playing at CHIRIS' house. HANRIS is playing with the toy track together with RAZRIS, while CHIRIS is playing with the cooking set together with MARRIS. But sometimes they play together.
drawing at CHIRIS' house.
EXPDIN bringing some bread, jam and some tin molds. They're shaping bread with the molds.
playing Play-Doh at CHIRIS' house.
playing with a bedroom set consisting of a bunk bed with the blankets and the matresses, two boocases, a table, two chairs, and two dolls at CHI's house.
playing with alphabets, Barbies, and a dinner set at CHI's house.
playing with medical set at CHI's house.
playing with a set of quartet cards and puzzle at CHIRIS' house.
playing Play-Doh at ELARIS' house. EXPDIN is having sniffles.
playing with toy clock puzzle, toy tools, and toy beauty salon set at CHIRIS' house.
CHIRIS, MARRIS and HANRIS are playing cards and reading story books in the living room, while JIAPIT and MOTRIS are talking about JIAPIT extra-uterine pregnancy some years ago at the terrace. IN the middle of the recording, JIAPIT and MOTRIS joining the children.
playing golf and quartet game card at CHIRIS' house.
playing at CHI's house with a snail, Lego, and furniture set consisting of several furnitures and a doll.
CHI and her family are playing in CHI's aunt's house.
playing ringtoss at CHIRIS' house.
CHI and HAN are playing basketball in a small yard next to the house. CHI is trying to put the ball in the basket ring by standing on the chair.
playing at CHIRIS' house.
playing Barbie dolls at CHIRIS' house. Actually Barbie is a name of doll, but children say 'Barbie' to refer to k.o. of doll and usually give another name to it.
playing with a cotton farm house consisting a stable, several fences and several animals.
playing Monopoly and puppets at CHIRIS' house.


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