talking about pictures of animals in some books and playing a set of toy bowling in the living room at CHITIM's house in the morning.
coloring and counting.
reading a storybook, drawing and coloring.
playing farm set and drawing in CHI's the living room in the evening.
CHI is making a picture frame and inserting one of his pictures there, with the help of MOTTIM and EXPLIA
playing with a ring toss, and then playing with Lego.
making chocolate balls out of biscuits, butter, chocolate and chocolate sprinkles.
EXPWID and MOTTIM are drawing some animals using the characters from a set of domino cards as examples. CHI is coloring the drawings with spidols.
playing with a puzzle whose is picture is about the Power Rangers standing together.
CHI is playing a robot in the living room.
playing some toys and eating some cakes in the living room in CHI's house.
making some sausage brochette in the living room in CHI's house.
playing a mini piano and then car and train toys in the living room.
playing a set of Lego in the living room in CHI's house.
playing with some toys, and drawing pictures on papers with crayons in the living room at CHI's house.
playing Play-Doh in the living room with a cutting board and some tin molds to shape cookies.
playing a toy motorcycle and blocks in the living room in CHI's house.
CHI is playing golf with his father and then he is playing with EXPWID.
chatting, doing some drawings with crayons, and playing play-dough in the living room at CHI's house in the morning.
playing a toy basket ball in CHI's bedroom in his house.


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