Local contacts

March 13, 2015 A short introduction into Akie_fire_making happening in the Secretary to Council's office, University of Dar es Salaam. Nd. Nguyaki explaining/performing and Prof. Kabudi watching/listening
Demonstration of traditional Akie fire making
Pictures, Grandma Tiyango
Grandma Tiyango was one of the best Akie speakers and a guardian of Akie culture and traditions. She past away in 2015.
Bahati explains how honey is harvested, and other useful things to know about honey
Harvesting honey
Some pictures of those few who were originally identified by L. Ole-Wanga, recently visited in December 2015 by O-W and P. Mkwan'hembo who took this and other pictures
Pictures of Akie resource persons
Pictures of Akie resource persons


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