Middle Indonesia - Pontianak

Percakapan pada sore hari di kebun belakang rumah Fitri
a conversation talking about NGO activity for childs
Percakapan di rumah kediaman Ida Rosanti dan Firmansyah Ruddin, Jl. Khatulistiwa Gg. Famili Pontianak, pada hari Minggu pagi tanggal 13 April 2008.
a conversation in my room, talking about his brother and his experience when junior high school in Ella.
talking about school, language,etnicity, etc.
talking about baunch flower and the new house.
having a conversation in front of home, ttalking about them law body of education (BHP) in Indonesia.
a conversation in a living room, talking about Jendol's family.
a story conversation of nelly who was asking to matchmaker to sensen
a conversation in my room, talking about Ayu's study and her activities
having a conversation in STAIN Pontianak; talking about study and management of Lembaga Pendidikan Insan Cerdas Kalimantan Barat.
having a conversation in the living room; talking about his life.
having a conversation in the living roo; talking about Mr. Trisulo' live, daily and his tought.
a conversation in a dormitory, talking about Euro cup and Domo's work experience.
a conversation in the living room, taking about Neneng's experience when she was a dencer.
talking about servant
A conversation in Korem park area, talking about his family and when he came for the first time and working in Pontianak.
Aa conversation in a café talking about Very's experiences in MLM
a conversation in a café talking about Very and Muastaqim for joining in a music band.
a conversation in the afternoon, talking about Merry's activities and her friends.


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