This song a prayer to God that all people with political hidden agenda shall be carried away by the wind like a dust.
This song is all about the delaying caused by the national civil war instead of development and growth in the country. Its blames the killing of Dr. John Garang who was among the key people who want to bring light to the people in the south.
This song is all about the elections and rights to vote. This song is discouraging physical fight instead.
This song expresses that politics is good in development but very bad when it comes to destruction.
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This song expresses that people differ in heart just like horns of the cows. Horns of cattle grow to different directions but the fact remains that they are cows.
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This song was composed at performance to praise Simon Yak & Peter Malek who connected the singer with Angela, the white lady who was present in Juba for a training session.
This song is directed to politicians and all members of the SPLM as a party to remain faithful to the party and its objectives and directions.
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This song is talking about the death of Dr. John Garang, the founder of the SPLA/M; his death was total disappointment to all citizens in the southern part of Sudan.
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This song talks about the Dinka Cattle which were taken by internal cattle raiders in the time of civil war within the nation. It expresses that cows are the core of tribal conflicts especially in the southern communities.
This song largely discusses the fact about leadership that almost all people wanted to lead in the country. And that is why there is too much political tension among the people.
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This song generally addresses the presence of hatred among the people that we should not live a hypocrite life among ourselves. This required special atonement within our heart through dedicating cows to throw it away from the Sudan.
This ox drum song is a type of song preliminary sung by group of men in a large circle and girls come and throw a handkerchief made of goat skin on a shoulder of a man they know best to become later their dancer when time of dancing comes (each man has two or three girls to dance with and such dancing is called agar by Rek group). So in this song the singer Deng Fanan is praising his beautiful ox which is very white like white garment found in the urban (geeu). This ox is as worthy as something bought by twenty five Sudanese Pounds (those days something bought by such amount was very expensive) which is an indication his white ox was like a white elephant tusk wears in arm which was also very expensive. In the middle of this (ox) song the singer praises his lover Akon Akol who turns to be his relative because they (the singer and Akon) belong to the same clan and could make their marriage difficult. [BR and then, presumably from about 154 secs:] Also the singer sings a political song on prophecy of Dinka prophets Ariath Makuei, Cyer Deng Thiapduok and Ajingdit and Ngun Deng the prophet from Nuer tribe who already prophesied the issue of the current struggle led by SPLA headed by John Garang. The able movement that proved wrong that a black man cannot tell truth. The singer thinks that some have enslaved, poor and evil hearted because they do not want to change and those refusing to share power as selfish people. The (singer) says that you (those in the power) who think the black man do not tell truth, but you will be surprised today.
Brief summary of contents of the song: Deng sings about how regional governance was introduced in South Sudan in 1983. The thinks governors and their subordinates in Upper Nile, Bahr el Ghazal and Juba Regions were very happy to the introduction of the regional governance system. He wonders who will start to complain against the north (The North Sudan where presidents Jaffer Mohamed Numeiry came from). Deng Fanan think it was a trick like what lion did to monkey and fox who brought him (lion) out from water in the river when he was almost drowning. Monkey and fox thought that they helped lion because he was their maternal uncle. So lion turned out be eater of both. So, Deng Fanan thinks Numeiry divided the South into three regions not because of good will but to weaken the South which was very strong when it was one region.