Nsambaan, Nsong and Ngong

Documentation of Cultural Heritage in Three Endangered Bantu languages of the Kwilu (DRC): Nsambaan, Nsong and Ngong. Nsambaan [/], Nsong [soo], and Ngong [noq] are three closely related Bantu languages spoken in the vicinity of Kikwit Town (5°2'S 18°48'E, Kwilu district, Bandundu Province, DRC). Due to increasing urbanisation and growing popularity of Kikongo and Lingala, the survival of these rural languages is severely endangered. This project builds on a pilot PhD study which focused on the names and popular uses of animals, plants and mushrooms in five Bantu languages of the Kwilu, of which the two most endangered will be further documented here, i.e. Nsong and Ngong. The...


Joseph Koni Muluwa, Crispin Ngulu Kibiakam, Gabriel Kazika Nduku, and Jacques Nkiene Musinga (2007 - 2015). Collection "Nsambaan, Nsong and Ngong". The Language Archive. https://hdl.handle.net/1839/3717c269-4634-4dbb-9052-ddd826cc1415. (Accessed 2024-07-25)

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