DoBeS-Archive for Kola Sámi, Russian Federation

The Kola Sámi Archive is under creation by the Kola Sámi Documentation Project (KSDP) for the languages Akkala, Kildin, Skolt and Ter Sámi spoken (or once spoken) on the Kola peninsula in northwestern Russia and adjacent areas in Norway and Finland. The archive is open for all written or multimedia materials relating to Kola Sámi culture, language and history. If you are interested in depositing materials, please contact the archive curator.

KSDP and the present archive originate from a DoBeS-Project funded between 2005–2011. The team consisted of Michael Rießler (MR), Elisabeth Scheller (ES), Kristina Kotcheva (KK), Svetlana Danilova (SSD), Nina Sharshina (NSS), Ganna Vinogradova (GAV), Nadezhda Zolotuchina (NAZ), Anna Afanasyeva (AA), Elena Karvovskaya (EK), Evgeniya Zhivotova (EZ), Anja Behnke (AB), Joshua Wilbur (JB), Andrey Dubovcev (AD) and Jurij Kusmenko (JK).

Additionally, the archive hosts relevant materials donated by other people or projects. Currently, KSDP is continued by Michael Rießler, who is also the curator of the archive.

More information on the Kola Sámi languages and the project work can be found at the project website.

Copyright note

The audio-visuell data deposited in this archive have been recorded with Sámi people to the condition that it is for non-commercial purposes only. There can be no use or public dissemination of this material without the permission of the current curator of the archive, except for a few sample data files with free access. See also the DoBeS-Website for ethical and legal aspects.

When quoting from or referring to recordings, annotations or other unpublished data stored here, please refer to all actors (annotators, authors, collectors, consultants, etc.), the session title and the titel and affiliation of the archive, like in the following example

Nina Afanas'eva (consultant), Svetlana Danilova (annotator) and Michael Rießler (annotator, collector, depositor) "KIL091212Reindeer", in: Kola Saami Documentation Project, DoBeS-Archive, MPI Nijmegen, 2005+

and followed by the url to this source.

Recordings stored in the archive

The audio-visuell data contained in this documentation and the levels of their annotation are very heterogeneous. The recordings range from grammatical and lexical elicitations to recordings of conversations, narratives, stories, songs or procedural and cultural events. Most annotations consist of raw orthographic transcriptions and translations into Russian. So far, only a few recordings have been annotated further.

Archive structure and data-retrieval

There are several ways to find data in the corpus. First, you can browse the corpus by clicking on the small circles or by double-clicking the names on the left hand side. This will gradually unfold the structure of the archive. Below you find a simplified (uncomplete) schematic overview of our archive structure:

  • Commentary
  • Misc. data
  • Pictures
  • Recordings
    • History
    • Language
      • external
      • KSDP
        • Akkala
        • Kildin
        • Skolt
        • Ter
  • Studies
  • Teaching materials

Furthermore, you can search the metadata or the annotations with two different tools. If you click on an item with the right mouse button (or control-click with a single button Mac mouse), you will get a contextual menu with additional functionality, depending on what kind of item you have selected: Among others, you can use the IMDI metadata search to browse e.g. by speaker or genre or you can search for words or phrases with the annotation content search ANNEX.
A short introduction how to browse the whole DoBeS archive can be found here.


The access to metadata is open. Also teaching materials and unpublished studies have open access. This is true even for some sample recordings, links to which can also be found at the DoBeS-Projects' website. However, to access other resources you may have to ask for permissions. In order to do so, please consult the Access-page in our archive.


If you encounter problems or notice errors or inconsistencies while browsing the corpus, please contact KSDP.

Please note that only browsers newer than Netscape 4.7 are supported. If you don't see a tree on the left side of the page you may try our old version of the IMDI browser. For displaying the tree on the left side you need to have Java (J2SE) installed.