207160041250807 \start 0:03:29 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘a kakaʔ jugo nᵈaʔ 0makan.’ \mb a kakaʔ jugo nᵈaʔ 0- makan \ge EXCL older.sibling also want 0- eat \ft 'I want to eat, too.'

\ref JBI-210807_a.063 \recid 897177160041250807 \start 0:03:30 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘yaŋ sbla ko 0puɲo kakaʔ.’ \mb yaŋ s- bla ko 0- puɲo kakaʔ \ge REL SA- half this 0- possess older.sibling \ft 'this half one is mine.'

\ref JBI-210807_a.064 \recid 869281160041250807 \start 0:03:32 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘yaŋ sbla ko, yaŋ sliniŋ lagi a jaŋan dimakan.’ \mb yaŋ s- bla ko yaŋ s- liniŋ lagi a jaŋan di- makan \ge REL SA- half this REL SA- quarter more EXCL do.not DI- eat \ft 'the other half one, a slice, you may not eat it.'

\ref JBI-210807_a.065 \recid 927102160041250807 \start 0:03:35 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘iko ʊntʊʔ maʔ kito.’ \mb i- ko ʊntʊʔ maʔ kito \ge I- this for mother 1PL \ft ‘it's our mother’s.'

\ref JBI-210807_a.066 \recid 731151160041250807 \start 0:03:37 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘klagi maʔ kito lapar a tntu dio makan yaŋ sliniŋ lagi.’ \mb klagi maʔ kito lapar a tntu dio makan yaŋ s- liniŋ lagi \ge later mother 1PL hungry EXCL of.course 3 eat REL SA- quarter more \ft 'when our mother is hungry, of course she will eat the slice one.’

\ref JBI-210807_a.067 \recid 478179160042250807 \start 0:03:41 \sp AWIJBI \tx makanla adɪʔɲo. \mb makan -la adɪʔ -ɲo \ge eat -LA younger.sibling -NYO \ft so, her brother ate.

\ref JBI-210807_a.068 \recid 365825160042250807 \start 0:03:43 \sp AWIJBI \tx tau-tau adɪʔɲo naŋinaŋis nᵈaʔ mintaʔ yaŋ sliniŋ tu jugo. \mb tau ~ tau adɪʔ -ɲo n- taŋi ~ n- taŋis nᵈaʔ m- pintaʔ yaŋ s- liniŋ tu jugo \ge know ~ know younger.sibling -NYO N- PART.cry ~ N- cry want N- ask.for REL SA- quarter that also \ft suddenly her brother cried, he wanted to have the other half one.

\ref JBI-210807_a.069 \recid 237179160042250807 \start 0:03:47 \sp AWIJBI \tx jadi dari pado adɪʔɲo naŋis dibagɪkanla[?] xx galo-galotu dibagɪkan ka adɪʔɲo. \mb jadi dari pado adɪʔ -ɲo n- taŋis di- bagɪ -kan -la xx galo ~ galo -tu di- bagɪ -kan ka adɪʔ -ɲo \ge become from PREP younger.sibling -NYO N- cry DI- give -KAN -LA xx all ~ all -TU DI- give -KAN to younger.sibling -NYO \ft so, she preferred giving it to her brother to letting him cry, so she gave all to her brother.

\ref JBI-210807_a.070 \recid 773393160042250807 \start 0:03:52 \sp AWIJBI \tx jadi habɪsla tloʔ tadi. \mb jadi habɪs -la tloʔ tadi \ge become finish -LA egg earlier \ft so, the egg was finished.

\ref JBI-210807_a.071 \recid 331351160042250807 \start 0:03:53 \sp AWIJBI \tx tau-tau maʔɲo 0naeʔ ka ponᵈoʔ. \mb tau ~ tau maʔ -ɲo 0- naeʔ ka ponᵈoʔ \ge know ~ know mother -NYO 0- go.up to hut \ft suddenly her mother came to the hut.

\ref JBI-210807_a.072 \recid 435140160042250807 \start 0:03:56 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘pɪʔ, mano pɪʔ apo namo taditu tloʔ ʊntʊʔ maʔ tadi mano, tlor ʊntʊʔ maʔ tadi?’ \mb pɪʔ mano pɪʔ apo namo tadi -tu tloʔ ʊntʊʔ maʔ tadi mano tlor ʊntʊʔ maʔ tadi \ge TRU.Supik which TRU.Supik what name earlier -TU egg for mother earlier which egg for mother earlier \ft 'Pik, where is err… where's my egg, Pik?'

\ref JBI-210807_a.073 \recid 616678160042250807 \start 0:04:02 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘ai maʔe, la abɪs dimakan adɪʔ galo maʔ.’ \mb ai maʔ -e la abɪs di- makan adɪʔ galo maʔ \ge EXCL mother -E PFCT finish DI- eat younger.sibling all mother \ft 'sorry mom, brother ate it all.'

\ref JBI-210807_a.074 \recid 725785160042250807 \start 0:04:05 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘dio naŋinaŋis.’ \mb dio n- taŋi ~ n- taŋis \ge 3 N- PART.cry ~ N- cry \ft ‘he cried.'

\ref JBI-210807_a.075 \recid 291019160042250807 \start 0:04:06 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘sayo kasian neŋoʔɲo, sayo bagɪla galo.’ \mb sayo ka- sian n- teŋoʔ -ɲo sayo bagɪ -la galo \ge 1SG KA- pity N- look -NYO 1SG give -LA all \ft 'I pitied him so I gave it to him.’

