DOBES-Archive for the Movima Language

The archive has been created by the DOBES-project for the documentation of the Movima language together with the Movima People of Santa Ana del Yacuma, Bolivia. This corpus, which is still under construction, contains data of the Movima language and culture of lowland Bolivia collected since 2001.

More information on the language and the project can be found at our website: DoBeS - Movima.

Copyright note

The materials deposited in this archive have been provided by speakers of Movima subject to the condition that it is for non-commercial use only. There can be no further use of this material without the permission of the current curator of the archive.

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What to expect in this corpus

The corpus is organized according to text type (e.g. "dialogue", "narrative") and content of the texts.

Data collected between 2001 and 2004 are audio data recorded on minidisc by Katharina Haude. They were transcribed and translated into Spanish in collaboration with Eligardo Chirimani. English translations were created subsequently. The files can be recognized by their names, which are largely content-based and usually in Spanish (e.g. "El loro").

Data collected from 2006 onwards are mostly video-filmed. Most were collected by Silke A. Beuse and Katharina Haude together. These data can be recognized from having acronyms and dates as their labels, e.g. EAO_120906. Most of these are not yet transcribed and translated.

The session and content descriptions were for the most part (those of 2006 and the following years) created by Caroline Cordero-d'A.

Archive Structure and Data-retrieval

There are several ways to find data in the corpus. First, you can browse the corpus by clicking on the nodes on the left, this will gradually unfold the structure of the archive (a short introduction can be found here).

Furthermore, you can search the metadata or the annotations with two different tools by right-clicking on a node in the corpus. You can use the IMDI-metadata-search to search e.g. by speaker or genre (IMDI-intro) or you can search for words or phrases with the annotation content search (ANNEX)


Most of the corpus is opened up on level 2, i.e., accessible after initial registration. At present, two files are fully open and do not require registration:

ERM_090706 (descriptions)

NCO_280706 (cultural life)


Feedback is welcome and should be directed to: (Katharina Haude) (Silke A. Beuse)

Date: 17-03-2009