The speaker is facing inland/counterclockwise along the coast.
The speaker is facing inland/counterclockwise along the coast.
This session contains a story about an old woman by the name of Kenekenekakula. The files are the original recording (.wav), a transcript with interlinearized morpho-syntactic analysis and translation (.eaf), the edited, illustrated version of the story that is part of Storybook I (.pdf), and a version with numbered sentences, Savosavo with English translation, based on the edited Storybook version (_trans.pdf). Note that the translation in the .eaf-file is based on the edited version and not always entirely accurate. The illustrations in the storybook version were provided by Edmond Gagavo (who is also the copyright holder).


Claudia Wegener, James Pulusala, Aurelie Cauchard, Felix Narasia, Johanna Lorenz, Joel Sasapa Viriala, Anthony Pisupisu, Claudette Vangere, and Edmond Gagavo (2002 - 2013). Item "Legends" in collection "Savosavo and Gela". The Language Archive. https://hdl.handle.net/1839/00-0000-0000-000A-3A1D-7. (Accessed 2024-07-20)

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