\ref JBI-210807_a.076 \recid 269388160042250807 \start 0:04:09 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘ɪ pɪʔ, sampe ati nian kau.’ \mb ɪ pɪʔ sampe ati nian kau \ge EXCL TRU.Supik reach liver very 2SG \ft 'oh, how could you do that!'

\ref JBI-210807_a.077 \recid 311348160042250807 \start 0:04:10 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘maʔ kpeŋen nian nᵈaʔ 0makan tlor tu.’ \mb maʔ k- peŋen nian nᵈaʔ 0- makan tlor tu \ge mother KA- want very want 0- eat egg that \ft 'I really want to eat the egg.'

\ref JBI-210807_a.078 \recid 845093160043250807 \start 0:04:13 \sp AWIJBI \tx mrajʊʔla maʔɲo. \mb m- rajʊʔ -la maʔ -ɲo \ge N- sulk -LA mother -NYO \ft her mother sulked.

\ref JBI-210807_a.079 \recid 297246160043250807 \start 0:04:14 \sp AWIJBI \tx sdɪ jadi maʔɲo tadi. \mb sdɪ jadi maʔ -ɲo tadi \ge sad become mother -NYO earlier \ft her mother was so sad.

\ref JBI-210807_a.080 \recid 526656160043250807 \start 0:04:16 \sp AWIJBI \tx jadi 0kato maʔɲo ‘sudalah kalu macam itu.’ \mb jadi 0- kato maʔ -ɲo suda -lah kalu macam itu \ge become 0- word mother -NYO finish -LAH TOP sort that \ft so… 'okay then,' her mother said.

\ref JBI-210807_a.081 \recid 619366160043250807 \start 0:04:19 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘kini,’ 0kato dioʔ ‘kau 0pgi 0cuci kaɪn itam ko sampe pʊtɪ.’ \mb kini 0- kato dioʔ kau 0- pgi 0- cuci kaɪn itam ko sampe pʊtɪ \ge now 0- word 3 2SG 0- go 0- wash cloth black this reach white \ft 'now, wash this black cloth till it turns white,' she said.

\ref JBI-210807_a.082 \recid 904045160043250807 \start 0:04:24 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘pgila kau ke sumur.’ \mb pgi -la kau ke sumur \ge go -LA 2SG to well \ft 'go to the well.'

\ref JBI-210807_a.083 \recid 201798160043250807 \start 0:04:25 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘kalu blʊm pʊtɪ, kau jaŋan 0naeʔ ruma.’ \mb kalu blʊm pʊtɪ kau jaŋan 0- naeʔ ruma \ge TOP not.yet white 2SG do.not 0- go.up house \ft 'you may not come back if it hasn't turned white.' \nt referring to the black cloth.

\ref JBI-210807_a.084 \recid 130768160043250807 \start 0:04:29 \sp AWIJBI \tx ha jadi pgila anaʔ tadi 0bawaʔ kaɪn itam. \mb ha jadi pgi -la anaʔ tadi 0- bawaʔ kaɪn itam \ge EXCL become go -LA child earlier 0- bring cloth black \ft so, her daughter went with the black cloth.

\ref JBI-210807_a.085 \recid 628195160043250807 \start 0:04:31 \sp AWIJBI \tx macam manola kaɪn itam nᵈaʔ pʊtɪ dicuci! \mb macam mano -la kaɪn itam nᵈaʔ pʊtɪ di- cuci \ge sort which -LA cloth black want white DI- wash \ft how black cloth can turn white if it's washed!

\ref JBI-210807_a.086 \recid 797101160043250807 \start 0:04:33 \sp AWIJBI \tx tntu daʔ mʊŋkɪn kan. \mb tntu daʔ mʊŋkɪn kan \ge of.course NEG perhaps KAN \ft of course it's impossible.

\ref JBI-210807_a.087 \recid 996092160043250807 \start 0:04:34 \sp AWIJBI \tx rupoɲo di ruma tadi maʔɲo 0masaʔ. \mb rupo -ɲo di ruma tadi maʔ -ɲo 0- masaʔ \ge appearance -NYO LOC house earlier mother -NYO 0- cook \ft apparently, at home, her mother cooked. \nt meant to say 'apparently when she was washing the cloth, her mother was cooking at home.’

\ref JBI-210807_a.088 \recid 138651160043250807 \start 0:04:37 \sp AWIJBI \tx suda btanaʔ nasi itu, nasiʔ tu dibʊŋkʊs dŋan ibat. \mb suda b- tanaʔ nasi itu nasiʔ tu di- bʊŋkʊs dŋan ibat \ge finish BA- cook.rice cooked.rice that cooked.rice that DI- pack with k.o.wrap \ft after she cooked rice, she wrapped the rice with leaves.

\ref JBI-210807_a.089 \recid 810700160044250807 \start 0:04:41 \sp AWIJBI \tx a 0masʊʔ bʊŋkʊs ibat tu, masʊʔkanɲo tʊjʊ. \mb a 0- masʊʔ bʊŋkʊs ibat tu masʊʔ -kan -ɲo tʊjʊ \ge EXCL 0- go.in pack k.o.wrap that enter -KAN -NYO seven \ft she put it in leaves, she made seven. \nt Referring to seven packages of rice.

