b Elicited

Participant was asked to translate utterances of "Elicitation Taa (Survey)" from English into his variety of Taa. Recorded by CN. Cf. fieldnotes CN 08B:27-50.
Elicitation Tones (Taa of Bere)
Elicitation Lexicon (Taa of Bere): Mammals (using Carruthers: The Wildlife of Southern Africa)
Elicitation Lexicon (Taa of Bere): Birds (using Ian Sinclair: Birds of Southern Africa, Field Guide)
Elicitation Lexicon (Taa of Bere): Reptiles - Snakes and legless lizards/skinks (using Bill Branch: Snakes and other reptiles of Southern Africa, plates 3 through 53)


Christfried Naumann (2008 - 2009). Item "b Elicited" in collection "Taa". The Language Archive. https://hdl.handle.net/1839/00-0000-0000-0017-D5E0-C. (Accessed 2024-07-24)

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