This session contains a fragment of a conversation between GNM and SAT. SAT has come to GNM's house to ask for a key of the sauna. GNM starts talkign about the teaching of Even in schools; when SAT tries to excuse himself by referring to his friend Petr, who is waiting for him, GNM tells a story about Petr waiting for SAT on different occasions.
The session took place in GNM's house in the village of Topolinoe, Tompo region of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Russian Federation. DM and AL visited GNM. The recording was done in mono with a Zoom recorder, a Maranz recorder, and a digital handycam. The videofilm was transferred to the computer as .mod and later converted to mpeg2.


Alexandra Lavrillier (2009). Item "Conversations" in collection "Even". The Language Archive. (Accessed 2024-03-05)

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