\ref JBI-210807_a.090 \recid 949907160044250807 \start 0:04:44 \sp AWIJBI \tx dibuatɲo tʊjʊ ibat. \mb di- buat -ɲo tʊjʊ ibat \ge DI- make -NYO seven k.o.wrap \ft she made seven packages. \nt from his previous utterance. ,

\ref JBI-210807_a.091 \recid 611303160044250807 \start 0:04:45 \sp AWIJBI \tx suda tu maʔɲo tadi aeʔ susuɲo dipraɲo jugo, 0masʊʔ dalam plastɪk. \mb suda tu maʔ -ɲo tadi aeʔ susu -ɲo di- pra -ɲo jugo 0- masʊʔ dalam plastɪk \ge finish that mother -NYO earlier water milk -NYO DI- squeeze -NYO also 0- go.in inside plastic \ft then her mother also milked her breasts, she put it in a plastic.

\ref JBI-210807_a.092 \recid 388122160044250807 \start 0:04:49 \sp AWIJBI \tx a itu sbaɲaʔ tʊjʊ plastɪk. \mb a itu s- baɲaʔ tʊjʊ plastɪk \ge EXCL that SA- a.lot seven plastic \ft there were seven plastics.

\ref JBI-210807_a.093 \recid 583454160044250807 \start 0:04:52 \sp AWIJBI \tx ha suda tu maʔɲo trʊs 0pgi. \mb ha suda tu maʔ -ɲo trʊs 0- pgi \ge EXCL finish that mother -NYO continue 0- go \ft then her mother went away.

\ref JBI-210807_a.094 \recid 326530160044250807 \start 0:04:54 \sp AWIJBI \tx maʔ bjalan, bjalan, bjalan, bjalan, nmui batu bla batu btaŋkʊp. \mb maʔ b- jalan b- jalan b- jalan b- jalan n- tmu -i batu bla batu b- taŋkʊp \ge mother BA- walk BA- walk BA- walk BA- walk N- meet -I stone half stone BA- fold \ft the mother walked and walked, she came to a closed and opened rock.

\ref JBI-210807_a.095 \recid 403417160044250807 \start 0:04:59 \sp AWIJBI \tx jadi sampe di situ, batu bla batu btaŋkʊp tadi jaraʔɲo jaʊ dŋan ponᵈoʔ dio tapi nampaʔ, a. \mb jadi sampe di situ batu bla batu b- taŋkʊp tadi jaraʔ -ɲo jaʊ dŋan ponᵈoʔ dio tapi n- tampaʔ a \ge become reach LOC there stone half stone BA- fold earlier distance -NYO far with hut 3 but N- look EXCL \ft then she arrived there, the rock was far from the hut but she could see it.

\ref JBI-210807_a.096 \recid 237183160044250807 \start 0:05:06 \sp AWIJBI \tx ahɪrɲo anaʔɲo 0naeʔ k’rumah. \mb ahɪr -ɲo anaʔ -ɲo 0- naeʔ k'rumah \ge final -NYO child -NYO 0- go.up to.house \ft then, her daughter went home.

\ref JBI-210807_a.097 \recid 837920160044250807 \start 0:05:08 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘maʔ, maʔ,’ 0kato dioʔ. \mb maʔ maʔ 0- kato dioʔ \ge mother mother 0- word 3 \ft 'mom, mom,' she shouted.

\ref JBI-210807_a.098 \recid 347261160044250807 \start 0:05:10 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘daʔ mau pʊtɪ maʔ kaɪn itam tu kalu dicuci,’ to dioʔ kan. \mb daʔ mau pʊtɪ maʔ kaɪn itam tu kalu di- cuci to dioʔ kan \ge NEG want white mother cloth black that TOP DI- wash TRU.word 3 KAN \ft 'the black cloth can’t turn into white if we wash it, mom,’ she said.

\ref JBI-210807_a.099 \recid 525461160045250807 \start 0:05:13 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘kalu dibasʊ,’ to dioʔ kan. \mb kalu di- basʊ to dioʔ kan \ge TOP DI- wash TRU.word 3 KAN \ft 'if we wash,' she said. \nt from her previous utterance.

\ref JBI-210807_a.100 \recid 341151160045250807 \start 0:05:15 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘mcam mano?’ \mb mcam mano \ge sort which \ft 'so how?'

\ref JBI-210807_a.101 \recid 438381160045250807 \start 0:05:16 \sp AWIJBI \tx 0teŋoʔ maʔɲo daʔ.do lagi. \mb 0- teŋoʔ maʔ -ɲo daʔ.do lagi \ge 0- look mother -NYO NEG.exist more \ft she found her mother had gone. \nt meant to say ‘she said it outside the hut, when she entered the hut, she didn’t find her mother.’

\ref JBI-210807_a.102 \recid 187615160045250807 \start 0:05:18 \sp AWIJBI \tx rupoɲo maʔɲo suda di batu bla batu btaŋkʊp tu. \mb rupo -ɲo maʔ -ɲo suda di batu bla batu b- taŋkʊp tu \ge appearance -NYO mother -NYO finish LOC stone half stone BA- fold that \ft apparently, her mother had been in the opened and closed rock.

