Permic Varieties

This archive includes linguistic and ethnographic data on the endangered Iźva dialect of Komi-Zyrian, spoken in the northwestern-most region of Russia (Murmansk Region) on the Kola Peninsula. Komi-Zyrian belongs to the Permic group of the Uralic language family. Today there are probably less than 400 speakers of Komi-Iźva on the Kola Peninsula who actively use their language.
This repository includes the corpus materials collected and annotated by the project Ob-Ugric Database (
This corpus has been created in a language documentation project Iźva Komi Documentation Project: Building an annotated digital corpus for future research on Komi speech communities in northernmost Russia. The work was funded by Kone Foundation. The project was led by Rogier Blokland, Michael Rießler and Marina Fedina, and the team members were Vasily Chuprov, Maria Fedina, Dmitry Levchenko and Niko Partanen. A community edition of these materials is also available at website. All sessions contain an ELAN file and multimedia file(s) that have a matching filename. These files are associated with the ELAN file in question, and should be accessed if the intent is to use the...
This is dataset collected by Niko Partanen while he was living in Syktyvkar during the winter 2011-2012. The corpus is closed as it is composed from sociolinguistic interviews which often contain personal narratives and experiences. Some parts have been transcribed as they contain interesting and not overly sensitive narratives and stories. The data is intended for studies of sociolinguistic vitality of Komi.
This corpus node contains data collected or digitalized within project Down River Vashka. For more information, see node 001 Introduction : Водзкыв., Тайӧ корпусын материаль коді чукӧртчӧма "Вашка ю кузя коми кывйӧн" проектын. Унджык тӧдӧмлун вылӧ видзӧд 001 Introduction : Водзкыв.


Kannisto & Liimola (KL), Munkácsi, Bernát (MU), Csepregi, Márta (CS), Karvovskaja, Elena, Blokland, Rogier, Kayukova & Schön (AZ), Chernetsov, V. (CH), Michael Rießler, Schön, Zsófia (ZS), Paasonen (PA), Luima Seripos (LS), Sosa, Sachiko (SH), Kerezsi, Ágnes (KE), Rießler, Michael, and Rombandeeva (RO) (1902 - 2016). Collection "Permic Varieties". The Language Archive. (Accessed 2024-05-24)

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