playing bowling in CHI's grandma's house.
playing and watching TV in the bedroom before bed time.
CHI, with the help of EXPLIA, is doing some working sheets.
playing some balloons at the terrace in CHI's great grandma's house.
making rum chocolate balls on the kitchen floor.
playing and learning together in the living room at CHI's house in the morning.
drawing in front of the TV.
learning to read words in a kid's magazine and coloring some pictures with watercolor in the living room in CHI's house.
cutting colored paper and creating pictures with it, then playing cards.
cooking some food in the kitchen and telling some stories in CHI's bedroom in CHI's house.
playing with bubbles and then decorating donuts, and at the end of the session, chatting in the bedroom.
playing a tent and selling and buying things in a room upstairs in CHI's house.
CHI is looking at the photo album of the open house. then, she is making flowers out of candies and color paper, together with EXPWID and then her two sisters: VEN and GAV are joining in.
playing some Play-Doh, pretending to make some cookies in CHI's bed room.
CHI is having breakfast before learning to write numbers, and then the neighbors come, and when they go home, CHI watches Teletubbies.
daily situation when all members of the family gather in the living room.
washing a motorcycle with HENLAR in front of the house and playing 'shopping' in the living room.
playing in the house.
chatting, playing blocks, and watching TV in the living room at CHI's house in the morning.
making a paper craft and then CHI is bored and playing monopoly with EXPWID and her sister VENLAR.