\ref JBI-210807_a.103 \recid 415988105538280807 \start 0:05:21 \sp AWIJBI \tx maʔɲo kakiɲotu la dimasʊʔkan sbatas btɪs ini. \mb maʔ -ɲo kaki -ɲo -tu la di- masʊʔ -kan s- batas btɪs ini \ge mother -NYO leg -NYO -TU PFCT DI- enter -KAN SA- limit calf this \ft her mother had entered her legs till her calves. \nt meant to say ‘the rock had swallowed her mother’s calves.’

\ref JBI-210807_a.104 \recid 925041105539280807 \start 0:05:24 \sp AWIJBI \tx batas btɪsko 0masʊʔ ka dalam batu bla batu btaŋkʊp tu samᵇɪl maɲaɲi. \mb batas btɪs -ko 0- masʊʔ ka dalam batu bla batu b- taŋkʊp tu samᵇɪl ma- ɲaɲi \ge limit calf -KO 0- go.in to inside stone half stone BA- fold that while N- sing \ft while singing, her calves were swallowed by the opened and closed rock.

\ref JBI-210807_a.105 \recid 289322105539280807 \start 0:05:29 \sp AWIJBI \tx ado ɲaɲiɲo. \mb ado ɲaɲi -ɲo \ge exist sing -NYO \ft there’s a song about it. \nt meant to say ‘here’s the song.’

\ref JBI-210807_a.106 \recid 553210105539280807 \start 0:05:30 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘batu bla batu btaŋkʊp, 0tlan aku sŋatan lʊtʊt.’ \mb batu bla batu b- taŋkʊp 0- tlan aku sŋat -an lʊtʊt \ge stone half stone BA- fold 0- swallow 1SG untill -AN knee \ft ‘opened and closed rock, swallow me till my knees.’

\ref JBI-210807_a.107 \recid 523933105539280807 \start 0:05:37 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘cdkʊp,’ ditaŋkapɲo di batu tadi sampe batas lʊtʊt. \mb cdkʊp di- taŋkap -ɲo di batu tadi sampe batas lʊtʊt \ge IMIT DI- catch -NYO by stone earlier reach limit knee \ft ‘crack’ the rock caught her knees.'

\ref JBI-210807_a.108 \recid 755251105539280807 \start 0:05:40 \sp AWIJBI \tx anaʔɲo nampaʔ. \mb anaʔ -ɲo n- tampaʔ \ge child -NYO N- look \ft her daughter saw it.

\ref JBI-210807_a.109 \recid 521674105539280807 \start 0:05:41 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘maʔ, maʔ 0tantɪʔ dulu.’ \mb maʔ maʔ 0- tantɪʔ dulu \ge mother mother 0- wait before \ft ‘mom, wait!’

\ref JBI-210807_a.110 \recid 595056105539280807 \start 0:05:47 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘aku lapar nasiʔ.’ \mb aku lapar nasiʔ \ge 1SG hungry cooked.rice \ft ‘I’m hungry.’

\ref JBI-210807_a.111 \recid 924455105539280807 \start 0:05:47 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘adɪʔ lapar susu.’ \mb adɪʔ lapar susu \ge younger.sibling hungry milk \ft ‘brother is thirsty.’

\ref JBI-210807_a.112 \recid 332204105540280807 \start 0:05:48 \sp AWIJBI \tx ha ditaroʔɲo di maʔ tadi nasiʔ yaŋ dibuat tadi samo susu tadi sekoʔ. \mb ha di- taroʔ -ɲo di maʔ tadi nasiʔ yaŋ di- buat tadi samo susu tadi sekoʔ \ge EXCL DI- put -NYO by mother earlier cooked.rice REL DI- make earlier with milk earlier one \ft then, her mother put a package of rice she made and a plastic of milk. \nt meant to say ‘when the rock caught her, she was holding seven packages of rice and seven plastics of milk, when her daughter told her she was hungry and her brother was thirsty, she put a package of rice she made and a plastic of milk on the ground.’

\ref JBI-210807_a.113 \recid 358028105540280807 \start 0:05:54 \sp AWIJBI \tx da tu maʔɲo 0ɲaɲi lagi. \mb da tu maʔ -ɲo 0- ɲaɲi lagi \ge finish that mother -NYO 0- sing more \ft next, her mother sang again.

\ref JBI-210807_a.114 \recid 584080105540280807 \start 0:05:57 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘batu bla batu btaŋkʊp, 0tlan aku sŋatan poho.’ \mb batu bla batu b- taŋkʊp 0- tlan aku sŋat -an poho \ge stone half stone BA- fold 0- swallow 1SG untill -AN thigh \ft ‘opened and closed rock, swallow me till my thighs.’

\ref JBI-210807_a.115 \recid 942751105540280807 \start 0:06:03 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘cdkʊp,’ dimakan lagi sampe batas poho. \mb cdkʊp di- makan lagi sampe batas poho \ge IMIT DI- eat more reach limit thigh \ft ‘crack’ the rock caught her thighs.'

\ref JBI-210807_a.116 \recid 945504105540280807 \start 0:06:07 \sp AWIJBI \tx suda tu ‘maʔ, maʔ 0tantɪʔ dulu.’ \mb suda tu maʔ maʔ 0- tantɪʔ dulu \ge finish that mother mother 0- wait before \ft then ‘mom, wait!’

