Procedural texts

During this session Valentina Innokentjevna shows how to scrape the reindeer fur. First she cuts a hide with a knife and then begins to scrape it with a special instrument. She puts a little bit water to make the hide softer. After several minutes of scraping she explains, that she will make a fur-cap (malakhai) of it. NA asked her to name all instruments she had used (this scraper, handle and a board). Valentina Innokentjevna commented also all her actions in Even.
This session was made in Anavgay (25 km from Esso), in front of the house of Axmetova Valentina Innokentjevna. NA used Sony Handycam Camera (so, avi video files) and Marantz audio recorder (wave files). There was no clap, because NA was holding the microphone.


Natalia Aralova (2009). Item "Procedural texts" in collection "Even". The Language Archive. (Accessed 2024-03-01)

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