The corpus consists of documenting cultural events of Noon people. This is a collection of materials for archiving. It includes audios, videos, images, docs files, Elan files., This is a collection of materials. It contains narratives, interviews, performances and ceremonies about divination and "mbilim ", The corpus is composed of two cultural aspects of the noon people: a) Divination Divination is called "pay'" or "payaa" in noon. It is a ritual for the Noon people through which they pray God to intercede for them. It is practiced to prevent some bad events that were supposed to occur. Additionally, divination is practiced in order to protect all the...
Pascal Dethie describes the days of the week in noon and gives their meanings
Pascal Dethié describes the days of the week of noon and gives their meanings.This corpus can to learn the days of the week in noon
This corpus contains folktales in noon
This corpus is a description of a plant
This corpus is about riddles and answers
This corpus a narrative on how the noon language is endangered by not being used by its speakers


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