\ref JBI-210807_a.117 \recid 408168105540280807 \start 0:06:10 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘aku lapar nasiʔ.’ \mb aku lapar nasiʔ \ge 1SG hungry cooked.rice \ft ‘I’m hungry.’

\ref JBI-210807_a.118 \recid 892335105540280807 \start 0:06:12 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘adɪʔ lapar susu.’ \mb adɪʔ lapar susu \ge younger.sibling hungry milk \ft ‘brother is thirsty.’

\ref JBI-210807_a.119 \recid 489266105540280807 \start 0:06:13 \sp AWIJBI \tx ha tiŋᵍalkan pulaʔ nasiʔ tadi sbʊŋkʊs, plastɪk tadi sbʊŋkʊs lagi diltaʔkan maʔɲo. \mb ha tiŋᵍal -kan pulaʔ nasiʔ tadi s- bʊŋkʊs plastɪk tadi s- bʊŋkʊs lagi di- ltaʔ -kan maʔ -ɲo \ge EXCL stay -KAN again cooked.rice earlier SA- pack plastic earlier SA- pack more DI- place -KAN mother -NYO \ft then, her mother put a package of rice and one plastic. \nt meant to say ‘when her daughter told her she was hungry and her brother was thirsty, she put a package of rice she made and a plastic of milk again on the ground.’

\ref JBI-210807_a.120 \recid 413498105540280807 \start 0:06:19 \sp AWIJBI \tx da tu maʔ 0ɲaɲi lagi. \mb da tu maʔ 0- ɲaɲi lagi \ge finish that mother 0- sing more \ft then the mother sang again.

\ref JBI-210807_a.121 \recid 468557105540280807 \start 0:06:20 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘batu bla batu btaŋkʊp, 0tlan aku sŋatan piŋᵍaŋ.’ \mb batu bla batu b- taŋkʊp 0- tlan aku sŋat -an piŋᵍaŋ \ge stone half stone BA- fold 0- swallow 1SG untill -AN waist \ft ‘opened and closed rock, swallow me till my waist.’

\ref JBI-210807_a.122 \recid 648654105540280807 \start 0:06:26 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘cadgʊp’ ditlan lagi batas piŋᵍaŋ. \mb cadgʊp di- tlan lagi batas piŋᵍaŋ \ge IMIT DI- swallow more limit waist \ft ‘crack’ it caught her waist.

\ref JBI-210807_a.123 \recid 854469105541280807 \start 0:06:29 \sp AWIJBI \tx suda tu xxx anaʔɲo 0ɲaɲi lagi. \mb suda tu xxx anaʔ -ɲo 0- ɲaɲi lagi \ge finish that xxx child -NYO 0- sing more \ft then, her daughter sang again.

\ref JBI-210807_a.124 \recid 379583105541280807 \start 0:06:32 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘maʔ, maʔ 0tuŋᵍu dulu.’ \mb maʔ maʔ 0- tuŋᵍu dulu \ge mother mother 0- wait before \ft ‘mom, wait, mom.’

\ref JBI-210807_a.125 \recid 173057105541280807 \start 0:06:34 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘aku lapar nasiʔ.’ \mb aku lapar nasiʔ \ge 1SG hungry cooked.rice \ft ‘I’m hungry.’

\ref JBI-210807_a.126 \recid 380430105541280807 \start 0:06:36 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘adɪʔ lapar susu.’ \mb adɪʔ lapar susu \ge younger.sibling hungry milk \ft ‘brother is thirsty.’

\ref JBI-210807_a.127 \recid 903586105541280807 \start 0:06:38 \sp AWIJBI \tx 0kjar lagi ke situ. \mb 0- kjar lagi ke situ \ge 0- chase more to there \ft she ran toward it. \nt meant to say ‘when the rock was swallowing the mother, her daughter was running toward the rock.’

\ref JBI-210807_a.128 \recid 596701105541280807 \start 0:06:41 \sp AWIJBI \tx ahɪrɲo trahɪr ‘maʔ’ eh ‘batu bla batu btaŋkʊp 0tlan aku sŋatan leher.’ \mb ahɪr -ɲo tr- ahɪr maʔ eh batu bla batu b- taŋkʊp 0- tlan aku sŋat -an leher \ge final -NYO TAR- final mother EH stone half stone BA- fold 0- swallow 1SG untill -AN neck \ft finally, ‘mom,’ eh ‘opened and closed rock, swallow me till my neck.’

\ref JBI-210807_a.129 \recid 673267111153280807 \start 0:06:49 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘cdkʊp’ 0tlan lagi batas leher. \mb cdkʊp 0- tlan lagi batas leher \ge IMIT 0- swallow more limit neck \ft ‘crack’ it caught her neck.

\ref JBI-210807_a.130 \recid 512710111153280807 \start 0:06:52 \sp AWIJBI \tx tiŋᵍal kpalaʔ lagi maʔɲo tadi. \mb tiŋᵍal kpalaʔ lagi maʔ -ɲo tadi \ge stay head more mother -NYO earlier \ft only her head left. \nt meant to say ‘the rock had swallowed the mother’s body but her head.’

\ref JBI-210807_a.131 \recid 232432111153280807 \start 0:06:54 \sp AWIJBI \tx anaʔɲo la nᵈaʔ hampɪr dkat. \mb anaʔ -ɲo la nᵈaʔ hampɪr dkat \ge child -NYO PFCT want almost near \ft her daughter was almost near. \nt referring to near the rock.

