Nsambaan is a Bantu language of B80, the Tiene-Yans group in Guthrie’s classification, B85F in Maho (2009). In his earlier work on this language, Adiate Mfum Ekong (1979) considers ‘Ntsambaan’ as a variety of Yans (B85). Following our recent field surveys, the Nsambaan language is spoken in the south-western part of the DR Congo (Bandundu Province) in about twenty villages of the Nkara sector (S4.50°, E18.90°). The official number of speakers is not very well known, but according to the sources of the health services operating there and according to the latest population census of 2013, all Nsambaan of the Mayala health area, where the greatest part of the population lives, are 15,600...


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