FZA introduces herself and speaks about language in her family and at school, about her family, home and farm work. FZA speaks about christmas and christmas traditions, presents, church, traditional clothing, and about children's games in winter. FZA and FZK talk about hancraft, sewing, spinning and weaving. FZA and FZK talk about working in the woods. They speak about mythical creatures, helping dwarfs (lutki), helping dragon (plon), bogeyman, water sprite, lady midday. FZK speaks about his childhood, family, school, language at home and at school. He proceeds to speak about his life and career. FZK talks about farm work and cattle. FZK speaks about his childhood and pranks, about christmas traditions, family and godparents. FZK speaks about his youth, visiting other villages and dancing. FZK speaks about his old school and a choir he was a member of. FZK talks about different craftsmen in his village. Then the topic changes to trees and their use. FZK speaks about their small garden. FZA proceeds to speak about a traditional recipe for vegetables, 'wobarica'.