\ref JBI-210807_a.132 \recid 200131111154280807 \start 0:06:56 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘batu bla batu btaŋkʊp 0tlan aku sŋatan mato.’ \mb batu bla batu b- taŋkʊp 0- tlan aku sŋat -an mato \ge stone half stone BA- fold 0- swallow 1SG untill -AN eye \ft ‘opened and closed rock, swallow me till my eyes.’

\ref JBI-210807_a.133 \recid 912498111154280807 \start 0:07:05 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘cdkʊp’ 0tlan lagi sŋat mato. \mb cdkʊp 0- tlan lagi sŋat mato \ge IMIT 0- swallow more limit eye \ft ‘crack’ it caught her eyes.

\ref JBI-210807_a.134 \recid 969631111154280807 \start 0:07:06 \sp AWIJBI \tx siŋᵍo la tbnam galo sampe batas mato, tiŋᵍal kpalaʔ be lagi k’atas. \mb siŋᵍo la t- bnam galo sampe batas mato tiŋᵍal kpalaʔ be lagi k'atas \ge so.that PFCT TA- bury all reach limit eye stay head just more to.up \ft so all had been swallowed till her eyes except her head.

\ref JBI-210807_a.135 \recid 913372111154280807 \start 0:07:12 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘batu bla batu btaŋkʊp 0tlan aku sampe lpʊs.’ \mb batu bla batu b- taŋkʊp 0- tlan aku sampe lpʊs \ge stone half stone BA- fold 0- swallow 1SG reach deep \ft ‘opened and closed rock, swallow all my body.’

\ref JBI-210807_a.136 \recid 374994111154280807 \start 0:07:17 \sp AWIJBI \tx sampe lpʊs bgini tiŋᵍal rambʊtɲo k’luar. \mb sampe lpʊs bgini tiŋᵍal rambʊt -ɲo k'luar \ge reach deep like.this stay hair -NYO to.out \ft till all like this, just her hair left.

\ref JBI-210807_a.137 \recid 432481111154280807 \start 0:07:19 \sp AWIJBI \tx anaʔɲo pas di situ. \mb anaʔ -ɲo pas di situ \ge child -NYO exact LOC there \ft at that time, her daughter arrived there.

\ref JBI-210807_a.138 \recid 924055111154280807 \start 0:07:21 \sp AWIJBI \tx 0dataŋ anaʔɲo laŋsʊŋ ditaŋkapɲo rambʊt tadi. \mb 0- dataŋ anaʔ -ɲo laŋsʊŋ di- taŋkap -ɲo rambʊt tadi \ge 0- come child -NYO direct DI- catch -NYO hair earlier \ft her daughter then caught her hair.

\ref JBI-210807_a.139 \recid 818913111154280807 \start 0:07:24 \sp AWIJBI \tx 0taŋkap rambʊt di, tarɪʔɲo di maʔɲo. \mb 0- taŋkap rambʊt di tarɪʔ -ɲo di maʔ -ɲo \ge 0- catch hair earlier pull -NYO by mother -NYO \ft when she was catching it, her mother dragged it.

\ref JBI-210807_a.140 \recid 397728111154280807 \start 0:07:26 \sp AWIJBI \tx pʊtʊs rambʊt maʔɲo tadi. \mb pʊtʊs rambʊt maʔ -ɲo tadi \ge broken hair mother -NYO earlier \ft her mother’s hair was cut off.

\ref JBI-210807_a.141 \recid 935336111154280807 \start 0:07:27 \sp AWIJBI \tx maʔɲo la habɪs dimakan batu tadi. \mb maʔ -ɲo la habɪs di- makan batu tadi \ge mother -NYO PFCT finish DI- eat stone earlier \ft the rock had swallowed her mother.

\ref JBI-210807_a.142 \recid 512296111154280807 \start 0:07:30 \sp AWIJBI \tx balɪʔla dio k’rumah. \mb balɪʔ -la dio k'rumah \ge return -LA 3 to.house \ft she returned home. \nt referring to the girl.

\ref JBI-210807_a.143 \recid 470301111155280807 \start 0:07:32 \sp AWIJBI \tx sampe di rumah xx adɪʔɲo naŋis. \mb sampe di rumah xx adɪʔ -ɲo n- taŋis \ge reach LOC house xx younger.sibling -NYO N- cry \ft when she reached home, her brother cried.

\ref JBI-210807_a.144 \recid 269550111155280807 \start 0:07:34 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘ɪ maʔ kito la dimakan batu,’ toɲo kan. \mb ɪ maʔ kito la di- makan batu to -ɲo kan \ge EXCL mother 1PL PFCT DI- eat stone word -NYO KAN \ft ‘hm, the rock had eaten our mother,’ she said.

\ref JBI-210807_a.145 \recid 341415111155280807 \start 0:07:37 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘daʔ 0puɲo maʔla lagi kito.’ \mb daʔ 0- puɲo maʔ -la lagi kito \ge NEG 0- possess mother -LA more 1PL \ft ‘we don’t have a mother now.’

