Catalogue of field recordings made in 2009
Audio recording of SZCDV090723_1 and SZCDV090723_2
Conversation, including a discussion on wild gingers (SZCAF090723_01)
Audio recordings of SZCDV090726_1 and SZCDV090726_2. Discussion on Kelantan
Audio recording of SZCDV090727_1 (Discussing negative forces in the forest), SZCDV090727_2 (Dressing hair), and SZCDV090727_3 (History of settlement at Jenagor).
Audio recording of SZCDV090728_1—SZCDV090728_3. Playing Jew's Harp
Audio recordings of SZCDV090730_1—SZCDV090730_3
Durian harvest
Durian harvest
Processing rattan
Talking about language


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