On these photos you can see: - fishing salmon with a net on a small lake - cleaning freshly caught salmon - housing in a fishing camp - reindeer herd in a tundra area - reindeer herder watching the herd leaning on his walking stick
These photos were taken on Kamchatka during NA and BP's fieldwork. They show two most important activities of Kamchatkan Evens: fishing and reindeer herding. The photos illustrating fishing were taken at the fishing camp Managich (see session Solodikov_AN_Managich). The photos from the reindeer herd were taken in the herd of Anatolij Adanasievich Solodikov (whom you can see on the photo 308_anton_herding_stand)


Brigitte Pakendorf (2009). Item "Pictures" in collection "Even". The Language Archive. (Accessed 2024-06-23)

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