\ref JBI-210807_a.146 \recid 366501111156280807 \start 0:07:38 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘tula kau tadi dɪʔ, kau habɪskan tlor tadi.’ \mb tu -la kau tadi dɪʔ kau habɪs -kan tlor tadi \ge that -LA 2SG earlier TRU.younger.sibling 2SG finish -KAN egg earlier \ft ‘it’s because of you, you eat the whole egg.’

\ref JBI-210807_a.147 \recid 797303111156280807 \start 0:07:40 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘maʔ kito mrajʊʔ,’ 0kato dioʔ kan. \mb maʔ kito m- rajʊʔ 0- kato dioʔ kan \ge mother 1PL N- sulk 0- word 3 KAN \ft ‘our mother sulked,’ she said.

\ref JBI-210807_a.148 \recid 785254111156280807 \start 0:07:44 \sp AWIJBI \tx na ‘tapi biaʔ macam mano jugola adola knaŋ-knaŋan ʊntʊʔ kito, ramᵇʊt.’ \mb na tapi biaʔ macam mano jugo -la ado -la knaŋ ~ knaŋ -an ʊntʊʔ kito ramᵇʊt \ge EXCL but although sort which also -LA exist -LA remember ~ remember -AN for 1PL hair \ft well ‘but we still have something that can remind us to her, hair.’

\ref JBI-210807_a.149 \recid 788579111156280807 \start 0:07:48 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘jadi ramᵇʊt ko nᵈaʔ kakaʔ 0tanam bela,’ 0kato dioʔ kan. \mb jadi ramᵇʊt ko nᵈaʔ kakaʔ 0- tanam be -la 0- kato dioʔ kan \ge become hair this want older.sibling 0- plant just -LA 0- word 3 KAN \ft ‘so, I’ll plant this hair,’ she said.

\ref JBI-210807_a.150 \recid 861844111156280807 \start 0:07:52 \sp AWIJBI \tx digaliɲo tana. \mb di- gali -ɲo tana \ge DI- dig -NYO soil \ft she dug the ground.

\ref JBI-210807_a.151 \recid 137637111156280807 \start 0:07:54 \sp AWIJBI \tx masʊʔkanɲo ramᵇʊt tadi, 0tanam. \mb masʊʔ -kan -ɲo ramᵇʊt tadi 0- tanam \ge enter -KAN -NYO hair earlier 0- plant \ft she put the hair inside, she planted it.

\ref JBI-210807_a.152 \recid 866861111157280807 \start 0:07:56 \sp AWIJBI \tx bole agaʔ sbulan, 0tʊmᵇʊ. \mb bole agaʔ s- bulan 0- tʊmᵇʊ \ge may somewhat SA- month 0- grow \ft about a month, it grew.

\ref JBI-210807_a.153 \recid 750006111157280807 \start 0:07:58 \sp AWIJBI \tx ramᵇʊt tadi 0tʊmᵇʊ. \mb ramᵇʊt tadi 0- tʊmᵇʊ \ge hair earlier 0- grow \ft the hair grew.

\ref JBI-210807_a.154 \recid 572238111157280807 \start 0:08:00 \sp AWIJBI \tx bataŋ labu. \mb bataŋ labu \ge tree pumpkin \ft pumpkin tree. \nt meant to say ‘the hair grew and became a pumpkin tree.’

\ref JBI-210807_a.155 \recid 818981111157280807 \start 0:08:01 \sp AWIJBI \tx sbulan, duo bulan, tigo bulan, babua. \mb s- bulan duo bulan tigo bulan ba- bua \ge SA- month two month three month BA- fruit \ft a month, two months, three months, it bore fruit. \nt meant to say ‘in three months, it bore fruit.’

\ref JBI-210807_a.156 \recid 636185111157280807 \start 0:08:04 \sp AWIJBI \tx ahɪrɲo buaɲotu makɪn lamo makɪn bsaʔ. \mb ahɪr -ɲo bua -ɲo -tu makɪn lamo makɪn bsaʔ \ge final -NYO fruit -NYO -TU more long.time more big \ft finally, the fruit was bigger and bigger.

\ref JBI-210807_a.157 \recid 987612111158280807 \start 0:08:07 \sp AWIJBI \tx makɪn lamo makɪn bsaʔ bua labu taditu. \mb makɪn lamo makɪn bsaʔ bua labu tadi -tu \ge more long.time more big fruit pumpkin earlier -TU \ft the pumpkin was bigger and bigger.

\ref JBI-210807_a.158 \recid 711565111158280807 \start 0:08:09 \sp AWIJBI \tx jadi malamɲo dio[?] mimpi. \mb jadi malam -ɲo dio mimpi \ge become night -NYO 3 dream \ft at night, she dreamt.

\ref JBI-210807_a.159 \recid 690686111159280807 \start 0:08:12 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘naʔ, kalu kau nᵈaʔ ŋamᵇɪʔ labu tu 0tuŋᵍu bsaʔ nian.’ \mb naʔ kalu kau nᵈaʔ ŋ- amᵇɪʔ labu tu 0- tuŋᵍu bsaʔ nian \ge want TOP 2SG want N- take pumpkin that 0- wait big very \ft ‘honey, if you want to take the pumpkin, wait till it’s big.’

\ref JBI-210807_a.160 \recid 782803111159280807 \start 0:08:15 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘palɪŋ idaʔ sbsaʔ drʊm baru kau 0amᵇɪʔ.’ \mb palɪŋ idaʔ s- bsaʔ drʊm baru kau 0- amᵇɪʔ \ge steal NEG SA- big drum new 2SG 0- take \ft ‘you may take it if its size is at least as big as a drum.’

