These two booklets were destined for use in kindergartens and schools in Sebjan-Küöl and the Bystraja district of Kamchatka. They contain fairy tales and a little personal story about the importance of protecting animal young that were recorded during the project. They comprise the Even original in the Cyrillic orthography in use in the two locations, with a line-by-line Russian translation. The booklet intended for Sebjan-Küöl starts off with the tales recorded there and continues with the tales recorded in Kamchatka, while the order of tales is inverse in the booklet intended for Kamchatka. We included the Even original of all tales in the Sebjan-Küöl booklet, since at least some children there still know the language, and they are furthermore familiar with the standard Even taught at school, which is based on an eastern dialect. In contrast, we did not include the Even original for the tales recorded in Sebjan-Küöl in the booklet sent to Kamchatka, since the Lamunkhin dialect differs considerably from the Bystraja dialect the children – who do not speak Even anymore – may have heard from grandparents or in school. In Sebjan-Küöl we asked local schoolchildren to draw pictures illustrating the tales, and further images were produced by Marieke Schreiber at the multimedia department of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology (MPI-EVA) in Leipzig, Germany. The booklets were produced at MPI-EVA in 2012-2013, with the substantial assistance of Evgeniya Zhivotova for the transliteration of the texts and Marieke Schreiber and Sylvio Tüpke of the multimedia department for several images, the layout, and the printing.
This Toolbox database contains an interdialectal dictionary of Even reindeer herding terminology. The data were collected by Brigitte Pakendorf, Alexandra Lavrillier and Natalia Aralova in Sebjan-Küöl, Topolinoe and the Bystraja district of Kamchatka between 2009 and 2011. The data was processed and organized into a Toolbox database by Brigitte Pakendorf, Natalia Aralova, Evgenija Zhivotova, Luise Zippel and Katharina Gernet. For the majority of the data points, we specified the speakers who provided the information and from whom the recording was made. Despite the considerable effort put into preparation of the database, there are still some unanswered questions, missing data and discrepancies in the sources of the data. But we believe that even in its current shape this database contains information that will be of interest to linguists, anthropologists, Even teachers and the language community. The starting point for our glossary was the work of Dutkin (1990). We asked for the translation of Russian terms in every field site from a number of speakers. In order to use the database, one needs to download and install the program Field Linguist’s Toolbox ( To be able to open the database within Toolbox, one needs to unpack the zip-Archived folder with the project, then open the folder “Settings” and click on Toolbox Project.prj. For all the terms, except for the colors, the entries are given in Russian and translated into three Even dialects. The dialectal remarks are in Russian: Кам. (Kamchatka), Себ. (Sebjan-Küöl) and Топ. (Topolinoe). We also provided the lexeme in Standard Even (лит. in Russian for literary Even). There are 14 semantic fields, which are provided in Russian under the marker “\field” for every entry. Under the marker “\media” one finds references to the pictures and videos, which are however not linked and cannot be automatically opened. These media files are archived in the folders “images_unlinked” and “video_unlinked”. For the reindeer color terms, the lexical entries are organized in a different way. Our consultants translated the color terms looking at particular pictures, and not translating Russian terms. Thus, for the color terms, the entries are organized by photographs (see the folder “images”). Most entries are linked with corresponding sound files. The sound can be played by pressing F4, when the cursor stands in the field with the path to the sound file (on some computers this is Shift+F4). Dutkin, X. I. 1990. Tematicheskij evensko-russkij slovar’ dlja olenevodov. [Thematic Even-Russian dictionary for reindeer hearders]. Yakutsk.
In this bundle we archived posters which show the terms of reindeer anatomy, namely general body parts, inner organs, certain bones and parts of the skeleton. The terms are provided in Russian as well as in three dialects of Even: Sebjan-Küöl (Себян), Topolinoe (Тополиное) and Bystraja (Камчатка). In figures 9 and 10 these are abbreviated as С, Т, and К, respectively. The posters were compiled by Katharina Gernet and Evgenija Zhivotova in 2013.


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