The singer praises her bull ‘bil’ (black with white on side). She sings that her heart is beating whenever she travels to Renk (she is worried that her bil may be stolen in her absence). Bil is a remarkable bull. When it grazes at the riverbank near Maluth, everybody looks at it. Bil’s voice shakes the area. “I am lucky to have bil. People admire our bulls. We are the best in the dancing place. The bulls of Arial’s daughter are the best (Arial is the name of her husband’s clan)., duat / ox song
The singer praises her husband’s clan, which is called Agueer. They are well-known throughout the Ageer area. They are friendly and respectable people. The Agueer clan have many cows. She proudly says: “Nobody is as well-educated in the area as the young men of the Agueer clan.” She adds that a young man of the Agueer clan is going to marry a daughter of Kueeth clan. They will pay many cows. All types of drinks are available in the camp. The camel is loaded to bring stuff for the ceremony. Finally she thanks the driver for being good with them - she says “Good words are like sweet durra cane.”, duaat ë thiëëk / wedding song


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