Komnzo [kˈʚ̆mndzɔː] is a member of the Yam language family (formely: Morehead Upper-Maro) spoken by around 200 people in the village of Rouku. Komnzo is the eastern-most variety of the Tonda subgroup. The current edition of Ethnologue classifies Komnzo as a dialect of Wára (iso-code: tci) together with Anta and Wèré. Although lexical comparison confirms this assumption, there are marked differences in both lexicon and morphological forms between Komnzo and the neighboring varieties. Further research is needed to verify this classifiation. The linguistic ideology of the Morehead Region emphasizes the connection between place and language and fosters a high emblematicity small linguistic...
These legacy recordings have multiple languages so are not placed under the language-specific corpus nodes above.


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