Historical and cultural narratives

LM shows how to produce foot decorations worn by male dancers
LM explains (in the direction of AC) what he is doing.
LM shows how to produce a bufees (stick with palm leaf ornaments as a little fetish)
LM shows Tida how to weave the female dancer's foot decoration from palm leaves.
CS explains briefly what he knows about the connection that is supposed to exist between a well in Djibonker and a well in Jegui. It is said to be used for communication between the (quite distant) villages.
Some names of stars and the moon and their significance for agriculture is given by CS.
Some animal calls bring bad omen to the village or the one who hears them, in this brief narrative CS gives some example of ominous calls.
JBS talks about the history of Djibonker and the Bainounk
JBS talks about traditions, the Bainounk languages and zombies
JHS describes the major funerary rites as practices traditionally in Djibonker. The account is almost monological, LM occasionally poses questions for clarification.
JHS relates the restrictions a widow had to suffer in the past.
JHS describes how the dead are mourned traditionally.
AB relates what he knows about the history of Djibonker and the history of the Bainounk
JHS explains the major events connected to marriage, before and after the wedding according to the traditions of Djibonker.
JHS explains in monological fashion, LM occasionally poses questions.
JHS talks about aspects of religious worship in Djibonker
AJB explains how children used to be educated and also tells anecdotes about what traditional medicine could achieve in the past.
AJB explains the ceremonies around the event called "taking the leaves", performed with infants.
LM does some moderation, JHS does most of the talking in the beginning, EBS joins in later and it develops more into a conversation.
Interview about the types of rice and its cultivation.
Interview about the types of rice and its cultivation.
Description of the cut and assembled video clips showing the process of fishing and preparing the caught fish by LM.


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