This song is a mixture of information, it describes how a person could pass information to his children or telling them all that have happened in his lifetime, experiences and how they should carry on with their lives., mixed song
This is song is generally talking about the presence of delicious food in royal families of which if a person would want to enjoy he/she go there.
This song is generally talking about gift of cows to traditional musicians from the high profiles leaders.
not annotated: repetition of song in GarangDeng_12APR10_part1_chunk12_991to1101p5
This song is generally talking about how best is traditional music
not annotated: repetition of song in GarangDeng_12APR10_part1_chunk14_1211p5to1286p4
This song is elaborating on colourful bull which motivates singing for a singer. The singer associate himself with other important singers in Kongor Community., ox song
not annotated: repetition of song in GarangDeng_12APR10_part1_chunk16_1359p4to1469p4, ox song
This song is taking about land occupation and ownership and finally about being poor., song for the land
not annotated: repetition of song in GarangDeng_12APR10_part1_chunk18_1580p4to1728, song for the land
In spoken words, man knows his content., ox song
repetition of song in GarangDeng_12APR10_part1_chunk2_49to168, ox song
This song speaks of how important is the secret keeping between individuals and its expresses how poor was a singer though Dinka people do not openly discuss their richness status., ox song
repetition of song in GarangDeng_12APR10_part1_chunk4_282to392p7, ox song
This song is praising three girls who smeared singer’s jingle bell hanger and other people who brought to him some gifts for decorating his bull., praising song
not annotated: repetition of song in GarangDeng_12APR10_part1_chunk6_502p7to561p5, praising song
This song is a mixture of information, it describes how people should live on the earth, searching for cows, importance of musical gifts and many other things., mixed song
not annotated: repetition of song in GarangDeng_12APR10_part1_chunk8_613p9to714p9, mixed song
In this song, Garang describes his ox Magak like a black bird with white collar in the neck. If his songs come to his mind in the night he sings whispering like a woman singing to motivate her child. The god of my mother turned to be the one giving me songs in the night. I sung to god asking him to keep me alive until I die in old aging. I went to cattle camp to sing for the lady which is the motivating factor for singing. My music will give me wife in the future. My music shall give me cows and a wife as well. My tassels were kept by Achol Ayiei Thiong and returned them to me in the next hour and rushed for singing. I don’t take somebody’s gift and failed to thank him. The cattle camp I sung for do not sleep wanting to listen to my songs. All people are more than me when it comes to height but I am more than them when comes music. Songs are much better than job in the state. By this time people have no respect; others badly approach their in-laws without knowing that they are important for them., ox song
Garang Deng describes his ox as an angel that forced him to sing telling mixed ideas (false and true words). With his good singing, ladies provide him with many tassels and other tradition musical equipment. We sung collectively with Agutyaar Deng Chol and Garang Bul. Girls saw me and laughed, heheyeei, is that the man people talk about? He is very small and short. ( in this expression, many Dinka people appreciate being tall or big as better category for a good man) We do sing so that the girl of our age could listen. My songs give me cows and tobacco. I have composed many songs, listeners enjoy my singing, and others testify that there are many more songs coming. I keep quiet because my belongings are taken away by somebody from Nuer. I wonder whether Aguer Panyang ( Aguer was a relief coordinator in the area) got this news. Garang would want him to compensate his lost items. The SPLA is led by someone who has a gift of leadership like John Garang to whom all people are satisfied by his work. I greet all leaders of the SPLA. We shall fight this fight with good and courageous hearts. We have five Garangs ( Garang de Mabior-leader of SPLA, Garang Anyieth-leader of the Church, Garang Akok-planes shutter, Garang Chol Bul-the musician and myself) who do a fantastic job in the movement., mixed songs


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