\ref JBI-210807_a.161 \recid 986182111200280807 \start 0:08:18 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘dan kalu kau nᵈaʔ mla labu tu, jaŋan dibla dŋan piso.’ \mb dan kalu kau nᵈaʔ m- bla labu tu jaŋan di- bla dŋan piso \ge and TOP 2SG want N- half pumpkin that do.not DI- half with knife \ft ‘and, if you want to cut the pumpkin, don’t use a knife.’

\ref JBI-210807_a.162 \recid 978667111200280807 \start 0:08:22 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘0bla dŋan smbilu.’ \mb 0- bla dŋan smbilu \ge 0- half with bamboo.blade \ft ‘cut it with a bamboo blade.’

\ref JBI-210807_a.163 \recid 678137113416280807 \start 0:08:24 \sp AWIJBI \tx na itu smbilu. \mb na itu smbilu \ge EXCL that bamboo.blade \ft so, it’s a bamboo blade.

\ref JBI-210807_a.164 \recid 461422113416280807 \start 0:08:25 \sp AWIJBI \tx jadi 0kato anaʔɲo tadi yola. \mb jadi 0- kato anaʔ -ɲo tadi yo -la \ge become 0- word child -NYO earlier yes -LA \ft so, her daughter said yes.

\ref JBI-210807_a.165 \recid 436402113416280807 \start 0:08:28 \sp AWIJBI \tx ‘apola 0maksʊt mimpi akutu btmu dŋan maʔ ɲbʊt macam itu?’ \mb apo -la 0- maksʊt mimpi aku -tu b- tmu dŋan maʔ ɲ- sbʊt macam itu \ge what -LA 0- intend dream 1SG -TU BA- meet with mother N- mention sort that \ft ‘what does my dream meeting my mother who said so mean?’

\ref JBI-210807_a.166 \recid 223095113416280807 \start 0:08:31 \sp AWIJBI \tx ahɪrɲo lamo, lamo, lamo, lamo batu tu memaŋ bsaʔ. \mb ahɪr -ɲo lamo lamo lamo lamo batu tu memaŋ bsaʔ \ge final -NYO long.time long.time long.time long.time stone that indeed big \ft finally, the rock was really big. \nt meant to say ‘eventually, the pumpkin was big.’

\ref JBI-210807_a.167 \recid 776607113416280807 \start 0:08:34 \sp AWIJBI \tx suda sbsaʔ drʊm. \mb suda s- bsaʔ drʊm \ge finish SA- big drum \ft it’d been as big as a drum.

\ref JBI-210807_a.168 \recid 359258113417280807 \start 0:08:35 \sp AWIJBI \tx diamᵇɪʔla di an(aʔ) di maʔ e di anaʔ tadi, memaŋ suda bole diamᵇɪʔ. \mb di- amᵇɪʔ -la di anaʔ di maʔ e di anaʔ tadi memaŋ suda bole di- amᵇɪʔ \ge DI- take -LA by child by mother E by child earlier indeed finish may DI- take \ft then the mother eh, the girl took it, it’s ready to be taken.

\ref JBI-210807_a.169 \recid 557864113417280807 \start 0:08:39 \sp AWIJBI \tx trʊs dibla dŋan smbilu plan-planla. \mb trʊs di- bla dŋan smbilu plan ~ plan -la \ge continue DI- half with bamboo.blade slow ~ slow -LA \ft next, she cut it with a bamboo blade.

\ref JBI-210807_a.170 \recid 431557113417280807 \start 0:08:41 \sp AWIJBI \tx skali dibukaʔ maʔ dioʔ ado di dalam labu tu rupoɲo. \mb s- kali di- bukaʔ maʔ dioʔ ado di dalam labu tu rupo -ɲo \ge SA- time DI- open mother 3 exist LOC inside pumpkin that appearance -NYO \ft when the pumpkin was opened, apparently, her mother was inside it. \nt meant to say ‘she found her mother inside the pumpkin.’

\ref JBI-210807_a.171 \recid 686815113417280807 \start 0:08:45 \sp AWIJBI \tx a jadi balɪʔ lagi dio 0dapat maʔ. \mb a jadi balɪʔ lagi dio 0- dapat maʔ \ge EXCL become return more 3 0- get mother \ft so, she found her mother.

\ref JBI-210807_a.172 \recid 511536113417280807 \start 0:08:47 \sp AWIJBI \tx itula crito batu bla batu btaŋkʊp. \mb itu -la crito batu bla batu b- taŋkʊp \ge that -LA story stone half stone BA- fold \ft so, that’s the story of opened and closed rock.

\ref JBI-210807_a.173 \recid 298881113417280807 \start 0:08:50 \sp AWIJBI \tx itu crito anaʔ-anaʔ a. \mb itu crito anaʔ ~ anaʔ a \ge that story child ~ child A \ft it’s a child story.

\ref JBI-210807_a.174 \recid 100812113417280807 \start 0:08:54 \sp XXX \tx xxx. \mb xxx \ge xxx \ft xxx.

\ref JBI-210807_a.175 \recid 249978113417280807 \start 0:08:58 \sp AWIJBI \tx dah. \mb dah \ge TRU.finish \ft finish.


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