The singer appreciating themselves/their clan that they are brave. The were like their grandfathers. They are always in front line. He added that If your father is not well known you will be like him, but for them they are from well known clan.
The singer is talking about himself for having a gun and afraid of nothings. Also he thanking Dr. John Garang for brought guns to his people.
He praises Manyiel ë Diing the man who makes traditional tools for cultivation. He compare Manyiel’s experience/skills with a white man and said, ‘that the white man can create a human being but he only failed to give him soul. He also said the cultivation is the pen of Jieng, through cultivation you can buy cows for marriage. A hard worker can not failed. He also said because of his hard working he gain many cows.
The singer praises his ox (Mading), which he bought by his hard working. He is a man of strong hearted. He depend on himself. He appreciated his friend Agiing.
The singer praises his ox (Mading). He compare his ox with elephant he bought it with his hard working. He also said ‘the heart is the fuel of body’ which make the body move. He also said the man can been known by his hand work/what him made. If you have no sister to get cows from her marriage you have to work hard so that you can buy cows.
He praises his cow Diing with a beautiful horns. He bought it through hard working. The cows reward your hard work. he compare the straighten of his cow’s horn (Diing) like scorpion tail.
He blame his father for moving to other place with his sister, so that he can not benefit from her marriage cows. But he do not care because he is a hard worker. He depend on his hard work.
First part he praised himself as a hard worker, and whatever he did is always perfect i.e. in cultivation he gain a good harvest. He mentioned that farm rewarded the needs of the owner. Through his hard work he bought a cow (diing – brown and white colour). In second part he praises Diing (Ageer dialect) or Agueer in others dinka dialect. Diing is a fish resemble snake. Diing colour is like his cow’s colour which is a rare fish to be find and people are always afraid for fishing it . The fishermen are always beware in a place where this type of fish are found because it has a sharp horn. It is a nice and has a big brighten scale like a silver. He praise that Madiing/Diing (white and red cow) is red as a sacrifice bull. It is a delicious fish. It can be eaten to the bones like what eaten up by the vulture. Third part: is about his cow, that he wasn’t inherited Madiing from his father, it is his own cow he got it through hard working. Fourth part: is about unity of Dink people. This song was sung during the post-war in South. That SPLA are their brothers not to spy on them or not to show their place to Arabs. In addition to that he reminded the people that singers are like lawyers, they can not be left behind but taken along to resolve conflict, they always lead. He also praises his clan and Mabeek youth that no one stand against him, they are Anei’s sons
They are strong men. They are going to fight Arabs. What they are doing now will be as a proverbs for the coming generation. They are not like before they have strong guns which they can fight with.